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Posted by | November 20, 2012, 18:46 (MST) | 13 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Charlie BewleyTV Guide has learned that actors Charlie Bewley and Camille Guaty will appear in the second half of season four of The Vampire Diaries. Guaty’s character, Caitlin, will be a woman from Professor Shane‘s past, while Bewley will play a “tough and rugged” character named Vaughn. They speculate that he might be a hunter. Thoughts?


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  • vampyrfan
  • Katie

    Oooh yes.  Love me some bewley.  Hope he doesn’t get into trouble with the vamps and get killed off though! I’d like to have him around for a while!

  • From Beginning To End

    Never watched any of the Twilight movies after the first one, so I’m not familiar but cool :)

  • Nonya

    If Professor Shane is Silas… then Caitlin is Qetsiyah, Silas jealous witch lover.

  • Balkan_Girl

    Charlie Bewley. Can’t believe. Demetri in Twilight. Man, they should just invite Robert and Kristen to make an appearance to save this crazy world of Mystic Falls and to make it sparkle. LoL. By the way I’m Twilight fan. Hope this turns good, with these new two additions. Someone mentioned if Shane is Silas, then this girl should be his angry witch lover. That’s cool theory.   

  • heyhey

    Demitri ! <3

  • ihatepeople

    I thought they alreay said Vaugh is hunger so why are they questioning it now?  A new chick to stir things up even more with Professor Creepy…Bonnie better not get too attached or it might be a showdown.

  • Lola Rose17

    omg Demetri from twilight.he is one of the volturi gaurd .they first came in the second film new im also twilight fan ,so waiting for one thing i hope julie plec agree to introduce it in the vampire diaries,ryan seacrest asked nina about it and she said she dont now….im still dreaming.

  • April Bozman

    This is like…vampscest…

  • cashima

    Christopher Heyerdahl was a great addition to True Blood. Unfortunately they didn’t use him enough. The Volturi surely do get around.

    Now just picture Aro coming to Mystic Falls. My mind is blown! :)

  • Balkan_Girl

    Oo, Marcus on True Blood. I didn’t know that. Well, vampires must work with vampires. Haha. Yeah, definitely, imagine Aro. He would be the biggest badass definitely, screw Silas. ;D

  • VampireBabe101

    You guys shouls post more often ever since i found this website im on it 24/7 but everytime i come the same thing is on! Post more lots of love your vamoire diaries freak!!! hahaha lolzz

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