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Posted by | November 3, 2011, 11:41 (MST) | 23 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

IMG DESCThat sound you’re hearing is the entire fandom screaming “DANIEL GILLIES!” all at once. The original Original is the talk of the Twitterverse today, and feeding the mania is a new interview with Daniel Gillies from Assignment X. The actor talks about the character of Elijah, the infamous unseen fangs, and preparing for the long, expository speeches that Elijah tends to give. He also has a few words to say about a certain hybrid half-sib:

AX: How do you think Elijah feels about Klaus abandoning him and virtually adopting Stefan as a brother?

GILLIES: That’s going to be up to Julie’s writing, but frankly, he [Stefan] can have Klaus. That’s a terrible bro. I’d rather work solo and not have that as a mentor. That’s like having Charles Manson as your nursery school teacher.


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  • Guest

    i’ve already read this interview a long time ago… why are you posting old stuff? daniel gave this interview months ago

  • Anonymous

    Who is the elder brother Klaus or Elijah?  I though Elijah was older but his mentor commitment makes me think Klaus is older? 

  • Anonymous

    The article was posted today. If you have a link to an earlier version, we’d love to see it so we can amend the post. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, I never seen the article before and was wondering why I haven’t seen anything from Daniel.  So, thanks!

  • Anonymous

    ELIJAH!!! Come back, they need you. we  need you, I need you. Most sophisticated and adorable  BA.

  • Anonymous

    Elijah is older. I LOVE Daniel Gillies. I can’t WAIT till he returns in present day Mystic Falls. Elijah is my Damon hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    I thought so, thanks!!

  • Candygirl9890


  • tvddeservesoscars

    The question was how does Elijah feel about Klaus’s actions, not how he as Daniel Gillies feels. I don’t like what he said about Klaus. Part of the reason Elijah left such a deep impression on fans was because of his commitment to family. Why should that commitment only be reserved for his other siblings? Because Klaus is his half-brother? Because Klaus daggered him? Okay, so the tricking and then daggering was not a nice thing to do, but Rebekah has shaken it off. Try being hunted for a 1000 years and being made to feel like an
    abomination because of what you were born as. Of course Klaus is super
    paranoid and cold. He trusts no one because he has had no one for a long
    time. Klaus is not a mentor, he’s just someone looking for acceptance. Do I agree with the way he’s going about gaining that acceptance and security? No. But I don’t think Elijah, as his brother, would just dismiss him so easily. Damon and Stefan have done some very questionable things to each other, but at the end of the day, they would do anything for each other. I think one of the themes is that a bond between brothers is unbreakable. It’s what Damon had said to Stefan in jest, but it’s proving to be true.

  • kjs

    “That’s like having Charles Manson as your nursery school teacher.”

    F**king amazing! Oh how I missed Daniel Gillies… oh and Elijah!

  • Dayna Barter

    Daniel Gillies gets ALL the puffy-hearts. 

  • Anonymous

    I understand what you mean but I see things a bit differently: I think Daniel´s overwhelming fanreaction had a lot to do with his characterisation of Elijah. The calm , focussed, zen-like vampire who is above all worldly problems is rather impressive.

    I  think that Elijah is severely at odds with his brother and he is completely right to be so. He trusted Klaus, he didn´t kill him although he was so pissed   that he had just this one plan. And Klaus misused this trust and killed Elijah or daggered him. So I think it wasn´t only not nice it was an absolute betrayal.
    I didn´t understand why Rebekah went right back to normal after Klaus pulled out the dagger and actually Klaus must be aware of the fact that the risk of being killed himself grows with every living sibling.(Although killing him seems to be very tricky) Will any of his siblings be as incautious and let himself be daggered once again? I can´t imagine.
    So we both are on the same side concerning the reasons for Klaus to be the way he is. How ill do humans get if you tell them for one lifetime that they are an abomination. And how intense would that be if you multiply it a thousand years.
    I´m thrilled to see how the three siblings are interacting with each other. On which side will Elijah be. How is he going to react as soon as he realises that Rebekah is back from the dead and that all his other siblings are somewhere around with a dagger in their chest. I think Klaus won´t like Elijah to get that to know.
    What do you think?

  • Guest

    Yeah, some of those responses were the ones he gave during the CW Premier party in early September. Those never got consolidated into a proper interview so maybe it is only now that the interview was properly transcribed.

  • Guest

    Elijah and Klaus’ situation is a little different from the Salvatore brothers’ though. This was emphasized during Elijah’s conversation with Stefan.

    Stefan says he could never kill his brother, no matter how many times he tried. Elijah responds by saying that Klaus is not his only brother. He had other siblings and parents as well. 

    Stefan and Damon do have a beautiful bond, because all they have is each other. Elijah, on the other hand, is duty-bound to protect the rest of his family, and, failing that, avenge their deaths, and he has an even deeper and even more permanent bond with each of them. 

    When he approached Klaus in The Sun Also Rises, he certainly wasnt eager to kill him. And when Elijah gets undaggered this season, I dont think his goal will be to kill Klaus, since there is need for vengeance anymore (the family is safe now). He’s not the type to avenge himself either because Elijah is not a petty person.

    I’m really interested in finding out whose side Elijah would take when he knows Mikael is back in the game. Or would he just try to distance himself from all the drama?

  • Anonymous

    Iansfan I agree with you 300%! Zenlike vampire I like that!:)))

  • Guest

    I hope Klaus pulls the dagger out to Elijah and begs him for protection from Mikael.

  • Guest

    It’s never confirmed. Daniel Gillies says he plays Elijah as if he’s older though. And it definitely shows.

  • Linn

    Damon is my Damon, or something like that :p But oh my, I love Elijah. 

  • Linn

    “Maybe he’s so used to being killed and resurrected that it’s like, “It’s all going to work out.” I’ll find out when you do, believe me.” – Used to being killed? No way, I don’t think Elijah had ever been killed before he set fot in MF! hehe

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he mentioned how stupid it was of Elijah to trust Klaus. It certainly made him appear less intelligent x) 

  • noirgirl

    hmmm, well now that we know (unless it is a lie) that Klaus killed the mother, and not Mikael, then that would certainly be grounds for Elijah to want Klaus dead.  Along with the fact that he believed Klaus had killed his entire family and scattered their bodies across vast expanses of ocean!

  • Guest

    ABBY, this interview ^ at least you guys posted this before the season aired and it has the same things

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