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Posted by | March 13, 2013, 11:23 (MST) | 76 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXETOnline interviewed Ian Somerhalder this morning about the recent happenings in Mystic Falls and, just in case you thought everything might be puppies and rainbows… Oh, who are we kidding? No one who watches this show ever thinks that. And Ian more or less confirms that the road is still rocky.

ETonline: It’s also got to be exciting as an actor that TVD allows you to play your character at various points in their life. We’ve seen Damon throughout the decades, and next week shows him circa 1970.
Somerhalder: Yeah, you hit the nail on the head. Our artisans and production design team went in and not only re-built CBGB’s but recreated the feeling of the ’70s [in Because the Night, airing March 21]. It’s so cool because you get to experience so many times in [Damon's] life. Now mind you, because there were so many decades, I think he evolved slower than most. I also love that because we get to go back and romanticize the social happenings of that time, we’re really reminded of The United States’ deep history and what Damon lived through is just a drop in the bucket compared to the other characters, who can go back thousands of years.


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  • Just Me

    You three are laughing at me LOL.
    Its been incredibly interesting so far that’s for sure.I’m super curious as to what goes on here after an episode lol. I meant to look around yesterday and got distracted. Oh is there a way to delete or edit my posts?

  • lolalovestvd

    Elena’s feelings of being in love with Stefan were clearly waning long before she ever became a vampire, if you’ll recall.

    She went from “It’s always going to be Stefan” to “I have to choose one of you”. So, regardless of choosing Stefan in the end, she already admitted that she no longer felt that deep commitment to him and that she had reached a point that she was now torn between the brothers. Human Elena’s love for Damon had been growing and changing while her love for Stefan was just changing.

    Those feelings didn’t disappear when she transitioned. She still loves and cares about Stefan so much that she had to be COMPELLED in order to even admit to him that she wasn’t in love with him any more. That doesn’t sound to me like vampirism diminished anything at all, it just sounds like she loves him in a different way now.

    This is probably all a moot point, anyway, as now she won’t be feeling much for anyone, apparently. They can start back at square one. Yay… :/

  • amy

    Or because of the sire bond Elena had to prove to her maker Damon that she will do anything and everything to show her commitment to him. She had to be cruel to Stefan to prove her devotions to Damon.

  • Kiki

    That’s from your point of view. For me Stelena is far more interesting than Delena. Everyone feels different about it

  • napoli

    TVD had higher ratings in the first 2 seasons when Stefan and Elena were together so it seems a lot of people find Stefan and Elena more interesting together.

  • napoli

    Damon is influencing her actions. When Elena didn’t want to leave Jeremy with his at the lake house but because Damon said trust me she just leaves him there. Even Matt brought up how the Elena he knows would never do that willingly. The minute Damon had doubts about her feelings for him he should have set her free and he should have let her go. Damon should have left MF – not Elena.

    Elena has other friends not just Damon. As if she would completely collapse without him.

    Because Damon is selfish he keeps her under the sire bond because he likes this version of Elena that he can control. And now we’ll see from tonight’s episode that now that he can no longer control his puppet he suddenly wants to ensure she gets the cure.

    At least he could be consistent. Damon told Stefan he would love her either way. Funny how that’s not the case anymore.

  • amy

    Elena and Stefan had passion, romance and true love. It was a beautiful love story that we got to watch. Damon and Elena just seemed like something dirty. Something she will probably regret doing.

  • lolalovestvd

    Actually, Stefan is the one who’s been cruel to Elena.

    I mean, after all, Stefan is the one who made Elena feel like a “broken toy”, told her that he had to “fix” her and that if she wasn’t in love with him anymore, then she had so little value to him that he’d rather have every memory of her scrubbed from his brain. People seem to forget that side of the break-up, for some reason.


  • amy

    Stefan doesn’t want to “fix her”. Elena said at the Lake house that she never wanted to be a vampire. Right now she is someone she doesn’t want to be, a vampire and she doesn’t even have control of her own life. She is sired to Damon. Stefan wants to give Elena her life and mind back. He loves her so much that he’s willing to give her human life back to her knowing when he does that their will never be a happily ever after for them being together.

  • FrenchChris

    (sorry for my clumsiness, I’m french… english is not that easy to write correctly :-) )

    Maybe you’re right…. Only a question of point of view….
    But, for me, Stelena is more a normal relationship, that you can live in real life. Stefan is the perfect man, he’s sweet, strong, understanding… He is quite attractive ! Yes !
    But he’s too perfect… if you look only on the surface. There is a thing that bothers me deeply about him : how Elena can put aside his serial killer’s past ? This is a kind of issue that would scares me to the bones.

    Damon is quite the opposite for me : seemingly, he is rough, rude, dangerous… He’s completely aware of his nature, and enjoys it. He’s dark… yes… But in the inside, he hides a deeply wounded being. He is fragile, sensitive and desperate. His huge issue lies in the fact that he had never been the first in the heart of anybody (remember his father, Katherine …).
    Stefan was the beloved one. Not Damon.
    Doesn’t he deserves a better understanding ? and maybe love…?
    This is why the TVD show is attractive to me : It tells me the story of a man who hadn’t got any real happiness in his entire life, it is about giving him a second chance.

  • FrenchChris

    Dirty ? This is really tough !

  • lolalovestvd

    Elena already trusted Damon and has for long time. Matt was wrong about that. Besides, we know that if Elena didn’t want to leave Jeremy, she could have argued with him about it. She didn’t, so it seems like it was actually her own choice.

    Invoking the sire bond and leaving town the minute he had doubts about her feelings wouldn’t have been the right thing to do at all. It would have been a stupid, knee-jerk reaction to a situation they knew almost nothing about – and still don’t. It might have made Stefan happy but it would have made Damon and Elena miserable. Since the sire bond is their obstacle to overcome, how they choose to work around it should really be their business. Sending her home and him staying at the lake house was the smartest and most practical thing to do.

    Some more valid reasons why it would have been idiotic for Damon to take the easy way out and walk away from all the MF drama:

    - Damon was busy helping Jeremy and keeping him from getting killed

    - They were close to getting the cure and believed that Elena would be turning human and breaking the bond

    - Later, Stefan was teaming up with Rebekah and might not have been completely trustworthy

    - Elena didn’t want him to leave because she fully believes that her feelings are real and nothing has proven that they’re not. She’s not brain-dead and is capable of making her own decisions, a fact that some people seem to forget. Her life-altering decisions are not up to Damon and Stefan to make She is an independent adult.

    - And, actually, she would have been in a world of hurt if Damon had just turned his back and walked away in the middle of everything that was going on

    He’s not selfishly keeping her under his control. He’s been searching for the cure all along, fully believing that if she took it, things might change between them. He was willing to kill a Hunter, take on that curse, go insane and die just so she could be human. There was absolutely nothing in it for him. So, sorry, the “Damon’s selfish” line just isn’t true.

    He wants her to have the cure if she wants it for herself, regardless of how he feels about it. Apparently, she needs it now to regain her humanity before she destroys herself. That has nothing to do with Damon not accepting her or loving her as a vampire, which it’s been clearly shown that he does.

  • FrenchChris

    Ratings on Amazon France, for example, are high and similar for each seasons. By the way, maybe some people begins to grow tired of that love triangle story (For me, the season 4 would have better to be the last)… this kind of a story line with no end… it can’t last too long I guess. TVD is not a soap opera… I hope !

  • Just Me

    Stefan wanting to fix Elena is a fact. Elena knows it as well. There is so much proof to that words and actions on the show. They have already been quoted in the other thread. There are several interviews from not only Ian but Julie Plec as well. Just looking it up real quick I found this
    Plec also confirms that Stefan is, “clearly emotionally driven by a desire to ‘fix her.’”

  • lolalovestvd

    Stefan is the one who said he wanted to fix her and, regardless of him saying it, that’s the way he made her feel about herself. He didn’t make her feel loved. He made her feel broken and damaged and unworthy.

    Nobody’s doubting that he wants to help her become human again because she wants that for herself, but that’s not the only reason he’s doing it and he’s said it himself.

    Stefan quotes about Elena being a vampire:

    “She’s not supposed to be this person. I don’t want her to be”

    “Some days, I don’t even recognize her”

    “He’s (Jeremy) the only way to fix all of this”

    “I can’t spend an eternity without knowing if her feelings for my brother are real”

    What this is telling the viewer is that Stefan may love Elena but he doesn’t like her now, he doesn’t relate to her nor understand her, he wants the old Elena back because this one is not the one he fell in love with and he believes if she’s human she’ll revert back to proper form and come back to him. Not to mention, he’d love to unload all the guilt he’s carrying for her being a vampire in the first place.

    Also, he’s not sacrificing anything at all by her becoming human because, as a vampire, she’s definitely not in love with him so there isn’t even the potential for happily ever after. Stefan has absolutely nothing at risk in this situation and, potentially, quite a bit to gain. That’s not selflessness.

  • shoe20

    I actually feel for Damon and his relationship with Elena. Things were actually better for him before they were a couple, more fun and better kisses! Other than the one night of lust ( that’s the way the scene was written) their time together has been depressing because of the SB. He has been filtering his actions through the Elena filter, because of his insecurity of her true feelings, and it has change Damon. He’s still not sure if he even wants her to get the cure. Delena fans were defiantly not given a gift from the writers this time around.

  • Just Me

    Your grasp of the English language is awesome :-) it doesn’t even seem like you have issues writing at all.

    I agree with some of your points. Though I did like the S/E relationship I have since mourned and like the show I have moved on. I did always wonder why Damon was the one always there for Elena and carrying her away when she had been hurt and more importantly why they can only be themselves around each other. There’s just too much to get into here.

    Damon and Elena’s relationship is beautiful. They have built a solid foundation. I love how they know each other so well. She sees through his rough exterior to his other many facets. And he makes her happy. Their relationship was not built on lies and deceit. Even the music in their most important scenes together has been perfect. And on this show they go out of their way to get the right song for those scenes.

    This is a good interview it’s nice to know Ian is pulling his resources in addition to his beliefs and is actually working on changing the world. I don’t think he really gave us any new spoilers, that would have been cool.

    BTW the ratings here in America are great. This is the highest rated show on the CW network.The digital viewing and social media is amazing this year.They received an early pick for season five so the show is good. The new show Cult did terrible it would be nice if we got Alaric back in some capacity.

  • FrenchChris

    Thanks for my language qualities… trust me, I have to think twice before writing a sentence. :-)

    I totally understand what is appealing in Stefan character. His relationship with Elena is lovely. They fit together in a certain level, which means for me : safety, respect and tenderness. We can’t deny that we, most of women, are seeking such a man all our life !
    The good Stefan – I push de serial killer aside – is an ideal husband for real life, with whom a woman can live a long happy life.
    Damon and Elena… as you say, it’s just beautiful. They are deeply into the other (about understanding) – I hope that my writing is correct here. Without Elena, Damon would have never revealed his good side.
    For me, a relationship is about improving each other, it’s accepting the other with his qualities and failures. It is what Elena and Damon do.
    On the contrary Stefan idealized too much Elena and their relationship, it’s the reason why they broke up.

  • Lea

    No she is not why on earth would she ever love Damon ? He killed her brother even if he came back he is still a monster. He is selfish to stay with her after learning about the bond he should have tried to make her tell him the truth about who she would have loved without it and why it changed. What she feels and what she had always felt is lust not love that then was increased due to becoming a vampire the sire bond made her confuse ” new feelings” for love that never really existed in the first place.

  • Lea

    He wants to “fix” her because 1in the beginning she was upset at the thought of being a vampire 2 he saw what killing someone did to her when she had her humanity which lets face it will come back and 3 no one not even Damon wants her in any relationship if its fake and as long as that is in question stefan is still the hero for trying to fix her where Damon is too scared of loosing her to care about the real her.

  • Lea

    The problem is that he enjoys it.he does not value life other than his and those close to him . Stephan has killed people no question about that but he has guilt he does everything to control it . Damon is the real monster he CAN help himself he just chooses not to. I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with a bad boy. Rebelliousness to me seems immature and and a “look at me” show that just screams immaturity.

  • Lea

    The “ripper” did a pretty damn good job looking after her as a human Damon is the real monster he enjoys killing even with his humanity Stefan can’t help it with blood in the moment but he got better again. Damon himself doubts if her love is real but he won’t risk letting her go if her true feelings are for Stefan. Stefan LET her go because he thought her true feelings were for Damon even though it hurt him he deserves to feel hurt. I know I would be if I thought I would be with my true love forever and instead they left me for my sibling.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I’m sorry, I think that is pure nonsense. There has been absolutely nothing written on this show that suggests Damon is too scared of loosing her to care about the real her. Damon is the selfless one regarding all things Elena. Elena comes first with Damon and that is a fact. Time to agree to completely disagree.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Again what you’re saying to me about Damon is pure nonsense. However, please do not forget that Stefan’s choice is why human Elena died. The sire bond exists due to Elena’s deep feelings for Damon, her vampire maker, as a human before her death. Rebekah’s compulsion forced Elena to tell the truth. Elena specifically said she did not sleep with Damon because of the sire bond, she slept with Damon because she is in love with him. That is how the writers have written the story so far. Damon is selfless when it comes to Elena. He is in love with her and according to what has been written this season, Elena is in love with Damon. However, I have no doubt Damon and Elena will have more hurtles to jump over. It will be the zig and the zag, which makes their love story so interesting.

  • FrenchChris

    But… since season 1, Damon has improved a lot, don’t you think ? He’s not a “monster” any more now. Why are you keeping so tight at that old picture of him ? To me it sounds very weird. Life is about growing, getting better… A bad boy can become a better man… It is what Damon does, don’t you see ? It’s the reason why I was talking about a “second chance” in a previous post.

  • Lea

    I believe that whole heartedly but how do you forgive killing her brother even if he came back even if he knew of the ring I see Damon as completely unstable if he does care I know he does but I can’t see this as a natural relationship. Contrary to your comment I’m not solely clinging to the old picture I just like her with stefan better its beautiful. He sacrificed so much for her he even let her go because he thought she was in love with him which I personally don’t believe. Her feelings should have been increased and when she died she chose Stefan. I don’t see how it all could have vanished.

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