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Posted by | March 22, 2013, 16:05 (MST) | 39 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXNext week’s episode (American Gothic, EP418) is already generating a buzz, and it marks the return of a TVD fan favorite: Elijah, played by Daniel Gillies.

Entertainment Weekly recently caught up with Daniel to ask him about his character’s upcoming appearance and got this tantalizing response:

“All I can say is tune in,” Gillies says, “because Elijah’s gonna shock and possibly even horrify a few. In fact, I’ll say he’s gonna horrify many. But frankly, I don’t care. I think what he’s doing is wonderful.”

Julie Plec also weighs in on the character’s return, READ THE REST AT ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY.

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  • Charity’s Place

    Elijah being totally badass is what I live for. This season has been a snooze — bring back my favorite Original and horrify everyone with something he has done? EVEN BETTER.

    Who here thinks he had Katherine off Jeremy as payback for Elena killing his brother?

  • Dayna Barter

    Bring. It. ON. Because when Elijah’s good, he’s very, very good; but when he’s bad, he is #$%^ING AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for next week.

  • guest

    ELIJAH!! YAY!!! And yeah, I want him to be baddass, but don’t believe that he’d have Katherine kill Jeremy. If he wants to exact revenge, he would do it himself, I would think.

  • Charity’s Place

    Too obvious, though — he couldn’t turn up in the cave and fool them into thinking he was Elena, nor would he want to risk the Hunter’s Curse. No, if that’s what he wanted, Elijah would figure out a “smart” way to do it — unlike Klaus, he plans and executes, he doesn’t just… act.

  • ladym05

    I am sorry, I am not ready for the Originals to leave TVD. I going to watch to new show but TVD will not be the same.

  • Debbie

    Bex and Elijah are working together – and I’ll bet it’s to get revenge on Elena and her boys. Bex practically begged elena to work with her, not exactly bex’s style, and why would she want to work with a newbie vampire anyways? They hate eachother, I don’t buy it. And they happen to show up in the city where her brother lives? That’s pretty coincidental. And this whole series’ underlying theme has been family sticking together.

    How they are going to get revenge, not sure but they are setting the gang up for something big. Maybe her humanity will start to return when she needs to help save them?

    i also don’t know how kat is involved but I think they are against her too…I have a feeling that kat got the cure to bargain with Elijah, or they are somehow using kat to carry out their plan? Which, of course, will involve the cure.

  • guest

    That’s very true. He is smarter than that. I want him to be all BAMF, just not sure I really want Elijah to have planned Jeremy’s death. He’s supposedly the wise one, and the peace keeper. But then he did say that sometimes there is honor in revenge.

  • Erin

    Well I’m curious from reading the comments what exactly Elijah’s up to. Is it just vengeance? Just trying to pull Klaus’ ass out of the fire? (anyone else notice he does that a lot?) Or maybe he plans to help switch Elena’s switch? The actor (Daniel Gillies) said he thought what Elijah was doing ‘was wonderful’ and I’m not sure the actor would say that if it was nothing but vengeance since he’s stated in the past he really enjoys the idea of an Elijah/Elena relationship of some type. I can hope he actually wants to help her and they get a moment I can make fan vids from XD

  • cindychandler

    I have to agree. I still love TVD but this season hasn’t had many memorable episodes. This will surely change that! ELIJAH!

  • Dayna Barter

    I realized that the only thing Elijah could do that I would find at all “shocking and horrifying” is to TAKE THE CURE HIMSELF. And if that happens I may have to commit an act of violence upon my television. o_0

  • Erin

    Ah, I really hope not but I don’t think that’s what they’re going to do. I’d love him anyway but he’d be less cool.

  • night magic

    cant wait any ep with Elijah is always fantastic !!! and exciting !

  • Liliel

    maybe daniel “loves what he is doing” because he is making out with nina (as katherine or elena, who knows?^^).

  • Bin Hamed via Facebook

    welcome back elijah u play Hide and Seek

  • Charity’s Place

    I could go for that. Rebekah got over Kol’s death and Elena’s involvement in it wayyyy too fast.

  • Charity’s Place

    True, but he also almost killed Klaus when he thought Klaus had killed their entire family. He put Elena in mortal danger to force the Salvatores to break the link curse. When it comes to his Family, Elijah is cold, calculating, and deadly. (Frankly, if he does anything else “horrible” I’d be disappointed! I’m sick of everyone getting over Elena’s actions.)

  • Shellie’s on Team Elijah

    There are no words for the excitement that I am feeling!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THURSDAY TO GET HERE!!!! I’ve waited ALL SEASON for Elijah to come back. Yes, we got a glimpse of him in 4×04 but that was only a moment and FOREVER AGO. I can’t wait to see HOW Elijah will horrify and shock us.

  • Guest

    I don’t think you should worry about that. I really think his taking the cure would make Elijah appear selfish and overly emotional and sentimental. It would also reduce a favorite character to mere mortal status, incapable of all the BAMF-ery that made him legend by characters and loved by fans. I doubt TPTB would take tht risk of losing something as amazing as Elijah when they have the spinoff in the works.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Well… Elijah can be extremely ruthless and he has always been about “his family”. I would think Elijah took Kol’s death pretty hard. You may be on to something here. :)

  • San

    My favorite original…it’s about time Elijah!!!

  • Galaxygrrl

    Maybe he destroys the cure.

    I do think in the end, though, he will compel Elana to switch emotions back on, but a couple episodes from now.

  • Charity’s Place

    Maybe he’s going to force Elena to take the cure?


    I had not considered that Elijah would destroy the cure…that is a a hell of a theory there. That would do a couple of things: stop it from getting used on his brother, stop Silas from getting his hands on it, and stop his sister from taking something that may very well kill her. Good call:) I love that idea;)

    I don’t think he’s going to compel Elena to turn her humanity back on, though. I’m hoping she’ll find a reason to do that all on her own;)


    I’m looking forward to the Originals getting a show of their own. It’s a better format to explore their story than being used as a backdrop for the goings on in Mystic Falls;)


    “Who here thinks he had Katherine off Jeremy as payback for Elena killing his brother?”

    Ohhhhhhh, and yet another good theory;) And one that screams Elijah! Yeah, I can get on board with that. Jeremy & Elena conspired to kill Kol & Jeremy succeeded in staking him. Elijah isn’t going to let that go;)

    The only thing I don’t agree with is that this season has been a “snooze”…I’ve loved this season so far;)

  • Georgia_Peach

    I’m guessing Elijah is going to let Elena know that it was NOT okay to kill his brother, Kol. I don’t think Elijah’s demeanor towards Elena will be a happy one.

  • Erin

    I don’t think so. He might force her to turn her humanity back on. I actually hope that’s what he does…it would suck for her but it would give him some vengeance for what she did to Kol.

  • paperdreams

    I’d say this was a pretty good theory, were it not for the fact that Daniel thinks of Elijah’s actions as “wonderful” and I think that’d be an odd choice of words for getting someone to off someone else’s brother.

  • Dayna Barter

    Or force KATHERINE to. He was, after all, enamored of the human Katerina.

  • Charity’s Place

    I’m glad you have. I’ve found it a convoluted, senseless mess — but maybe I’ll like it better when I can marathon it.

  • Charity’s Place

    Yeah, that doesn’t quite fit — unless he’s referencing the fact that he admires Elijah’s loyalty to his family?

  • Charity’s Place

    But hers isn’t really off, is it? I mean, she told Damon as much — that after 500 years, you can’t really flip the switch anymore, since your humanity keeps “creeping in.”

  • Dayna Barter

    Sorry, I meant force Katherine to take the cure, not flip the switch.

  • Trixee

    I can’t wait for Elijah’s return.. hopefully the spinoff will take off and we’ll get more of him!

  • napoli

    I can’t wait until Elijah. Some of my favorite TVD quotes are from Elijah.

    2×20 Your problem Damon you talk a good game but you don’t actually know anything.

    3×15 Mother made us vampires she didn’t make us monsters. We did that to ourselves.

  • Charity’s Place

    How about:

    “I’m an Original. Show a little respect.” =D

  • napoli

    That’s another great quote. Elijah’s character really is wonderful and I’m sure the spin off will be successful with him involved.

  • Isadorabelle

    I’m so ready for tonight! Elijah! I’ve been missing my regular dose of Original goodness.

  • Shellie’s on Team Elijah

    I can’t believe it’s finally here! This week has dragged by; I’m so glad it’s over and now it’s time to see Elijah again!

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