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Posted by | July 3, 2012, 14:46 (MST) | 156 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Everyone getting ready for Comic-Con? Once again, TV Guide Magazine will be featuring The Vampire Diaries along with other Warner Bros. shows on the covers of its special Comic-Con collectible issue. This year, the magazine has “flip” covers, so there are pictures on both front and back. Want one? Here’s where they’ll be:

The Warner Bros. TV Guide Magazine special issues will be distributed at the Warner Bros. booth — #4545 on the convention floor — throughout Comic-Con, beginning on preview night, Wednesday, July 11, and continuing through Sunday, July 15.

For those unable to attend Comic-Con in person, all four sets of collectible “flip” covers will be on sale from July 17 at newsstands wherever TV Guide Magazine is sold. And for the first time, the special issue will also be available for purchase on the NOOK by Barnes and Noble.



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  • ihatepeople

    I’m not sure Stefan has any jealousy left over Katherine. She’ll definitely have it over Elena now that they’re both vamps. Stefan’s behavior with telling Elena to take a hike at first was for her protection but then he kept it up even after the compulsion lifted. For him to suddenly get jealous when she has decided to move on was petty. It seemed like he had more issues with it because it was Damon. He kept blaming him when Stefan was the one who kept pushing her away and insisting Damon keep her away. WTF did he expect? Guess it was old Katherine jealousy and competition coming back. Would he have been that way had it been Elijah? Personally Elijah can do better.

  • a_softsong

    Somebody needs to make up their mind about which direction the show is going in. I give. I don’t care what JP does anymore. It is evident that something magical about this show has just been lost.

  • a_softsong

    If you remember when he had Katherine in the basement of the boarding house and she was in his face. Stefan, had to pull himself away. Also, remember when she got in his head in the tomb? That was more passion than Stefan ever showed Elena.

  • ihatepeople

    I forgot about the dungeon scene. Good reminder. Tx. I definitely remember the tomb scene. That was a good scene. You’re right it had passion.

  • a_softsong

    That is why I say his intentions toward Elena are just not what they seem. It like he’s her grandfather or something with benefits. Nasty.

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