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Posted by | January 7, 2013, 19:30 (MST) | 51 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

It’s time to start gearing up for new episodes of The Vampire Diaries and what better way to do it than with a whole crowd of new promo pics from the good folks at E! We’ve got a teaser for you below, but don’t stop there! We’re happy to report that the whole cast is represented, (and most of them are rocking shades of charcoal, red and burgundy!). Head on over to E!Online to get your drool on, and don’t forget to mark the season premiere on your calendar. TVD will be back with a new episode on January 17th.



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  • William Welton

    I have a hard time seeing Damon or Stefan with a Halo.  Just seems wrong.  Elena gets the Halo and the Cross.  Hilarious.

    And Kat Gram killed with that pose.

  • Robin Rogers

    Are these new? I swear I’ve seen them before. All but the one with all three of them at least.

    btw- Is it me, or at some point did they start dressing Stefan more like Damon?

  • William Welton

    I blew it off, but yeah, they are definitely getting done by the same wardrobe designer. The first one I think is the only new one. I agree, the rest look familiar.

  • Marie

    It’s awesome to see the whole cast in the promo pictures again! Everyone looks great, but Steven R. McQueen, Zach Roerig and Daniel Gillies are looking especially handsome. 

  • Logic

    I want some clips damn it!!!! 

  • Erin

    Aw Kol didn’t get a picture, I’ll settle for enjoying the new Elijah picture.  Also, not the best promo pics I’ve ever seen.  A lot of the costumes are sorta ‘meh’ though I do like Elena’s red and black outfit.  What was up with Klaus pic?  It’s casual day at the Hybrid house XD

  • Amy Jo Jackey via Facebook

    Loving the pics

  • wednesday75

    Elijah hands down best of the bunch! And the best thing I’ve seen all season. For the love of Pete please come back ASAP!

  • Erin

     Yeah, I miss Elijah.  I’ve started watching Saving Hope just to get a Daniel Gillies fix XD  It’s not bad.

  • wednesday75

     I was wondering if the show was any good. If that’s the only way I can see him till he comes back I may check it out. I’m a big fan of Michael Shanks too so it’s a 2 for 1 special! lol. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the Elijah episodes from S2 and the very few in S3=(. It’s ridiculous! He’s my favorite character. The man knew how to make an entrance and I’ve been hooked ever since!

  • Number1moviebuff

    Love these!!! I wonder why Elena has a cross above her head, hmmmm something to think about….and by think i mean, make my brain explode with curiosity. Lol…..this is Shannon btw, HI GUY!!! Happy new year to u all.

  • Number1moviebuff

    Lol patience grasshopper. Lmao

  • Kego

    Looks like Damon has stolen Stefan´s leather jacket,even his whole style LOL but luckily,there is this “pretty” scarf so we can see who is who :D I don´t agree with Elena´s outfit and hair it´s too much like Katherine and this very bright “halo” with the blood red cross…ridiculous: Elena,the eternal innocent victim?!  No,just no!

    btw: ok I´m a woman,but I´m caught by these WOW pics of Rebekah an Caroline :) Damn they are really beautiful!

  • Erin

     I actually have been enjoying Saving Hope.  It’s not super amazing but it’s not that bad and Daniel Gillies remains pretty sexy throughout.  It’s a good hold over since we have over a month or so I think before Elijah will be back.


    Loved all the cast pics…I actually couldn’t pick out a favorite because I liked them all;)

    But let’s talk about the one above: what is up with the religious connotations this year? First we get Latin inscriptions, then one that looks like it could be taken in front of one of those old time cathedral windows..(minus the biblical scenes, of course)…..Not that they don’t look good, I just think it’s really strange…hmmmmm….

  • delenafan

     Yes very strange:-).
    I posted on the other thread:
    Elena and the Salvatore brothers have a halo over their heads but Elena has a crucifix too.
    Is this a symbol for many things like sacrifice, resurrection, redemption or is Elena turning into a more powerful being?
    Not just a vampire but a true immortal without the need for blood?
    Why the halos for the boys :-)?
    Perhaps they will all be cleansed or absolved of their sins through sacrifice. What has this to do with the cure?
    Will love make the cure have a different effect on Delena?

    I Would love to hear your ideas about that :-).

  • a_softsong

    I noticed that too. 

  • a_softsong

    Kat is amazing.  Elijah looks really good too.  I liked those 2 best.

  • a_softsong

    I don’t have a clue what it means it just looks spooky to me.  Like something you’d find in a horror movie.

  • Delena

    elena is sooo katherine in that pic…….

  • a_softsong

    It is strange isn’t it.  I never thought that TVD had a strong religious slant.  I mean funeral and such but to have it depicted in the promo pictures.   The individual pictures are nice.  I am not getting what is up with the group shot.  Halos, cross, Stefan dressed like Damon, I think, something bad this way comes.

  • Natasa

    Yikes. What’s with the photo with Damon, Elena and Stefan? It’s got a religious overtone I’m not too sure about though it’s pretty cool since we’ve never had a promo photo like it before.

  • Raven

     Hey delefan
    I had pondered the question of religious undertones a few weeks back.I was wondering of the symbolism of 12 that has been prominent in the latest story telling. 12 hybrids,12 people that Damon killed to supposedly break the SB on Charlotte, the 12 council members etc.I was trying to see if there is any reference to the 12 disciples from the Judeo-Christian historical narrative.
    If the crucifixion over Elena’s head is any kind of a herald and foreshadowing then our worse fears may come true.As we have speculated on her most likely impending death and return to human the crucifix is not a symbol I wanted to associate with Elena.Unless it symbolizes her struggles as referenced in the Golgotha and again the end of the Golgotha via De La Rosa is death and resurrection.Either way I fear they will turn Elena human and I do not like it at all. I also observed something in the original Latin Art Promos that is very interesting.Of all the pictures and their various symbols Damon and Elena are the only ones with bloodied hands or the image of blood.Everyone else has not a drop of blood on them. Hmmmmm

  • Raven

     They are prepping him for when he goes dark, any episode now.
    Big mistake dressing them the same. Damon and Stefan’s dress preference it’s what differentiates them. It is part of their character and over all attitude how they perceive their vampirism.Stefan dresses like a human teenager and Damon like the sophisticated sexy man with impeccable taste in clothes and drink.I have the same feeling that except for the first photo I have seen the others months ago.

  • Raven

     Hey D,
    I responded to your post on the top by mistake but I wanted to make a correction.It seems that Matt also has blood on his hands.Again interesting who these three connect and how we know that Matt is the one who knows more than anyone else the deep feelings Elena had for Damon when she was human.

  • Delena

    raven- i pray to GOD, to not transform elena human again. would be to easy….because even JP said on twitter ” elena needs to become a human to break the sire bond “….what would be the surprise???? everyone knows….elena human…or immortal..bla bla…boring….would be a huge let down for elena’s characther, her journey as a human ended in 3×22…elena as a vampire has other potential, they can make her more strong……

  • Delena

    another thing Raven, elena as a human again for me means just another stelena drama where poor stefan will never have a development, would stuck in his boring journey,  or other thing the writers of this show wants in the end elena to end up having a familly a normal man..and no endgame..for SE OR DE.

  • Delena

    I NOTICED THAT JER has the CROW in his card…and the sword……the crow means damon or the death……

  • ihatepeople

    The crow WAS tied to Damon early on so it’s possible it symbolizes his death at the hands of Jeremy. Could you imagine how devastating that would be to Elena that her brother killed the man she loves? However, they did drop the crow thing with him within the first eps SO it could just signify Jeremy becoming a skilled vampire killer since the crow does symbolize the bringing of death. That’s pretty interesting either way.

  • ihatepeople

    It appears that each have an intertwined yet separate series long journey. Damon has always had self acceptance but not real love which is what he’s always been denied. Stefan has always had love but not self acceptance of himself so his journey is to find inner peace. Elena has been confined by what others think she should do and be. Her journal is to find her independence and have the strength to fight for what she wants. This still leaves the end open to more than one possibility.

  • M_napoli71

    Totally agree that human Elena would be horrible for the whole show at this point and not just for SE and DE.  They have so much to explore with Elena being a vampire.

  • delenafan

     Hey Raven,

    I agree with you that it is most intriguing and strange. also scary.
    Why Matt, Elena and Damon?
    Are these 3 going to perform a great sacrifice? But also from the Latin cards, Stefan holds 2 keys???
    And why is Damon exactly dressed like Stefan? Lots of questions but we can try to answer them for fun :-).
    Here are my spontaneous thoughts:

    Dressed like Stefan might mean this is her new man.
    Delena are closer together in the picture. Elena has the crucifix because she might be the pivotal figure / Sacrificial lamb in the new ritual (Silas and all).
    Both boys will do things to redeem their previous “sins”.
    Why is Damon’s hand bleeding? Is it the blood sharing hint again?
    “Feed me honey :-)”. Damon feeding her was such an intimate act (and I don’t just mean the sexual connotation). He would give her his heart’s blood so she can live! Oh! My God, that is so emotional!
    I would love your thoughts on that Raven. Hot topic…

  • Granny_Weatherwax

    The so called latin cards had a religious touch too. They reminded me of orthodox icons. Each character has a halo. And how Matt is positioning  his hand… it is not identical to Jesus portrays, but very similar. In my amateur point of view – no art (or theology) student here ;)

  • From Beginning To End

     If you watch S1 episode one with commentary, Julie Plec points that they didn’t mean to have all three of their leads “rocking the leather”  because they ALL are in the pilot.

  • From Beginning To End

     They’re just different photos taken at the same shoot ones we’ve seen already were taken from. So the backdrop and outfits are all the same, but the poses and facial expressions are new. I think we saw the first wave of pics from this shoot in the summer, and those have been used in this site’s banner for a while now haha.

  • William Welton

     Nina uses poses she baked into “Katherine” for all her Promo Pics I notice.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Hmmm! First Latin inscriptions and now a sun cross over Elena’s head = (Wicca, The four seasons, Rite of Passage = Grimoires)

    All the pictures look great!

  • bsylviemdi

    I think the blood on Elena refers to the inscript bound by blood and so to the sire bond

    Damons was: bound by guilt which i still can not interprete however it was his blood that turned Elena so there you have the blood again
    I think matts’ might be a referrence to Elena feeding on him and i dont know what the words on his card are

    The number mythology is a very interesting subject on an older thread
    Shila did a lot of research on it. that was amazing
    I dont remember it all but there was resurrecting the dead, sacrifice,
    Comming back from the other side and a lot more.
    It was also connected to Tarot and even kaballah mythology.

  • vmplover4ever

     Silas is chiefly remembered as the companion of the Apostle Paul The name “Silas” is a shortened form of “Silvanus”  Further details of the life of Silas are not known, but he is customarily
    honored as a martyr. Just a thought on the whole religious theme that’s going on here,not that it will about to anything,just putting it put there.

  • Delena

    ihatepeople- it’S season 4 and stefan can’t even accept what he is, that’s why as you said his journey is to accept himself, damon’s journey is to find love and to be loved, this makes me think that delena will be endgame. In season 3 i thought that plec will explore more the Ripper ( he was supposed to be worse than damon) but after some episoades he was again a puppy….BIG FAIL…..BUT WELL jp can pull other end…elena alone…or dead….

  • ihatepeople

    There are a lot of options to these being their journeys. Both brothers could end up dead like they did with Katherine where Damon tries to save her and Stefan tries to save him but before that happens Elena could admit she loves Damon (he’d get real love) and Stefan could face his demons and come to accept himself as a vampire. Elena then would end up alone as a human to move on but she would have the independence and strength to be on her own from what she’d learned from them. Not a great scenario but one of many possible ones. Both Damon and Elena could wind up dead, or Stefan could die, or just Elena…the possibilities are many. The piece we’re missing at the moment is Stefan starting his journey to self discovery. I too was very disappointed that we didn’t get that last season like I thought we would. Hopefully in future seasons this will happen. It could be that it will take him the whole series to accomplish this because he is so resistant to it.

  • Pax

     I noticed that they gave Stefan his leather jacket and an overall cooler look in season 3. Obviously the hoodies did not fit the ripper image they wanted to create :).
    Elena actually also developed a different dress sense last season. She started wearing skirts and I think it fit really well with her growing confidence and femininity. I love it that in 4.07, she went to the Boardinghouse and Damon in a dress! She never wore dresses before unless for a formal occasion. Coincidence – or purpose? ;)

  • Jorge Junior

    Sorry, guys… I’m lost. What cards are you talking about?

  • Rivara

    Actually, Elena wore skirts and other girly stuff in season one. I remember fondly giggling at the teenager-ness of it. :’) I guess now as a vampire she’s not confined to jeans and running shoes anymore!

  • bsylviemdi

    Promocards for season 4 you can Google them they have latin inscripts and various symbols

  • From Beginning To End

     Elena used to wear a large variation of leather jackets in different colours (white, black, navy) with the sleeves rolled up in season one but she hasn’t worn one in a while. I think the last time was ghost town.

  • Lola Rose17

    hi every one from uk.ok those religious picture whats up???? for me as damon fan every thing is messed up and particularly elena with this vampire heightened sire bonded emotions.elena loves damon but does that love overcome her love for stefan( i believe so ) but they need to break the sire bond(i call it some stupid sire bond something) and the only way to do it is to bring human elena back.i believe elena end up being sacrificed by herself or someone.but the secret is her blood wont be helpful in creating hybrids army ,when she is sacrificed for some reason in some ritual every body think she is going to die or come back as normal human but her blood will have the power to pull life from a vampire and create a hybrid if that vampire from klaus blood line or some sort of strong immortal who is the strongest of them all . she still love damon and klaus will leave the town looking for new way to create his army.damon and elena thinks they finally can have peace (stefan wish them good luck and he is with new love interest) but oops elena pregnanet.klaus come back as the witches tell him about the new baby………ok im thinking what will happen after that with the little damon on his way ????

  • Iheartdamon

    Me too damn it!!!


    Nope, there isn’t a strong religious slant in TVD at all.

    But looking at the pic of Nina, well, she really doesn’t look like Elena to be honest. She looks arrogant, and Elena may be many things, but arrogance is not one of them. Look at the tilt of her head…it’s strange. Doesn’t really look like Kat either. Kat oozes sex, that’s not a sexy pose. 

    Very strange, for sure. I wonder, has anyone considered that Elena can be used as a vessel?

  • a_softsong

    Vamplena being used as a vessel for the cure?  It is possible, Esther used Rebekah.  Anything is possible.  Wow.  That would be too much if Prof. Shane required a new body for whatever the heck he’s doing.

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