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Posted by | October 2, 2012, 12:06 (MST) | 26 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

And the cast videos just keep coming! Today it’s Paul Wesley’s turn.

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  • katherine_fan

    “Why did Stefan save Matt?Why didn’t he save Elena?”.My question ,Paul, is why didn’t he save both??
    Anyway,I love Stefan and this music score is fantastic!

  • Jennifer

    Because it’s what Elena wanted….As sad as it is that Elena never wanted to be a vampire at least she still is there and isn’t dead. 

  • sarah

    thanks for posting, i love paul so much! and i love his cute little laugh lol even though he started laughing while talking about elena being dead hahaha

  • Georgia_Peach

    Oh Goody! Paul said the audience will find out in Season 4 why Stefan did not put Elena’s life first.  I have been waiting for that explanation all summer.  Surely it will be a good one….right ? !! ??

  • Tinab21

    Ugh Paul, you flawless human being! *.*

  • From Beginning To End

     My guess is that they’ll just have Elena vocalize what Julie and the writers have been insisting all summer, that Stefan was just being respectful of her choices and she’s glad etc. -_-

    Or we’ll get something like how he thought there was time to come back for her or something. He tells Damon in that clip that he didn’t mean to let her die.

  • Kim Hull

    i glad stefan did not save elana as now she died and a vampire maybe she will change her mind about Damon as will be able to see what he did for her aler those times that he made her forget! sorry stefan but Im team delana!!!

  • Zara

    Elena does remember some important things she had been forced to forget. She then spends an important portion of her transition period with Stefan – in less than ideal circumstances – and reaffirms her love for him.  Elena is comfortable with the choice that she made in the season 3 finale, no matter what she might recall now.  But where does that leave Damon?  With even more anger.
    Read more at 

    Enough said. But, isn’t it cruel for you being ‘glad’ that Elena ‘died’ and is becoming the one thing she never wanted, just for the sake of Delena? 

  • Zara

    Because according to the writers’ Stefan wasn’t physically able to save both, and they wanted/had to make Elena ‘die’ and turn into vampire in S4, so she had to ‘die’. LOL. I love Stefan too :D

  • Iansfan

    … I´m afraid there will be nothing more than we already know. Respecting Elena´s choices and so on… hmmm?!

  • Rio Israel via Facebook

    I can’t wait for season 4!

  • Kim Hull

    ok glad is a bad word to use! but just excited about the new doors opened and options that season 4 may bring with elana being a vampire .

  • Lola Rose17

    i love Paul, he is good actor but i do really hope its going to be                 a good explanation,and please new love interest for damon ,someone like rose please.

  • Mehr03

    Paul <3
    I love his cute laugh lol

  • Dayang61

    I love Stefan!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I think you’re right about it not being anything other than the “choice” thing. We’ve been told for other situations that we were going to find out more details only to have it turn out to be no more than what had been given in video clips or spoilers. We might get his reason why he believes in respecting her choice even if it’s wrong but then don’t we already know that? He’s felt guilty for pushing Damon to turn all those years ago against his will. That’s why he apologized to him in Season 2.

  • lolalovestvd

    I seriously love Paul Wesley so much!!! It’s a shame I can’t feel more like that about his TVD character. :(

  • sarah

    As far as respecting her choice goes, just wanted to add this in–I think his viewpoint on respecting choices was stated pretty well in the finale. “Nothing wrong with free will Matt, trust me you don’t realize that until you lose it.” I think this was a great line to explain why Stefan supports Elena needing to make her own decisions. He got his free will taken away from Katherine in 1864 which led to his death/vampirism; he took away Damon’s choice in 1864 which led Damon to promise him “an eternity of misery”; and then in 3×05 as much as he fought against it Klaus stripped him of his free will and compelled him to bite Elena and turn off his humanity. Stefan has had traumatizing circumstances happen in his life whenever the choice of free will was stripped from him (and the one time he took away someone he loves free will it caused a huge rift in their relationship). Hence, after he said that to Matt; why he is so adamant about Elena’s free will/choice is so important to him made perfect sense to me. And was great insight into Stefan’s way of thinking.

  • katherine_fan

    So…Damon was physically able to take Kol down (twice!),but when it comes to Stefan (a vampire) saving two HUMANS,the writers decided that THAT would be impossible!I’m glad the writers are aware of what consistency means!

  • Zara

    What’s wrong with Stefan? :(

  • Zara

    Are you a Stelena supporter? Also, Damon would be DEad, if it wasn’t for Stefan respecting Elena’s decision to save Matt. Ric would have killed him FGS. People tend to forget that. But, they can still do this S/L, but to a less extreme maybe. IDK. Elena is a ‘boring’ character, who cares? There are far more interesting, and compelling characters on the show that make up for her in that regard e.g. Bonnie, Caroline, Rebekah, Katherine (When this BA bitch returns!) and etc. and this is only from the females. The males on the whole are interesting, except Matt. Hence, why Matt/Elena were the most ‘boring, less ‘passionate’ couple alive on TVD. They are so much better as best friends. Also, I really love Stelena, and their dynamic. Believe it or not. It’s far from ‘boring’. 

  • Zara

    What about when Caroline took down Mason/Damon/a group of tomb vamps? LOL. This show. Whatever it takes to make a character look stronger, but since Caroline is my favourite female character (closely followed by Kat) I will say that her martial arts/kick boxing skills were magnified as a vampire. She does do a lot of extra-curicuhlar activities such as: cheerleading (which also is bound to help her agility and strength, just like it did with Becks, since she’s never had experience but she got the skills, Caroline is just in reverse. It’s all applicable) But, the Damon/Kol thing would be that Damon spent more time living as a vampire, rather than being daggered/neutralised in a casket/coffin for a few hundred years or whatever it is. I’m just hoping Kol comes into town, and beats the shit out of Damon (I do love Damon, but he has got it coming, just like that punch from Stefan for not wanting to work together, and going behind his back to ‘help’ Elena, sure his advice is practical, but he really doesn’t have much rights as such, since well he’s not Elena’s boyfriend or anything, but Damon was always controlling and manipulative, hopefully his path down redemption will tone it down a notch.)

  • lolalovestvd

    Oh, so many things are wrong with Stefan! :D 
    But that’s okay, that’s how he’s written. If the characters didn’t have some serious issues then what would be the point? 

  • katherine_fan

    Caroline taking Mason down made sense b/c a vamp is stonger than a werewolf!But Car vs tomb vamps,Car vs Damon and Damon vs Kol were ridiculous!

  • Zara

    But, that’s the case with ALL the characters. I wouldn’t say it is ‘wrong’ though. No one is perfect, but they’re all awesome in their own different ways. I can’t say I dislike anyone. I love them all, just that Stefan is my favourite.

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