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Posted by | August 29, 2013, 18:26 (EST) | 45 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

I Know What You Did Last Summer (EP501)Ready for your first look at the season five premiere of The Vampire Diaries, entitled I Know What You Did Last Summer? Head over to Entertainment Tonight Online for nine exclusive stills from the episode! We get a look at Elena and Caroline settling into college life, as well as some glimpses of Bonnie and Jeremy! I Know What You Did Last Summer (EP501) will air on Thursday, October 3 at 8/7c, followed by the series premiere of The Originals.


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    First, how heart breaking is that pic of Elena and Caroline all excited on their first day with Bonnie looking on with a sad smile RIGHT next to them? Second, I’m surprised to see the red highlight in Elena’s hair still. Thought it would be gone for some reason.

  • Sandra

    Bonnie casually creepin on her friends. nbd


    Poor Bonnie….she seems so happy for Elena & Caroline. The only one who can hear/see her is Jeremy. I think that in the photos of Elena & Jer at the Salvatore house that Jer is telling Elena about Bonnie. Let’s not forget that Elena & Caroline think Bonnie if off visiting relatives for the summer…and no one but Jer knows Bonnie is dead.

    Anyone seen the new promo yet? Let’s just say Kat is moving right into the Salvatore house as Elena moves into her dorm room……LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

  • dman_24

    “… for some reason?” You mean her not being a homicidal maniac anymore? lol Yeah, I thought it would’ve been gone too. :)

    About the pic: Yes, it is kind of sad that Bonnie isn’t joining them at college, but she has a really good reason: she’s dead! Ha! Looks like she’ll be joining them in “spirit.” (Yes, that pun was intended. Haha.)


    I guess humanity has nothing to do with your taste, apparently she’s into the highlight and stands by her decision to get it. Or maybe it’s more psychological and she’s all, “I have to keep this highlight as punishment for the all crap I did”?

  • Debbie

    Where’s Damon? Where’s SilasStefan? It’s so interesting to me that they purposely left them out of the pics, usually means they are too spoilery, they don’t want to give too much away. I can wait to see their reunion, hopefully first episode!

    Elena and Caroline look like they fit right into college…wait until other students find out they’re vamp ;)


    They could not look less like vampires who have attacked/killed before in these photos of them at college haha

  • dman_24

    Yeah, they look like innocent (lol) high schoolers heading off to college. Who knows that they’re hiding a deep dark secret? Amazing commentary on life, isn’t it?

  • dman_24

    I always liked her highlight, so I don’t have a problem if she keeps it. I also liked the fact that it’s red and not blonde, if only to change things up a bit. But it does seem strange that she kept it seeing that she’s back to her “normal” self; Maybe she just likes it. And personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her highlight. It’s not bad taste, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think she’s keeping it because she needs to punish herself. If she wanted to do that I sure she could find other more painful methods. I think she just likes it.


    I kind of just wonder if they thought it was a good way to better distinguish her and Katherine now that Elena’s hair isn’t pin straight. I dunno, sometimes it looks nice and other times it’s so blended into her other hair you can hardly notice it and I wonder what the point is.

  • dman_24

    It clear you’re showcasing a woman’s perspective on things( e.g. hairstyle) which isn’t really my forte. I just kinda like it and don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. But you might be right: Maybe they are trying to distinguish her from Katherine. I do miss Elena’s straight hair though. But some change doesn’t hurt either.

  • lynne

    Hey D-Man,, How was your summer??? Glad to see you have your PC or laptop,, up and running:) I guess we will see more of your postings this season, we missed you last season.

    I am Looking forward to season 5 and this new Character Aaron,, and where he will be fitting in with Elena in the college scene.
    Sorry guy’s,, I hadn’t noticed Elena kept the “Red” streaks, lolol

    Good eyes B 2 E.:)
    D.M.,, I think your correct in TVD making the “Distinction” between the Kat & Elena characters. Red streaks should do it. :)

    Is TVD serious in trying out a personal relationship between Kat & Silas???

    Shoe20 thinks they may try to show a more human side to Silas,, if they do,, Kat would be the last person to reveal that side to,, even as a human,, I;m sure she will be Untrustworthy!! But,, on the flip side,, I rather liked them as a pair (Kat & Stefan’s) Characters and I believe Kat once said that out of the two brother’s,, she preferred Stefan!! Right??

    So maybe Shoe20 is on to something. lol

  • lynne

    P.S. i also noticed a few of the “Original Posters” have posted, lolol very cool!!!
    If they stay to post through season 5 and the “Originals”,, (can’t wait,, I’m Psyched) it should prove to be an exceptional season all around

  • Debbie

    Hi Lynne, glad to cu back!

    Just not sure fans are ready yet to see the human side of Silas. I’m sure like all Other characters he too has his good and evil side, but I think after what he did to Stefan, i can still only see him as evil, at least for a while. Lets be patient, It took the gang a whole half a season to start drinking with klaus at the grill!

    His messing with kat is exactly that, just messing with her. At the point he’s using her for something, probably to get at her cured blood. I have high hopes that she’ll know she’s being played, even by someone thats not stefan-and if she says something to damon I’m sure she’ll be listened too. though she doesnt always have the best intentions, shes smart and everyone knows it. She could possibly be one of the key players to saving stefan, similar to how she saved damon in 3.09. now, whether or not kat and Stefan can start something, it’s possible but we’ll just have to wait until Stefan returns, see what shape he’s in.

  • Debbie

    Says something about tvd in general, humanizing vamps, living among humans and hiding their true identity. Even feeling ashamed about being a vamp, having to feed to survive. Sometimes I wish they can be more open about who they are without fear. I guess That’s what the originals is for!

  • lynne

    Hi Debbie,
    Thank You, and it’s great to hear from you!! How has your summer been so far?
    I got on the site last night to see what has been going on,, and to read through the postings & watch a few Promo’s to see what I’ve missed.
    Between you and Shoe,, I think you both nailed it!! :)

    Does Kat still have the” Blood Stone” if so that’s what Silas may be after,, but didn’t the Blood come out of the stone and drip all over the cave floor? Do you think it’s empty now?

    And,, Wasn’t Bonnie holding the stone when that happened?

  • Debbie

    Thanks Lynne, great summer very busy yours? Shoes postings are great, aren’t they?

    It’s possible that’s what silas is after…but I think it more has to do with her ingesting the cure. either her blood can now be used for some type of spell, or her now being a human dop. Could be of some use to him. Kat should be very afraid not just of Silas but of supernatural beings in general, she’s hot property now not to mention she’s made a few enemies over the years….but she’s too, well, too Katherine to ever admit she’s scared-and her manipulation skills will come in handy.

  • lynne

    Hi Debbie,

    Yes very busy summer!!

    I have been a travel bum the last couple month’s. I just came home from New Orleans. I stayed @ the “Royal” where they filmed the “Originals” and spoke to a few of the employee’s that were there during the filming of the “Promo” and they had wonderful things to say about the cast and crew. It was very cool!!:):) Had a great time,, but came home tired because no-one goes to bed in the French Quarter before 5 am!! lololol
    Yes, Shoe is a riot!! But so are D-Man and B 2 E.
    I was reading some posts last nite from a couple of week’s ago,, and I was drinking a Root Beer,,The way they were going back and forth in there postings had me laughing so hard it came out my nose!!! Do you know how that burns? lolololololol
    Okay, back to TVD.

    Kat certainly has made enemies over the years,, but,, is it possible that Damon will eventually feel sorry for her and try to help her in some way?? Not sure if I care for that scenario.

    what do you think????

  • dman_24

    Hi Lynne. Thanks for the compliments. Summer has been okay, though a bit hot for my taste. I like fall and spring better. There weren’t that many fans commenting of the site, which was disappointing and a bit boring, but it looks like some of the regulars are back, which is a good thing.

    Yes, you’ll be seeing more of me this season (be careful what you wish for. lol). Last season was very frustrating. Not only was my computer out, but the season as a whole was a bit of a disappointment. So everything was twice as bad as they could’ve been. Hopefully they right the ship this season and the show returns to the greatness it is and should be. Though, to be honest, I don’t have the highest hopes.

    Kat and Silas? Yes, strange bedfellows indeed. But I don’t think he’s interested in her for romantic reasons. He needs her for something. He’s just using Kat’s tactics against her. And when he’s finished with her he’ll either kill her or toss her aside like she had done to countless people. What goes around comes around. That’s basically the theme for katherine this season.

    I’ve always liked Kat and Stefan as a couple. I think Kat really loves him (in her own twisted way of course), and if she can show that she’s genuinely trustworthy maybe her and Stefan can form some sort of a relationship now that him and Elena aren’t together anymore. I wouldn’t mind seeing that. Stefan’s a rescuer, and now that Kat’s human and vulnerable, maybe it can spark up some of those old feelings he had for her. But she’ll have to prove herself. Bye.

  • dman_24

    “Original Posters.” I like that. Yes, I’m glad to have them back. They were sorely missed this summer. I guess everyone has things to do in their lives, but it definitely isn’t the same without them here. Hopefully they’ll decide to comment more often.

    I think it’ll be an exceptional season if the show is good. Cause, as much as I like reading other fans opinions on the show, it’s pointless if the show stinks or they implement really dumb ideas, causing many fans to scratch their heads and — dare I say it — give up on the show. So, everything begins and ends with the quality of the season. Lets take it from there and see what happens. There’s potential there. That’s all I’ll say for now.

  • lynne

    Hi there,
    I agree with everything you said!!
    Just had to check in and see what’s been going on,, you know, gearing up.:)
    I hope I am not setting myself up for cliff fall with all this optimism, lol.

    I am not a superstitious person, but I do have my fingers crossed for a better TVD season than last

    I read some of the posts (going back a few weeks) between you and B 2 E, regarding the difference and connections between the book’s and the story lines of the show and also JP taking over,, and well you guy’s had me LMAO.
    It was refreshing to see you men talking to each other,, usually this site is near busting with us females.

    We need more men to keep the balance, or at least even the score. lolol

  • lynne

    Hey D-Man,
    Should have read this post first, sorry, I didn’t notice the time and which came first, I just opened, read & answered.lolol
    Yes,, spring & summer,, minus the tornadoes and flooding,, my faves also!:)
    I have a ? re-guarding “The Originals”, Elijah, that maybe you can answer,,,
    Last season it was stated that Elijah may start to UN-ravel, now I have heard it or read it again. Would that mean our upstanding, semi-straight-laced, persona-non-Grata is going to wack out?
    Personaly, I think he would make a better “King” than Klaus, and I adore Klaus

    but not if Elijah becomes Miniacle.

  • dman_24

    I didn’t realize B 2 E was a guy. I thought I was ‘talking” to a woman. Oops! lol Obviously it’s not a big deal, but I might need to structure some of my conversations a bit in the future. Cause speaking to a guy verses speaking to a woman is two different things. I tend to be more playful in my conversations with a woman and a little more serious with a guy’s. I’ll see how everything goes.

    Yes, it’s nice to have a few guys on the site. And the fact that many of are as knowledgeable and respectful as most other fans is definitely a plus.

  • dman_24

    I think one of the other posters might be able to answer your question a bit better than me. I haven’t read anything about Elijah “un-raveling.” Then again I tend to stay away from spoilers, so who knows what’s said out there in the TVD universe. But I think now that Elijah is a more permanent, integral part of a show, they might be trying to show all facets of his character, if only to mix things up a bit. I mean….. even the great Elijah has to dirty his suits on occasions, so as not to remain a one-note character, which can be boring after a while. But I’m sure “they” know what they’re doing and Elijah will remain your swoon-worthy, impeccably dressed Original brother.

  • lynne

    OMG,, i could be wrong about B 2 E .

    If i AM,,BEGINNING TO END. i APOLOGIZE sincerely.!!!!
    Sometimes you get so caught up & ah
    Geez,,. Nice way to start off,,, insulting your post friends,, that always goes over real well..:)

    That is why some posting’s are listed as he/she,,, DUH Lynne,
    I have noticed that you and a few others have impeccable manners on the site., Very respectful and considerate of others view’s no-matter right or wrong..
    very cool!!

    But,, if you will excuse me, I am going to go hide myself from (maybe)?
    B 2 E’S possible wrath.
    Talk to you later!!!!

  • lynne

    Thank you.:):)
    I wouldn’t mind Elijah’s Character being a little more relaxed,,more like “Alaric” good side.

    But I have to split for now. Need to go into hiding for a bit. lol Bye!!

  • Debbie

    Sorry to untrude, but This is one of the funniest conversations I’ve seen on this site :). I’m female in case anyone’s wondering :). But seriously, is there a difference in a males or females perspective?

  • dman_24

    Thanks….. DEBBIE! I took a guess you were a woman by that name. lol But unless your parents had a cruel sense of humor I think I’ll stick with my “wild” guess. :)

    “….is there a difference in a males or females perspective?” Aaaaah, yeah! Cause things that might interest you as a woman might not interest me as a man. That’s the difference in our respective genders. But this site obviously proves that whether you’re male or female it ultimately doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day we’re all fans of the show. And the fact that we all get along despite the differences in our gender speaks to our love of TVD and the tremendous people that we all are.

  • lynne

    Hi Debbie,
    Opened my mouth and inserted foot. I’m going to edit.

  • lynne

    Hi D-man,

    Will you please edit the “guy” well the first sentence please. I’d like to live a little longer.
    I’m to young to die!!

  • lynne

    No Debbie there really isn’t.:),
    But I am not in the habit of offending people, And I may have,, and that’s why I Feel terrible about an assumption I made.

  • dman_24

    Lynne, there’s no need to edit anything. It was an honest mistake. I’m sure B 2 E will understand.

  • lynne

    Thank you,, you dear sweet understanding “Person” Rock on TVD friends.
    I’ll check back with you later in the week to see if I am still welcome here, or if I have to hide a little longer;). .

  • lynne

    I Hope so,, If not,, please remember me kindly,, and say something nice at my memorial service.!!

  • Debbie

    Hope u don’t think I was laughing at you, just all in good fun ;)

  • Debbie

    Sorry a lame effort at a joke…until this site I would have agreed with that – now I’m not so sure..I think men and woman can see he show in similar ways. ( And I’m talking true fans, not just the ones that watch of because of Damon’s smile or Elena’s). Men do not watch the show simply for the science fiction aspect, women don’t just watch for the relationships as you would stereotypically think. Most talk about the show as a whole, and for the most part, the characters and how they survive a supernatural world. This is why men and women can have an honest debate …our interest on the show doesn’t differ enough.

  • Kate

    No, of course not. Many people have differing perspectives, but it’s not dictated by gender. It’s so sad that some people think that.

  • Debbie

    Thanks Kate, that was exactly my point!

  • Kate

    Please remember that sexism (such as saying that men and women have different interests and you speak more seriously to men) is not allowed on this site. Future comments that break the rules may be deleted without warning.

  • dman_24

    Again, you’re misinterpreting what I said. Please stop assigning that word to me, cause it’s obviously not true.

  • Kate

    Saying that men and women have inherently different perspectives and interests and that you speak differently to people based on their gender is by definition sexist. We have been patient and tried to explain the rules of the site to you many times. Even if you can’t see how what you say is offensive, you must follow the rules. This kind of speech is simply not welcome here. This is not up for discussion.

  • Red

    I’m getting a really strange sense of deja vu here. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this conversation with you before, and the end result was you got angry and put on moderation.

    If a woman tells you something is sexist, then it is most probably sexist. If you actually care about women and equality, then rather than saying ‘I am not a sexist’ and basically saying ‘it’s YOUR problem, not MINE’, you should be asking ‘what about what I have said has been interpreted as sexist’ so you can learn not to come across that way in future. And you know what? A huge amount of guys are casually sexist without even realising what they’re saying. They’ve grown up with it, no one has told them different, until it actually becomes a problem and they offend someone, often without meaning to.

    In this instance, you appear sexist because what people (including me, a guy) interpret from your post is that you have more ‘serious’ (read: intelligent, interesting) with men, whereas you prefer to have more ‘playful’ (read: fun, flirting) conversation with women. The suggestion that most people get from this is that you don’t think women are worthy of serious and intelligent conversation. You are suggesting that you’re not interested in women as anything other than a bit of fun.

    Whether you mean to be or not you ARE coming across as sexist. As a guy I am sick to death of other guys protesting that they’re not sexist while using problematic language and phrasing things so badly that they come across as sexist. As a gender we really need to get it in our heads that women are equal and deserve the seriousness and respect we give other men. Until you make the effort to stop and evaluate the things you say as women, you will be labelled as sexist. It’s on you to prove that you aren’t, not for everyone else to assume that you’re not and let you blithely post sexist crap.

    So, TLDR, you are coming across as sexist, learn from this and learn to evaluate how you may come across before you post. If you’re not prepared to do that, and don’t want to take responsibility for your words and how you come across, go somewhere else. Because this is a website that has a majority of female visitors, and they don’t want to be coming here and putting up with reading sexist-sounding stuff. They get enough of that everywhere else.

  • lynne

    Hi Debbie,,
    Yes!! I knew we goofing around,:)), I know it was all in fun:)))))!
    I was really just hamming it up, to keep my embarrassment on the light side.:))))
    Kate is correct,, but I love being on this site,, and well since we all have never met in person,, it can be hard to be politically correct all the time. We have become comfortable with each other and learning the lingo and our takes on our TVD show and Characters.

    So,, can I come out and play now???;)

  • Debbie

    Oh please Lynne you have nothing to be embarrassed about!!! Actually, I think it was kinda enlightening. Although some of us talk to eachother all the time, sometimes daily, we really don’t know a lot about each other and I like that. Well, except that we all have this addiction with tvd (and hopefully originals. But who knows show hasn’t even premiered yet!) Gender, age, occupation, family and even residence isn’t always known about our fellow posters but does that matter?
    I like to say the same about the actors of tvd. Sure, we know a lot about the characters they play, but we’ve never had a converation with nina, Ian, Paul or Julie. I dont know what they are like as people. That’s why I love to say I’m a big fan of their talent, but as individuals. I only know what I read and the little we get from interviews. Does that make me any less of a fan? Who knows…

  • lynne

    Hi Debbie,
    You are a terrific fan of this show. Do-not ? or doubt that.:)
    I am a huge fan myself,, but since I’ve only been a member since the middle of season 3 (late starter, so i guess better late than never,lol) I rely quite a bit on the knowledge of other posters & their takes on the plot’s and characters of the show. Of course I have my own thought’s and Ideas,(surmising) but I’m usually wrong,, because I do not have all the fact’s of previous episodes and seasons.. Which in turn,, would make me a lousy Detective, lolol. Email me anytime!!
    Have you seen any posts from Logic? Hope all the others start checking in soon!!

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