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Posted by | February 11, 2011, 11:03 (MST) | 85 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV SeriesThe overnight ratings are in for Crying Wolf, last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, and looks like the show was down this week with around 2.7-2.8 million viewers. Via TV by the Numbers:

The Vampire Diaries 1.2 adults 18-49 rating down 20% vs. last week, its 2.0 women 18-34 rating fell 17% vs. last week.

But, from the looks of things, every show was down.

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  • Stefansvampychick

    Ya’ll ae bleming SE for oh-sp-low ratings? Well, look whch ship ditched TVD for Idol. Red, Vee,I I know rulse are rules, but it’s getting awfuly nasty here. I hate say it, but the show needs to be canceld, or for the sake of Paul Wesley’s bright acting career, he needs to be killed off and star in something else! Last time I checked it’s a vampire show, not “The Let’s Hate on Paul Wesley Show! Good grief and grow the efff up! I have no comment on Ian Xomerhalder, because if I do comment on him, it will be bad, so, I’ll just shut up.

  • waiting

    I agree with this. I’ve noticed the decline myself. Some people have said that the show moves fast, but I actually think it moves incredibly slow. The characters are pretty much in the same places they were last season in terms of development. Every episode I wonder if they’re going to evolve, but usually they just remain the same or regress.

  • waiting

    I’m still wondering what happened to Rose’s “It’s OK to love them both”…

  • Anonymous

    Hi waiting, I’ll tell you what happened, it hit the editing room floor, just like the cave sex did.

  • js

    I couldn’t agree more. I really do not understand the general promotion of the show. The ads always boast that TVD has some epic love triangle and that the girl is caught between two brothers, but honestly, there is no triangle. Regarding Damon, what happened to strong, serious (and witty) Damon (from Bloodlines, for example)? This season’s Damon doesn’t hold a candle to the Damon from Bloodlines, in my opinion. Watching him take out the stake in next week’s promo and say it was “dessert” really made me cringe. I’m tired of him always making brash decisions and regressing. Why can’t he ever learn from his childish mistakes? It is like they use him for comic relief, but at the expense of his character development. It is really beginning to annoy. I also agree about Elena. I haven’t taken to the character much in season two. We have yet to really see Elena deal with her internal struggles. I saw some of her struggle surface in 2×13 when Miranda was mentioned, and also in 2×14 when Elena smelled the perfume. But I would like to see more of the underlying pain from her loss emerge. The character just seems to lack definition. I am not sure if I agree with the decision to have the same actress play Elena and Katherine. Lately I have started to notice more and more Katherine in Elena (via various idiosyncrasies) and it just doesn’t feel right. You bring up a very good point about Stefan. Would he have told her about his past if it had not been for Elena reading the journals? For me, the only noteworthy episode this season has been Daddy Issues. Masquerade was good, but for the life of me, I still cannot understand how the moonstone ended up in the tomb with Katherine when she was unconscious and dropped it from her hand. And why Elena was walking alone after she’d just been stabbed in the back and arm. It doesn’t make sense. But then again, a lot of the things that have been happening on this show lately haven’t made a whole lot of sense, either.

  • Chelsey

    This is why they fire the writers. LOL Probably written by a guy.

  • Midnight

    I don’t think the ratings have much to do with Stefan/Elena or Damon/Elena because Nikita was also down this week, even more so than TVD (Nikita’s only raked in 1.8 million viewers); as were a number of other shows…

    Looking at the list of Thursday night shows on “tv by numbers” now, I think it has much to do with the fact that there is just an overload of TV awesome on Thursday nights (American Idol and The Big Bang Theory alone are enough to contend with). And I remember a number of people mentioning that American Idol had some kind of special Hollywood episode this week?? As a die hard fan, I’ll always pick TVD over anything, but the casual viewers may not =(

    & honestly, as a Damon fan and a Damon/Elena fan, I don’t get the logic behind tuning out because “your ship isn’t happening at the moment.” This show is one of the best I’ve ever seen and there is more than enough to love about it ships aside: the awesome cast, the wonderful writing/production, the well rounded characters, the action and the drama–in a nutshell, the overall exceptional quality. If Damon and Elena NEVER happened (although that’s unlikely but even so) I’d still watch the show if this quality persists.

    And really, even if Stefan/Elena don’t appeal to me (no offense to anyone, it’s just a matter of personnel preference), they’re hardly the worse couple by any stretch. I actually enjoyed many of their scenes this past episode and I can see why others would find them appealing even if I don’t. Plus, I don’t think either Damon/Elena OR Stefan/Elena would be quite as awesome without the other; the delicate dynamic between these 3 characters is what makes these respective pairings what they are IMHO.

  • Netta9228

    i don’t understand why people think SE is boring..i don’t find nothing about them boring..I hope the low ratings has nothing to do with stelena scenes because that’s just sad if it much as i love TVD i think Paul deserves better than this because he is one hell of an actor and he is not getting the recognition he deserves..he is getting hate for no reason at all everyday i read a hateful comment about him or stefan and it’s mostly from DE /Damon fans(some not all there are nice DE/damon fans)…but honestly I am tired of arguing over ships yes we have favorites and don’t like a certain character but it’s getting old we should be a TVDFamily by now and matured, there could be a number of reasons for the low ratings but many people are complaining because it was a SE centered episode but damon has had many episodes centered around him this season and yesterday episode was well balanced and not too much of a certain cahracter…I just hope one day we can stop the shipping wars before it’s too late and ruin a perfectly good show because i want to see a 3rd season and i know you guys do to so lets stop this bashing please for the writers sake :)

  • Gizfon_kenchi

    DEFINITELY AGREEE!!!!the low rating has nothing to do with stelena at all!!its because the story that make poeple lazy to watch..they need to re-write the story just like in season 1..and don’t to focus about the love-triangle,the love-triangle is the one that make the story worst!!

  • Melissa Leaman

    Technically more people would choose not to watch based on the previous week’s episode. So we can still blame DE. Or we can just encourage people to watch the show and quit arguing ships.

  • Melissa Leaman

    Rose also followed “Masquerade”, an episode that left viewers with quite the cliffhanger. “Daddy Issues” was a suspenseful episode but the ending seemed more of a ‘I knew better than to trust Uncle Daddy John’ then a ‘WTH! I have to know what happens.’ So maybe the key isn’t so much in who’s in the episode but how much the previous episode has left viewers hanging.

  • Serena

    you seriously think that ratings were down because of Stefan and Elena?
    GOD. This show tells an amazing story based on friendship,
    family and love – but it’s NOT a romance novel, it’s a supernatural show people.
    Elena’s love life is a big part of the story, but it’s NOT what the show is about.
    I like the idea of Damon being in love with Elena too, but you
    know what REALLY is romantic? Damon’s JOURNEY, Damon slowly realizing that his life is changing because of this woman.
    That is true romance.
    I don’t need to see them together, especially not right know.
    If I’d need to see people making out all the time, I’d just watch a soap opera – and the Vampire Diaries is everything but that.

  • Katalin

    You’re 100% right! I’d never miss any episode of TVD but honestly this week was a bit boring.:(
    And please don’t forget that there are a lot of viewers in other countries (for example I’m from Hungary) who can watch it only online (or not, because the stream is very bad sometimes) but I think most of us in Europe can’t manage to stay up so late (in my country it is on at 2am) so we download it on Friday.

  • Katalin

    You’re 100% right! I’d never miss any episode of TVD but honestly this week was a bit boring.:(
    And please don’t forget that there are a lot of viewers in other countries (for example I’m from Hungary) who can watch it only online (or not, because the stream is very bad sometimes) but I think most of us in Europe can’t manage to stay up so late (in my country it is on at 2am) so we download it on Friday.

  • Anonymous

    Completely disagree- Actually season 1 was promoted as a love triangle. Nina, Paul & Ian spent all last summer promoting the show as such. The original premise of the show was one human girl (Elena) caring for two vampire brothers (Damon & Stefan) and all the bumps and hiccups along the way. So far, that hasn’t happened and they have ceased promoting it as such. Everyone who has watched the show from the beginning knows this is true. Everyone who is a true TVD fan fell in love with the idea. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who your favorite is brother is, what matters is that instead of keeping to what sold the show, they are making it a show about the Stefan & Elena relationship and all the bumps and hiccups along the way. And then Damon and his personal journey because of his love for Elena.

    This season started off strong with Kat making mischief all over Mystic Falls. Then they introduced the werewolf stroyline and promoted that pretty heavily….(I can’t tell you how much I hated the werewolf storyline), which wasn’t very popular. The comes the Originals and Klaus, then we here of possible triangles between Matt, Caroline & Tyler and Jeremy, Bonnie and Luke…what he hell? They ceased the original plot, took it in another direction, put the focus on werewolves when it was supposed to be about vampires, misdirected with two possible new triangles and threw the Originals and Klaus into the mix. It’s no wonder that the fans are getting a little irritated. Not to mention they are making our vamps look weak:(

    I myself prefer Damon and Ian Somerhalder’s portrayal of the character. Let’s face it, Ian deserves an Emmy for his incredible acting talent. But that doesn’t mean I hate Stefan. I loved the dynamics of the three main characters (Elena, Stefan & Damon) and the relationship between the three. The brothers relationship, how their love for Elena is changing their lives, and how incredibly brave Elena is in dealing with all of the supernatural things happening all around her. This should stay as the main focus of the show. When the decision was made to start bringing the side characters forward, bringing werewolves forward, and not focus so much on the three main characters, the show lost it’s charm to a lot of fans. This is the Vampire Diaries, not The Werewolf Diaries.

    The writers need to really take a look at how they are writing this show. I feel like they should go back to what sold the show to the fans to begin with. Also, whoever does the promotion of the show should really take a look at how they are promoting it.

    Also, someone mentioned below that viewership fell because Damon showed skin in the bathtub in Daddy Issues…..ummm, really? I say he can show skin whenever he wants:) Considering the ratings were solid for Daddy Issues, I really don’t think that’s the case:)

  • Val

    Stating that TVD got lower ratings this week because of one pairing, in this case Stefan&Elena, is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

    If you don’t like SE, fine, but don’t jump so quickly to conclusions just for the sake of it. Especially if by checking some facts, the conclusions turn out to be nothing but INACCURATE.

    First of all, let me say that I’m sure the fans of the series as a whole wouldn’t stop watching just because one episode doesn’t focus on their favourite pairing. – I know I wouldn’t.

    Second, and most importantly, compared to last week, LOTS OF TV SHOWS GOT LOWER RATINGS this Thursday.
    Here’s a quick list. ( last week’s ratings // this week’s ratings)
    - Nikita (2.40 // 1.89)
    - American Idol (24.05 // 21.94)
    - Big Bang Theory (13.83 // 12.79)
    - Grey’s Anatomy (11.18 // 10.47)

    And last time I checked, Stefan & Elena weren’t written on the shows here above…
    Hence why it’s safe to assume that the drop of TVD’s ratings this week (which, btw, are still great ratings for the CW) has NOTHING TO DO WITH SE or…DE for the matter! Let’s be real!!

  • Paul Wesley Fans

    Mature Nature? season 1 epi had the huge Elena/Stefan sex scene and one of the biggest rated epi’s. Last couple of shows have not been heavy on wolfs or sex. If fact I didn’t see any sex, just Stelena love and cuddling.

  • Melissa Leaman

    Maybe its the bathtub scene? That could be pushing the maturity level. But that was Damon’s thing so…(I really shouldn’t keep poking)

  • Lisalikes

    Sorry to say but “Crying Wolf” wasn’t very exciting or jaw dropping. 20 minutes into the show it was kind of dull, and predictable. I loved the scene with Damon and Elijah I truly felt Damon’s intensity. Am i the only one bored with Stephen and Elena they love each other I get it. At this point its just being pushed down my throat…Im glad Tyler is gone, he doesn’t know who or what he is, come back when you know something. I still watch the season one every show was a hit. Season two a alot missing. May be too many different writers?

  • Michelle

    The bathtub scene and shower scene are the two that I was referring to, plus the violence with the wolves (particularly the Caroline torture scenes). Again, I don’t have a problem with them (being an adult and all, very little phases me), but I know of parents who did not like those scenes and were a bit surprised to see them given how clean things have been this season.

  • Michelle

    This is a good point as well. What also bothered me about this episode was that it didn’t even continue the cliffhanger from last episode. No mentioning of Katherine whatsoever. For the most part, TVD have done a good job of continuing the cliffhangers in the next episode, but for whatever reason they didn’t do that this time.

  • Anonymous

    Or the promo showed at the end of the episode? That makes much more sense to me.

  • Mac

    I think it’s a shame that people didn’t tune in for whatever reason because it may not have been the most exciting episode of the season, but it did move things along. And more importantly it was the first episode in a long time that featured all the main characters, where they all had lines, and all served a purpose in moving the different stories along.
    I’d hate to think that the idea of it being a S/E episode would make people not watch, maybe a few people would think like that, but not over a million. Plus, even though some episodes have a few D/E scenes in them, they’re never really billed as being D/E episodes. There was no way to know before watching that episode that there’d be no D/E scenes at all.
    Also, Nikita was down by the same amount, which cannot be explained by fans of TVD not tuning in. The Big Bang Theory on a completely different network was down by about a million viewers too, which cannot be connected to TVD in anyway, no matter how hard you try.

    I have to agree in part with the comments above about there being inconsistencies this season. I think they tried to do to much. They set up the Tyler wolf thing last season so had to go there in some respect this season, but I think it was a step too far bringing Mason and the other wolves into it for so long. To be honest it seemed like a rather abrupt ending to the story with Jules and Tyler just leaving, which makes me wonder if they realised that it wasn’t going down that well with viewers and so they just wrapped it up a bit early.
    I don’t want to compare this show to the horribleness that was season 3 of True Blood, but that show went mental with different plots for different characters, none of which overlapped, so if you don’t care about certain characters or certain plots, you end up watching half a show and losing interest.
    Last season on TVD there was one main story involving Stefan/Elena/Damon, and I don’t mean the love triangle, but the stories and plots did revolve around them and other characters had to fit in to that in whatever way was plausible. This season they’ve tried to involve more of the characters directly and they maybe went a bit over the top. Caroline, Jeremy and Tyler were all brought into the supernatural world with their own plots and it was maybe a little bit of overkill. The Caroline aspect of it has worked fantastically well, but for me the Tyler stuff just didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Tyler himself, and even his stuff with Caroline, but how many guest stars were brought in to do the wolf story while Jenna, Alaric and Matt are hardly ever seen?

    I’m kind of rambling now, and I’m not saying I don’t like the show anymore, but I wasn’t interested in the wolf stuff at all, and towards the end of it I was zoning out a little bit when there was scenes involving it.
    I’m sure some people enjoyed it, but I think it’s far more likely that the dip in numbers is down to the over all story lines and not the fact that one episode had a bit more focus on S/E. I mean the whole first season was heavy on the S/E stuff, so how do you explain the numbers there?

  • Anonymous

    Considering the Nielson ratings TV by the numbers are targeting a demographic age group of 18 – 49, I would hardly doubt the shower scene or sudsy tub scene was the problem. That age group does not have to ask for permission from their parents to watch a show.

    They are not polling teenagers 17 and under.

  • Anonymous

    Considering the Nielson ratings TV by the numbers are targeting a demographic age group of 18 – 49, I would hardly doubt the shower scene or sudsy tub scene was the problem. That age group does not have to ask for permission from their parents to watch a show.

    They are not polling teenagers 17 and under.

  • Anonymous

    Reading the TV by numbers for Thursday night all shows across the board dropped in ratings including American Idol, although it did lead in overall viewership. Friday night ratings were not much better. I guess the upside to all this is that it was not just The Vampire Diaries that took a hit because they all did. The downside is TVD took a HUGE hit and so did Nikita. Twenty to thirty minutes into Vampire Diaries Thursday night, the viewership dropped even more, which means they either tuned to a different channel or turned off their TV sets. Either way I hope the TVD fans come back and the ratings go up next week.

  • Milla

    Totally agree, too much heavy focus on werewolf element and all those new characters. The story was not as strong as other weeks. Its not hard to see why the ratings dropped. Romantic getaway, Damon with some random news reporter out of the blue, every single werewolf character is unlikeable shall I go on?

  • Coolwater18

    Personally, I just want to see what will happen if the show continues on this path of promoting the supposed epicness that is Stefan and Elena’s relationship and completely neglecting to develop the Damon and Elena side of the yet-to-materialize triangle. How long is this series supposed to run? Five seasons? We’re nearing the finish line for Season 2 and there is still no D/E/S love triangle. It’s still “I love you, Stefan. It will always be you, Stefan. We will never be apart, Stefan. Together forever, Stefan.” And Stefan goes, “Ditto, Elena.” Smooch, smooch, kissy, kissy, googly eyes.

    Meanwhile, the Delena fanbase has gotten tired of getting strung along and maybe has decided to stop adding their numbers to the viewership stats for this show.

    Okay, then. Keep at it, TVD, and let’s see how your future ratings go. Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Coolwater 18,

    So what you are saying is that if the writers don’t give some of the Delena fans what they want a possible boycotting of the show will ensue? This means they want the ratings to go down and the end result will be cancellation of the show. All this because Delena is not happening fast enough for them and they want it … now …. right now! That sounds like a toddler temper tantrum to me. Not cool, not cool at all.

    Personally, I do want the show to keep high ratings, irregardless of Delena, but then again I am all Damon.

    Do I want Damon/Elena? Absolutely!

    Can I wait for the epic moment? Yes, patience is a virtue. It will be worth the wait.

  • Reanna

    That is not good… I really hope they move it to a new time… I dont watch anything at 8 but VD on Thursday but if the ratings are down b/c of American Idol then they need to move the time so we don’t lose VD… I would so cry…. Now I’m freaking out

  • VDlover

    People why are u guys doing this to me????Whyyyyyyy…I never missed an episode and all the episode are always great(TO ME)….please dont say bad things cause i reallly dont want the show to cancel…thats the only show i make sure i never miss cause i love it so much…you”ll are getting me so scared…I SO WANT TO CRY…..i”m so freaking out…p.s…the show starts at 7pm now due to america idol…very upsetting but i still dont miss it…PLEASE COULD VAMPIRE-DIARIES NET FIND OUT ABOUT THE SHOW GETTING CANCEAL…PLEASE…im dying over here….I LOVEEEEEEEEE VD…

  • Reanna

    When is it changing to 7…. I looked on my tv and it says its still coming on at 8

  • Anonymous

    It is not being canceled. It has the highest rating on the CW.

  • Coolwater18

    That’s not what I’m saying. I was speculating as to the possible reason for the downturn in ratings. Notice the word “maybe.” As far as sending their ratings to the toilet is concerned, the TVD writers and producers need no help from Delena fans. It seems to me they are managing to do that well on their own by their dogged promotion of certain storylines some segments of the fanbase cannot engage in.

    If you still have the intestinal fortitude to continue watching more of Stefan and Elena’s “epicness,” that is, of course, entirely your own business. I have sat through 36 episodes of this show. That’s 36 hours of my life I will never get back plus more hours reading fan sites and reviews. Is there any glimmer of hope at all that maybe D/E is developing? I don’t know. You tell me.

    It’s like going to a store week after week hoping that maybe they finally have the merchandise you want (D/E) on stock. Week after week, what you see on the shelves is anything but the product you want. The store manager says, “Please come back next week. Maybe the new shipment will come in. Maybe we’ll have something for you.” So you do. And you get played for a fool. To make matters worse, they sometimes put out misleading promos to give you hope that they will finally have something for you. It’s like putting a huge banner out in front of your store advertising a product that you actually do not have. It’s dishonest and frankly, disrespectful to the huge D/E fanbase. They/We are getting played for fools.

    And here’s the kicker. They really do need the D/E fans to tune in week after week to keep the ratings up. But the D/E fans, almost two seasons into the series, have gotten nothing for their trouble. If other fans like you are perfectly content to tune in for just Damon, hey, that’s great for you. But me, I got roped into this show for the possibility of Damon and Elena. And my patience has worn thin. Now what other D/E fans do is their own business. I know what I will NOT be doing. I’m speaking just for myself. I’m tired of it.

    So then…here’s a quote for the TVD writers and producers: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

  • Anonymous

    Well, I am sorry you feel that way and I can certainly understand what you are saying. I guess my hope for a Damon/Elena romantic relationship is not the only reason I watch the show. As you know, I am much more a Damon fan first and foremost. While I am disappointed the triangle has not materialized, I am hopeful at some point it will. That is what the show was promoted on. In early season one, the writers had Elena jumping into Stefan’s bed without knowing anything about him. I was surprised that happened so quickly. It would have been nice to have Elena intrigued and interested in both brothers at the same time, which would have given them equal footing. That did not happen so I decided to just sit back and enjoy what the writers do give to the show. I have really enjoyed Caroline as the newbie vampire, Katherine, Elijah, and the anticipation of Klaus and his inner circle of Originals. One of my other favorite characters is Alaric, although he has not had much screen time this season. I am hoping that will change. I am also looking forward to Isobel coming back. Ian Somerhalder is an amazing actor and his portrayal of Damon is what keeps me coming back every week. I have never missed an episode. Damon had me at “Hello Brother”.

    Being such a huge Damon fan and a Damon/Elena fan does not mean I don’t like Stefan too. Like a lot of others, I do find the whole Stefan/Elena relationship boring and unrewarding, but that is okay because I do like the interaction between Damon and Stefan as brothers. I also love the scenes between Stefan and Caroline.

    I guess I just don’t understand abandoning such a wonderful show because of one relationship not materializing as fast as some would like when there are so many other story lines taking place. It just makes no sense at all.

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