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Posted by | February 13, 2013, 9:19 (MST) | 71 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Charlie BewleyGuest star Charlie Bewley will appear as Vaughn in tomorrow’s new episode, Down the Rabbit Hole (EP414), so Alloy Entertainment interviewed him about his experience on the show and his other projects.

Alloy Entertainment: What was it like filming scenes with Ian Somerhalder, Joseph Morgan, and the cast? Were there any entertaining behind-the-scenes moments on set?
Charlie Bewley: Ian is the glue that binds us all. He runs the show. It’s quite the spectacle. I love the guy — he has lots of great energy and is a real people person. TV is a new medium for me… these guys have been going at it for years. I feel privileged to have come in and injected my own brand of energy to Mystic Falls.


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  • Titania1000

     The 2 points are valid: sometimes the guys are tossing her around because they argue and often physically fight about what  she should do or not like it’s up to them to decide for her. 
    Sometimes, she’s playing them like when she kissed Damon and told Stefan about it and then asked Stefan to restrain Damon to approach her at the ball in 3.14.
    They all have a part of responsibility in this mess, but they clearly  don’t have all an equal part: Damon and Elena win by a large advance the titles of worst brother and worst girlfriend.

    Your interpretation of the scene is not only maybe wrong, it’s undoubtedly wrong: you are reasoning as if the sire bond have zero effect on Elena’s will, emotions and jugdment.
    It was clearly abuse but the show gave it pass because Damon wasn’t aware of the sire bond at that times but take this roofie guy whom served as first meal for Elena at the college party, the girl that he left was already drugged, the next guy who hit on her and had sex with her might not have realized that she was drugged and herself might not understand it at that time but, it’s still sex under drugs with someone not being able to give full consent, that the same thing here. The fact that she might have known well the guy and maybe wanted to have sex with him before being drugged doesn’t change anything: she wasn’t able at the time of the sex to express clearly her mind.
    It was abuse and even Damon admitted it, that’s the reason why he decided to not have sex with her until the sire bond is broken and decided to sent her away: to not be tempt to do it anyway. At least he knows himself.
    Seriously, after 3 seasons spent by Damon pursuing Elena, you really think she needed him to say out loud that he wanted sex with her to understand it?
    There’s nothing unfair in my comment: the guy tried to kiss her and sneak in her bed, stalk her and harass her to break up with her boyfriend enough time in the show to not pretend that the all situation was unexpected for him. 

    She initiated the sex under the influence of the sire bond, because the point of the sire bond is to force people to do something that they don’t want to do by loyalty for their sire.
    If Elena wanted to have sex with Damon, she would have done it with him way before:  in 3.19 for example. Stefan gave her the opportunity to not come back to him and be with Damon and she said no i want Stefan.
    She might have sexual attraction for Damon before turning, but sexual atrraction is not love, the reason why the sire bond has been created it’s because she cares about him like she cares about Matt, who is also friend for who she had sexual feelings. Damon in her head was never more than the hot guy with whom she might want to have sex once a while. But it’s all. She left him die alone in a warehouse and went to be reunite with Stefan at the end of season 3. It’s a big clue for anyone who wants to be lucid.    All her actions regarding Damon since she turned have been influenced by the sire bond. The only reason that she resist sometimes and obeys in other cases, it’s because the rules are not fixed and the writers want them like that to be free to write what they want.  

  • AustrianTVDfan

    Right …. I really don’t get it how we all watch the same show and see the things soooo differently… it’s really annoying! I mean I love damon and elena and Stefan is absolutely not my favorite character… but I still have some kind of respect and wouldn’t call him things he isn’t….

  • Kate

    You are of course more than welcome to express your opinions, but please avoid telling other fans that their interpretations are wrong just because you disagree. All it does is rile people up and decrease real, interesting discussion. Thanks!

  • midnight

     Oh.  My.  Word.  That you’re claiming that Damon as good as sexually abused Elena is just…I’m flagging your comment and letting a moderator deal with this one.

  • bsylviemdi

    You know the Mc Hammer song :dont touch this!!!!

  • blahblahblah

    Totally agree with you!

    Plus it seems to me he was just trying to sound interesting.

    Alloy Entertainment: Congrats on your TVD role! Vaughn is described as “ruggedly handsome, charming, built, and tough as hell.” Those are quite formidable traits! What was the audition process like based on all of this? 
    Charlie Bewley: I hadn’t worked much on the audition. I went in there and just let them have it. Maybe my confidence in the room was due to Vaughn and I being similar people.
    I mean was this meant to be ironic or is he really cocky and arrogant?

  • bsylviemdi

    He actually admitted that he didn’t deal with the show and its content and characters….he better not have said anything at all.

    However I just decided to ignore his further comments…
    He doesn’t deserve my time or energy.

    About some of the funny comments above my reaction is just ?????? ????????????? I am speechless and very glad that Robin Rogers answered in a calm and reasonable way.

    … it is Thursday ; )))))

  • AustrianTVDfan

    yes right? I can’t believe it either… but you are right neither CB nor some posters are worth the time & energy!
    Yes Robin answered them perfectly… I wish I could explain myself in english like that ;)

    Finally it’s Thursday, can’t wait until I can see the episode, I still have to wait 15h to see it, but I’m glad I can read the comments befor I watch it ;)

  • AustrianTVDfan

    I just read that with his “sluts” comment he was referring to the username of this twitter-women/girl who was bombarding him with hate-tweets… her name was BookSlut or something like that.

    I still don’t like him and I think he’s an arrogant unthankful person, but maybe we did him wrong with this slut comment. still he’s an public figure and should have known it better.

  • AustrianTVDfan

    I don’t know what to say… it’s just unbelievable…. I mean we are all watching the same show right?

    Love all your comments by the way, you have express yourself very clearly, I wouldn’t answer to some posts… like bsilviemdi said its not worth the energy … some people have blinders on and see just things they want to…

  • ihatepeople

    I know I don’t get it. We all have our favorites and my least favorite is the same as yours but even as hard as I can be on him if I see something he’s done positive I can throw him a bone once in a while.

  • bsylviemdi

    As I can not reply to you below
    Why do you wait so long to watch???
    Since I don’t have to work tomorrow i will watch it right after breakfast,when my kids are of to school .

  • midnight

     She has not said one good thing about the show that I’ve seen.  All her comments and interaction with other fans here has either been passive-aggressive, hostile or as in this case, unapologetically offensive, and the fact that most of her comments have either had to be edited by the moderator or removed, speaks volumes.  Posting hateful comments about the cast is not allowed, as is stated in the guidelines for posting.  If arguing that Damon is a would-be sexual predator, and Elena is a victim of drug rape because of the sire bond doesn’t fall into the ‘hateful’, and ‘obnoxious’ category, then the mods aren’t playing with a full deck.  If they know what’s good for the respectful fans who follow the rules and don’t go around spouting this sort of vile nonsense, they’ll ban her from coming back here.  We don’t need TVD fans like her on this site.

  • Kate

    You’ll see that I asked her above to stop telling people their interpretations are wrong, etc. That is clearly not allowed and further comments along those lines will be deleted. However, comments about CHARACTERS are a separate issue from comments about the CAST. “XYZ actor is a bad person” or “XYZ fans are crazy” are not allowed. “XYZ character is a bad person” is just an opinion about fiction, and people are allowed to have differing opinions. Thanks!

  • AustrianTVDfan

    I’m absolutely with you on that… I’ve never seen a nice comment from her either… they are always provocative and hateful except when she’s talking about Stefan!
    I mean he’s absolutely not my favorite character, but I would never label him something he is not…. like she did with Elena and Damon…
    This show is for our entertainment and I don’t get these fans who

  • AustrianTVDfan

    Yeah right… I mean we are at least fair :)
    There were episodes in the past four years where I really liked him… most of them were brother-bonding scenes with Damon … but still!

  • ihatepeople

    I liked their brother bonding scenes too. I actually liked Stefan when he was in Ripper mode simply because he was unpredictable and acted more like a vampire. I also thought he was better when he was trying moderation because I felt he was more honest with himself and I liked that he stood up with Damon to do the right thing for the situation even if it made him unpopular with the gang.

  • Titania1000

    You’re not a mod: i don’t care about your opinion and don’t have to answer your request about how i should express myself. Skip my message if you don’t like them. 

  • Kate

    Yes, actually, I am. That’s why there’s the little blue star next to my name.

  • AustrianTVDfan

    absolutely… that is the reason I generally don’t like him … because he always wants to be the good guy and is always pretending to be someone he isn’t, in season 1 I’ve always had the feeling he’s acting weird and wrong and not himself except when he was on HB, then there was this honest Stefan!

  • Vee

    Yes, she is, and I suggest if you want to keep posting here at all, you’ll do exactly as she says. Oh, and hey, I’m the owner, so you sure as hell better care about my opinion.

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