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Posted by | February 8, 2013, 19:42 (MST) | 11 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Danielle CampbellAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Danielle Campbell (Prison Break, Prom) has been cast on the backdoor pilot of potential Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals. She will play a witch named Davina:

” . . . a young and troubled witch who has been over-sheltered by protective caregivers. Her innocence about the way the world works makes her equal parts wondrous and dangerous. She’s delicate and ethereal but not without her own demons.”

The pilot of The Originals will air as an episode of The Vampire Diaries on April 25.


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  • wednesday75

    Is the show planning on being set in high school like Mystic Falls? So far the female leads look younger than our current ladies. I thought with the show being about the Originals they would be going for a more adult theme. I really hope this show has a chance, but from the looks of things, I’m starting to have my doubts.=( I hate that because I really want to see Elijah on my screen every week! We’ve been deprived of his presence for far too long!

  • Alex

    I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I don’t think she has the acting chops to do something like this. But like always I’ll give her a chance, I hope she surprises me like the TVD cast did. 


     Hi Wednesday75,

    There are only two teenagers to be cast on The Originals, and both are witches. One more female has yet to be cast, the character’s name is Cami, and she’s a grad student.

    The Originals has 2 teenagers in it, the 2 witches. The story is not going to revolve around them, though. Maybe that will perk you up a bit;)

  • wednesday75

    I hope so. I mean they are really beautiful, I was just hoping for a more adult cast ya know. Since it is being set in New Orleans & dealing with the Originals. I know we don’t really know anything about it because it hasn’t even been picked up or anything, but I’m hoping we can deal with more people from their past. I mean they are 1,000 years old! I would’ve loved for them to have cast Bonnie’s cousin Lucy on here. She would have been a great addition if they were to move forward with the show. I could really see her working with Elijah. 

  • evangeline

    I’m not so sure about this whole new casting…they should look more on old faces from tvd….with maybe a guest role and make them a bigger part on the originals…for example bonnies cousin lucy…she would be a great match and she is more adult!

    +I still want claire holt on the spin-off and I want silas to raise kol so he can be in this too!!!!

  • MissCissy

    I’m looking forward to see much more of Klaus (one of my favourite characters) every week, but I have my doubts as well. I still think it’s weird that a show about the originals only features 2 actual originals. I might not care much for Rebekah, but even I think she needs to be a cast member. I’m also sad about Kol, it would have been interesting to see more of him on the spin off.
    Another thing is that there need to be lots and lots of flashbacks to the original’s past to make it different than TVD and more interesting, in my opinion. Maybe similar to Arrow, where they flash back to the island every episode, which always reveals new stuff and has a connection to the Starling City storyline. I’m really hoping they are planning to do this, otherwise it would just be TVD 2.0!


     I think the idea was to introduce new characters for the new show, yet keep the same general mythology regarding the Original family.

    I’m hoping that Rebekah joins Klaus & Elijah in New Orleans. I, too, feel like you can’t have a show about the Originals without the Originals on it;)

    To be fair, though, the character Marcel is a “prodigy” of Klaus’s. And who knows what draws Haley to New Orleans. I’m liking what I’ve been reading so far, but I have to admit, the two teenage witches did give me pause as well. The last thing I want is yet another show that revolves around teen drama. But, in all fairness, the witches are the only two teenagers, so I doubt it will;)

  • Iansfan

    … and I thought we were in desperate need of another love triangle… ;)
    Sorry, no chitchat, right, but what do you think, is there no chance for any Original to be part of the new series if they died on TVD? Do you think they let the shows run so closely?


     LOL…….regarding your first sentence….please, please, please no  more geometrical shapes with regard to who loves who!!!!

    JP confirmed that Kol is dead/dead. So, the only way you will see Kol & Finn, Esther or Mikael again is via flashbacks…, it’s a good thing that The Originals will contain flashbacks that pertain the whatever the on-going story is going to be;)

  • wednesday75

     At first I wanted Rebekah to go over to the spin off, but now that they’ve had her & Stefan bonding so much I hope she stays on TVD. I love their relationship. Being a Stefan fan, I haven’t seen him this happy & lighthearted in a long time. I LOVE this side that Rebekah brings out in him. Damon can keep Elena. Rebekah could do cross overs when need be. I wouldn’t mind that & flashbacks. That I would love to see. I really hated that they killed Kol off because he would have been a great addition to that show. I would’ve loved to have seen more of his background and see his relationship with Elijah. We never really got to see them together.

  • galaxygrrl

    I love Bex and I think she will be the big death this season and that is why she is not on the original show. 

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