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Posted by | January 22, 2011, 8:10 (MST) | 28 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Thanks to Catalina Walsh at CW Source for the heads up on their new video interview with Paul Wesley. He chats about how he was told he’d been chosen as one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive 2010 (see his feature here) and why he does not have a Twitter…yet.


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  • Bea

    I totally understand why he’d be one of the sexiest men alive… Just look at that smile.. And I like the fact he doesn’t get Twitter. There are already too many people trying to be interesting – and failing at it – out there.

  • londoncalling

    so cute he still blushes at the sexiest man alive bit … awwww

  • Gab.ukas

    This interviu, are were old..

  • John

    Supa-man no here
    We need more lemon pledge

  • John

    Supa-man no here
    We need more lemon pledge

  • Guest

    First, I’m not a Damon’s or Ian’s or anybody’s fan.
    I didn’t watch this clip, but I must say that Paul is anything but sexy!
    He looked good a few years ago. Now he’s anorexic and far from pretty!

  • Guest

    First, I’m not a Damon’s or Ian’s or anybody’s fan.
    I didn’t watch this clip, but I must say that Paul is anything but sexy!
    He looked good a few years ago. Now he’s anorexic and far from pretty!

  • ladym05

    I think you are very sexy Paul and you seem like a person too!! Nice is always a plus for good looking people.

  • Habiba

    I love Paul. I may not like Stefan for having Elena but I do adore, love and admire Paul. Such a humble guy. I’m pretty sure having him on twitter will be a blast but, its no good if it’s not on his own terms so for now, we’ll just make do with #i’mtoocoolfortwitterpaul

  • Anonymous

    Ouch, that’s not nice…anybody who follows any of my posts knows that I’m a Damon fan, but this is ridiculous. It’s one thing to not particularly like the character of Stefan, but to criticize the way Paul Wesley looks, (when he’s a gorgeous man), and call him anorexic is rude in the truest sense of the word. Good grief.

  • eve

    Shh Shh…you had me at hello. He really is the definiton of “sweetheart”. So genuinely humble and sincere. Of course he is one of the sexiest men!! Gorgeous face/body/eyes/smile…dammit I want him. Did I just say that out loud…thought I was just thinking it. LOL

  • tvdfan#

    This is uncomfortable to watch. He is clearly uncomfortable with talking about himself. Poor guy. No doubt about the reason he doesn’t twitter. You can see he is just trying to satisfy fandom with this interview alone. He seems very private. You can tell he was holding back about twitter. very diplomatic. Anyway, Good for him.

  • laney

    He is very sweet. I like him more and more all of the time – and this is coming from a full blown out Ian/Damon fan. I am going to use parts of this for my part 4 of IAN PAUL NINA funny moments smash up interviews that I do on youtube. Way to go PAUL!

  • tina

    Thanks for posting this! Paul is such a hottie. Yes, he is SEXY!! Totally agree with him on the twitter part. What I mean is when a celebrity uses there twitter for posting to raise money for a cause or pictures from there show or discuss there show. Yes that’s great for us and that’s when twitter is great. But when a celebrity is posting to say something about a clothing line or there favourite store they shop at. That tells me, there getting a cut or free whatever there mentioning for that store.

  • Guest

    Who said that I don’t like Stefan? Stefan is my favorite male character on the show, but I’m not blind! He’s too skinny, and compared to how he looked few years ago, you can definitely see that something is not right here. Anorexia!

  • Charlie

    Awww I love paul he’s so genuine and cute..but that interviewers voice is scary haha

  • Ava

    Ahh see Paul blush. God he is so sweet. Love him so freakin much. Paul is so Gorgeous with the hottest body. Yummy

  • netta9228

    seeing this interview just brightens up my day! paul is so gorgeous, sweet, and humble. I love his smile and it’s really good that he wants to keep his life private even though paparazzi can be a pain.

  • Bea

    Why do people always start screaming “Anorexia” everytime someone pays attention to their looks? It’s clear he worked long and hard on those delicious abs, so in my opinion, he deserves them. Okay, he’d still look amazing with a few extra pounds, but he definitely doesn’t look unhealthy to me!

  • Anonymous

    Um…Paul does not look anorexic. He may have lost some weight since the beginning of Season One, but he does keep a very hectic schedule. I see no evidence of Paul being 15% below his normal weight. There are no bones or veins showing, nor do I see anything that would appear skeletal, or any evidence he has an eating disorder. Are you sure you know what the definition of anorexia is, or what the symptoms are? If you did the term anorexic does not apply to Paul Wesley at all.

  • Chelsey

    Dear God is Paul HOTTTT. This video also made my day. Sexy is an undertatement. Love how he blushes when asked about being sexy. Paul = Perfection.

  • Midnight

    aww he seems so sweet and down to earth, makes me like him all the more <3
    & I honestly can't blame him for now having Twitter, I wouldn't even know where to begin if I had one lol =/

  • Guest

    If this is not skeletal….

    Is this a normal look for a young man?

  • Samantha

    Aww! He’s just beyond adorable. I LOVE thim <3

  • Megan

    I hate it when people use “Anorexia” as a way to describe or call someone skinny or thin looking. “Anorexia” is a mental disease as well as a physical one. If someone is skinny, it doesn’t mean they’re Anorexic. AND Paul is so sexy & has awesome abs.

  • Anonymous

    Unflattering for Paul maybe, skeletal NO. The picture you posted was taken of Paul and longtime girlfriend, Torrey Devitto as the walked around a SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Sunday morning (May 23, 2010). Below is a link to another picture taken that same day. I must say Torrey is beautiful and they make a fantastic couple. Sorry, I went off subject. Paul has always been a lanky and lean man, although as a younger man in his very early 20’s it was not as noticeable. As you get older, he is 27, being lean is more obvious. Again, Paul has a hectic schedule. Judging from how nice and fit Paul looked in the episode Masquerade this season, there is nothing that leads me to believe he is anorexic. Could he stand to carry a little more weight and still maintain his abs….. sure. I can also guarantee that if Paul was displaying any symptoms of Anorexia, Ian Somerhalder would be the first one to get Paul help, as would Torrey. When Ian says Paul is like a brother, he means it. Again, go to the WEB MD Anorexia Nervosa – Symptoms, or the Mayo Clinic website and read what the actual symptoms are before you start accusing Paul of being anorexic. The entertainment media would go nuts over accusations like that and the next thing we know the paparazzi would be asking Paul when he is checking into the hospital to treat his eating disorder, which he doesn’t have.

    As for Paul no longer looking good, I am a 100% Ian Somerhalder (Damon) fan, but will be the first to say that Paul is a very handsome man.

    Read more:

  • eve

    Oh Honey, Paul’s body type is a combination of a few things, Healthy eating, exercise and being hot/sexy naturally. Obviously, Paul has very little body fat, which is very important to stay healthy. One could only dream about having a body like that. My personal opinion of your comment can be summed up in a few words…someone’s got a little bit of the green eyed monster in them. LOL

  • Daniella

    OK, Paul DOES NOT look skinny. I actually think Ian is skinnier than him. I love him, he’s great.
    I only have one problem with this interview. THE INTERVIEWER. She’s so boring and flat ¬¬.

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