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Posted by | May 1, 2012, 17:35 (MST) | 326 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Official episode stills have surfaced for The Departed (EP322), the Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale. This is our last batch of stills for Season 3 (though we’re sure more will pop up here and there). Hard to believe we’ve reached the end of the season already. Check out the image below and then head over to KSiteTV to see the rest. Beware of spoilers!


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  • Natalie

    LOL. It’s true, but I just can’t imagine him talking to anybody else but Elena. Or Stefan (if he came back to MF). It’s just something about his look that makes me think he’s talking to someone he really cares about. But of course you should stay positive, there’s enough pessimists among us. 

  • Shannon

    Hahaha that’s NOT true!! There was that one time…….i’ll come back when I think of it, lmao

  • Shannon


  • Shannon

    Sure would!

  • Shannon

    I think season 4 will really open that open…..i think it’ll be a lot more intense, usually season 3′s are intense within shows, but we know how this season went so i think we’re in for a ride…not a ride that goes up and down with one or two hoops….nope, season 4 will have 6, 7 hoops…..ok this sounded less chessy and made more sense in my head, lol….u get me?? I hope so, haha

  • ihatepeople

    Ok that was damn good. They saved our hot “vampire giggilo” for last. Love it! That man (Damon/Ian) is just “dripping with sex”. Wait I have to wipe the drooling off my face. :)~

  • Guest

    i didnt know that the only reason people liked damon was because he is “dripping with sex!

  • Shannon

    Ok sooo I Just listened to a radio commercial for 2nite’s episode!! OMG IT SOUNDS SOOOOOOOOO INTENSE!!! I heard things we didn’t hear in the promos!!! I literally got chills(nothing new there but i was standing i coulda fell over, lol) ok this not looking at the clock thing isn’t working now, not after I just heard that!!! OMG!!! C’MON 8 PM!!

  • ihatepeople

    You must mean me. LOL. ;) I don’t know if it’s Elena on the phone or not but I’m concerned about him either way.

  • ihatepeople

    Actually when Katherine calls it’s usually because she is giving him some info which isn’t always bad.

  • Action News

    Hehe thanks ;D for the longest time I only posted rarely and with no name cause I couldn’t come up with one I liked. Ghost Andie probably wouldn’t happen (thinking she “found peace” being human) but I do miss her some. Now that Alaric’s gone, Damon could use a friend again… maybe bourbon induced Andie hallucinations? ;)

  • Carrie

    Maybe her life is flashing before her eyes as she’s dying. Probably not, though.

  • Action News

    Yeah, that’s why I’m doubting he’s compelled her at all in this episode, or if he does, it’s in the present. The only way Stefan compelling anyone would hold up over a year in their time is if he relapsed and was on human blood for a while, but that seems even more unlikely.

    Stefan and Elena have gotten quite a bit closer and back to touchy-feely, so maybe it’s just some good, old fashioned face holding.

  • Shannon

    That’s true.

  • ihatepeople

    That’s not the ONLY reason. I love his personality too but the sexiness is a bonus. :)

  • ihatepeople

    They said the flashbacks happen throughout the episode so who knows? I guess we’ll find out in a week.

  • Natalie

    Haha, I’m one of the pessimists as well. At least when it comes to Damon. I guess it’s some sort of defensive mechanism, cos we think his heartbreak will hurt much less if we expect it. But in the end, it’s the same. ;)

  • mary.m155


    Im so late!! Look how fine Ric is!! Woot woot!

    Stefan and Elena getting face touchy again…whatever..

    I freakin live this show..


  • mary.m155

    Coddling elena like a child LMAO

  • ihatepeople

    Shame on you Mary. Where have been all day? LOL. You need to blow everything else off today like us.:)

  • ihatepeople

    Yep that’s why we do it. LOL. I feel like there is less of a fall if you expect the worst especially based on what we’ve seen them do to him emotionally. I’d be happy to be wrong of course but like you pessimism is winning right now. I’m worried about him for the next two eps.

  • From Beginningg To End

    We’ve had very few like it ever since…

  • ihatepeople

    You’ve got that right! I guess they don’t want to spoil us. Haha

  • Carrie

    I was just reading the episode guide again and it looks like jeremy and bonnie are up to something. Something that could change everything i think it said. To protect elena. Huh. . . . SPOILER POTENTIAL ALERT: Do you think maybe they might turn her? Holy h. Sorry for the spoiler if they do. It’s possible i should keep my thoughts to myself. But this guessing is fun. Reason i should is i guessed the jekyll and hyde thing from the first staking. That was pretty exciting to find out i was right.

    Only 2 hours and 45 minutes left til tonight’s ep!!!

  • Stylegirl48

    Why are they calling this ep. “Before Sunset”?  There is always a reason for the title.  And why in the synopsis does it say’A day without a Vampire”?  These two things intrigue me.  With what we already know aout the upcomming eps. via web clips and promos, why can’t we figure this thing out?  What has to happen before sunset?  Will ALL the vampires leave MF inorder to stay alive?  We already know that Damon and Stefan leave.  Why?  I’m going crazy tring to figure this thing out.  Any ideas out there???

  • Fabipedro

    All these Stelena fans need to stop talking. Seriously, Stefan & Elena have had their chances to be happy together, and everytime he blows it, yeah Klaus made him this and that, but still he had a choice and he blew it. Plus Damon loves her to bits, and its not like hes the evil one in all of this, he’ll protect her, love her and can be the best for her if she just gave him a chance. But to be honest i dont think shes going to make a decision for the fact that, she doesnt want to loose neither of them & shes loves BOTH of them, and thats never going to change. ITS BOTH OF THEM, OR NONE OF THEM. Although i would LOVEEEEE to see more Delena scenes *.* Because Damon is just so much better than Stefan by a MILLIONNNNNNNNNN!!!! 

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