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Posted by | May 6, 2012, 17:00 (MST) | 5 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Daniel Gillies recently talked to E!Online about The Departed (EP322) as well as his involvement with Team Isaias, a group devoted to helping a little boy with neuroblastoma.


On how he got interested:

“I met this little boy who just broke my heart because I could see there was a fragility in the child,” he explains. “We had to be careful playing with him and he had to wear a crash-helmet. He’s an adorable boy. Of course, naturally I inquired about his health and condition, just to learn about the disease.”

And on the Vampire Diaries front, Daniel confirms whether or not he’ll be back for this week’s finale, about which he says:

“[The episode is] just going to rock the foundation of the fandom. It’s stunning what the writers have done. I love what Julie Plec has done. I’m as eager as the fans to see how it evolves. It’s deeply tragic. You can expect some tragedy. That’s all I can really say. Whatever’s happening with this group of people is about to be changed forever.”




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  • Klausheart

    Elena turning into a vampire would definitely rock the foundation of the fandom because the show is centered around a human girl. Also it would be so tragic for her and her friends…. BRING BACK KLAUS 

  • Infidelz

    Daniel Gillies. Smart, talented, gorgeous and kind.  (swoon)

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  • midnight

    ‘Uh oh’ indeed. 
    I know a lot of fans are speculating that Elena will become a vampire but it still feels too early for such a big transformation, and I’m not sure it’s needed with all the other supernatural creatures and elements in the show.  Pretty soon, the only humans left will be Jeremy and Matt.  It also couldn’t come at a worse time, with the inevitable ‘Breaking Dawn’ comparisons.  Unfortunately, TVD aired at the peak of the ‘Twilight’ craze, and although it’s nothing like the saga, people who don’t know anything about the show tend to say ‘This show is just like Twilight…’ a lot, and its not true.  So if Elena becomes a vampire right between ‘Breaking Dawn’ Parts 1 and 2, then it kind of does look like the writers are copying ‘Twilight’ to a casual bystander.  But on a deeper note, if the writers turn Elena into one of the undead NOW, then they’re giving quite a lot away. If she remains human there is still some doubt as to how the show will end.

  • I LOVE this show

    Ok lets be realistic here, if Elena turns into a vampire would we really enjoy the show as much as we do now?

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