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Posted by | July 26, 2011, 10:36 (MST) | 16 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We always look forward to Entertainment Weekly‘s annual tradition of Comic Con cast portraits and here is the Vampire Diaries cast portrait for 2011, photographed by Michael Muller (see bigger version in the Gallery):


And EW’s Sandra Gonzalez caught up with Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Candice Accola, Joseph Morgan and Julie Plec in their Comic Con interview lounge:

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  • Val

    “I hide behind the complexities of Stefan”

    Paul is hilarious!!

  • quest

    I love josef M voice and mind as I know him  so far.

  • Anonymous

    Ian has got to be touching Nina when they are close.  Love it.

  • I love Naruto!

    I really like the picture above…

    Stefan- The one with emo
    Caroline- The one with hyper teen
    Klaus- The one with the psycho killing mood swing
    Katherine/ Elena- The one to enjoy life
    Damon- The one to kick ass and self proclaimed awesomeness!

    The only one missing is Elijah…

    Elijah- The one from Bon Temps…

  • Anonymous


    Hi Rehabber,  I think it goes both ways because she is definitely stretching her hand out to touch him.  I absolutely positively love it. 

    BTW, I have gotten hooked on another show this summer.  It is called “Suits”.
    Have you seen it?

  • Anonymous

    Entertainment Weekly did get the cast portrait right because these guys, as a group, look great.  The camaraderie between the TVD cast is amazing. 

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Elijah is not a regular, or main cast member.  Alas, he is only a guest star.   (sniff, sniff, boo hoo).

  • Anonymous

    My top 6 shows right now are TVD, SPN, White Collar, Suits, Teen Wolf and The 9 Lives of Chloe King.. I have liked Suits from the first ep and it has just gotten better.

    I hope that Nian works out, the sparks are so much fun with them in person and characters.

  • Anonymous

    @Georgia_Peach:disqus, Elijah is one of my favorite characters, right after Alaric.

    BTW, I have a new baby fox squirrel that is named Alaric, just 6 weeks old and hope he will be able to be released, but he is having trouble with his hands. 

  • Becca Leigh

    “Vampire Barbie is here!” LOVE IT

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rehabber,
    Nian is strong, solid and a commitment for what appears to be a lifetime.   I had already seen the video, but Carina w/ Zap2it tweeted it out and a lot of other websites have posted it.  Papa Bear (Kevin Williamson), Mama Bear (Julie Plec), Auntie Bear (Lisa Chang) protecting their young cubs (Ian and Nina) from the autograph hounds.  That is Carina at the door saying “Oh My God!” 
    Exclusive! Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev leaving Maxim Party in San Diego!

    After watching the video I understand why Kevin said ” Paparazzi getaway on tricycle moderately successful”.

    Favorite Summer Shows:
    Suits and Burn Notice

    The rest of the year:
    Vampire Diaries ….. rules!
    Supernatural, NCIS, Castle,
    Hawaii Five O, The Good Wife
    Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds
    Two and a half Men (sorry Charlie)
    How I Met Your Mother

    Looking forward to The Secret Circle and Ringer.

  • Anonymous

    I had seen the video also, but it just makes me so sad that they can not go out in public without being mobbed.  Ian is always so gracious to fans.

    You don’t watch Community?  That is the only comedy I do watch. 

    Used to be a fan of Burn Notice, but last year(and so far this year) they ruined it for me by adding Jesse into the mix.  The last ep was my favorite for this year. 

    Summer shows White Collar is my favorite with Suits closing fast and am enjoying Necessary Roughness and In Plain Sight(Mary is a hoot). 

    USA is my favorite cable station and CW my favorite network.

    Finally got my “Elijah for Mystic Falls Mayor” sticker and it goes good with my Damon Rules one. lol

  • Anonymous

    I forgot about In Plain Sight. You are right, Mary is a hoot.    Vampire Diaries is the one show I never miss and don’t want to be disturbed while watching it. God forbid if the phone rings, the doorbell chimes, or the doggies bark. (LOL)

    Ian is very gracious to his fans and Nina is too.  At least in their Atlanta bubble, a mob scene never ensues. 

    There are actually stickers that say “Elijah for Mystic Falls Mayor” ???

  • Anonymous

    TVD goes on my DVR, so not awfully bad if the phone rings, but my son called during the show once and I answered the phone..WHAT, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS???  lol  My parrot still does her cawing when the show comes on and it can get LOUD.  She really misses the crow.

    I had the stickers made and the second line is “The Vampire Diaries”  Thought about putting on eBay to see if I could get my money back. ;)

  • Anonymous

     Please feel free to email me direct, we can talk TVD, nothing I enjoy more. lol

    pepk at earthlink dot net

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