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Posted by | March 25, 2013, 19:28 (MST) | 87 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

We’ve got another webclip for this Thursday’s episode, American Gothic (EP418), this one exclusively at TVLine. Click through to watch!



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  • Georgia_Peach

    Katherine told Stefan in the car that she loved him and she loved Damon. This was after they both had joined forces together in a plan to save Damon’s life from Klaus’ hybrids and she was NOT toying with Stefan at all when she said it. That was the most honest Katherine had been to either brother in a long time. Katherine knew she had to go on the run again. She also told Stefan to get angry because if he was angry that meant he would start to feel again. Katherine loves them both. I’m not sure why that is so hard to accept. Katherine never compelled Stefan to fall in love with her, he did that all on his own. She only compelled him not to be afraid of her and to drink her blood. Katherine did not have to compel Damon in any form or fashion. He was in love with her and was willing to give up his human life to be with her for an eternity. Katherine decided to turn them both because she could not choose between them. Katherine loves them both.


    Oh blasphemy, shoe20….They best not kill off Kat!

    That being said, Elena’s humanity hasn’t been off long enough to make a difference one way or another. Besides, I’m enjoying this version of Elena right now…I’d like to keep her awhile longer;)


    Yes, Katherine does love both Salvatore brothers. And she has definitely spent a lot of her time toying with both of them..however, I’m not so sure she is in love with either one;)

  • FrenchChris

    mmmh… Kat loves them both, yes… but I keep thinking that she prefers Stefan, in a more “in love” way (if I can say that like this… my english is not very good). And it would be a very interesting end for the show, with Stefan ending up with Kat, and Damon with Elena… The perfect square. The perfect balance. Doesn’t it ?

  • shoe20

    Georgia help – I remember the car scene, but can’t remember the Ep in season 3.

  • shoe20

    You know she’s my girl, just making a point. I would take her death much harder than Jeremy.

  • napoli

    The balance could only work if/when Elena has her humanity. But it is unlikely that either brother would want anything to do with Katherine. Stefan was compelled by Katherine so he never truly loved all of her. Stefan has made reference to having his free will denied to him and he was making reference to his time with Katherine so he resents the way she treated him. Damon did know the true Katherine but given how she rejected him in s2 I don’t think Damon would ever go back with her either. Katherine toyed with the brothers and in the end it’s Katherine that drove the biggest wedge between them.

    The show may end up borrowing from the books again and bring the Bamon storyline. There was an odd comment Elena made in 4×15 about Damon to Matt ‘He (Damon) doesn’t hate her. I think he actually kind of loves her. You’re mean to the people your care about.’ This comment seemed to come out of no where but possibly it was placed to set the seed for a possible Bamon romance.

  • guest

    If they’re her doppleganger, then she will definitely have to look exactly the same, and would have to be played by Nina.

  • guest

    That would be a bummer. We wait so long for Elijah and he’s only in the episode at the very end. That would be beyond disappointing. :(

  • Georgia_Peach

    It was in the episode “Homecoming:

  • shoe20

    Thanks – enjoy Thur!!!

  • Georgia_Peach

    Katherine also told Elena in the episode “As I Lay Dying” that it was okay to love them both and confessed that she did …. meaning Katherine does love them both equally.

  • shoe20

    My disagreement with this comes from 2×04 and the flashback to 1864 when the brothers lay dead in the road – Katherina went back to Stefan, kissed him, and told him they would be together one day.

  • napoli

    Katherine doesn’t love the brothers equally. She loves Stefan more than Damon.

    In s2 when John came back with the dagger to ‘kill’ an original Katherine admitted to Damon that as part of the plan only one brother could be saved and she chose Stefan.

    Katherine also checked up on Stefan throughout the years without his knowledge – the flashback to the 20s when Gloria’s place was raided by Michael – Katherine was there. There is no indication she ever did this with Damon.

    In s3 when Gloria was torturing Stefan it was Katherine who saved Stefan and helped cover his tracks. Why would she take this risk being so close to Klaus someone that she has been running from for so many years if she didn’t really love Stefan. There has been no similar risk that Katherine has taken to save Damon.

    Even in the episode where Katherine tells Stefan about the hybrids orders to kill Damon if Klaus is killed she tells Stefan that by her getting Stefan to save Damon she is saving Stefan.

    Katherine loved both brothers but not equally.

  • shoe20

    Guest – look above again. I’m posting Stefan more that Damon. You posted different examples, but it all started with the flashback when she went back, kissed Stefan, and said they would be together one day. Damon was laying right next to Stefan – no kiss or goodbye.

  • FrenchChris

    I agree with the 1st part of your comment, but absolutly not with the 2nd… I don’t see any hint of a “Bamon” love story in the show… When Elena said that, I understood her words like a “brotherly love”. Furthermore, how Elena could ever think about fancies, in a moment that high in emotions and loss ? She had others things in mind than trying to push Damon in Bonnie’s arms… don’t you think ?
    And I must add that I believe Elena is absolutly in love with Damon, it is an other huge reason to not agree with you. :)

  • cindychandler

    Georgia_Peach, this was a lovely reply. Thanks! And, although I adore Katherine as a character, I hope that they don’t make Elijah her true love. I think it would cheapen both characters, personally. I like Elijah as stoic and mysterious and Katherine as manipulative vixen.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Except that episode is “Memory Lane” which was written by Caroline Dries and she totally messed that episode up. It was flawed on several counts and Kevin had to make a statement about it , which was Katherine was crazy and couldn’t remember the events. “Memory Lane” contradicted the events that took place in episode, Blood Brothers, which Julie and Kevin wrote together in Season one. I will go with the events Julie and Kevin wrote together any day of the week and twice on Sunday. In “Blood Brothers” Stefan and Damon were never laying in the road next to the prison wagon that held Katherine captive. That prison wagon left with Katherine in it right as Damon and Stefan were shot and killed by their father. Damon woke up first and made his way to the church and watched Katherine being dragged into the church as it was set on fire. It was one of those very big oops moments a writer has when the story and mythology don’t coincide with what has already been written…by the big bosses.

  • Shannon

    OH C’MON!!! Cockblock Stefan!! Wtf man!! I was into that. lol damn….one more day!!

  • napoli

    I was agreeing with you and just adding scenes to your example.

  • napoli

    Even if Katherine was never there as the brothers lay dying in the road there are still plenty of examples of Katherine consistently choosing Stefan over Damon. The most damning is in 2×16 Katherine admits she knew that by Damon wielding the dagger against Elijah that it would kill him. She wanted out of the tomb and didn’t care that Damon would be killed. She admitted that she made a deal with John and Isobel but she could only save one brother and she chose to save Stefan over Damon.

  • shoe20

    Thanks Georgia, but the scene I’m debating is the end of 2×04 when Kat returns after the fire to finish the moonstone deal with George. Are you discounting every scene in 2×04? Where is the evidence that Kat didn’t go back and kiss Stefan after she gave George the stone? I agree Kevin was a great writer – to bad he’s not with us in S4, things wouldn’t be so FFFFed up

  • Georgia_Peach

    That is the scene I’m talking about. The one where Katherine goes back and kisses Stefan and ignores Damon when they are lying there dead. However, in Blood Brothers, which was written by Julie and Kevin, that never took place. I explained all that earlier and gave the sequence of events in Blood Brothers. There was a big uproar by the fans after that episode aired, which is why Kevin made a statement, which was chalk it up to Katherine being crazy. However, Katherine is not crazy. It was a scene in the episode Memory Lane that never should have been there and a huge mistake by Caroline Dries. However, it did make it to airtime, which means no one was paying attention. It was a major error that led to confusion.

    I believe Katherine loves Damon and Stefan equally. She has said that in present day several times. I do not believe she is actually in love with either of them, but she also still considers them both to be hers, which is why she dislikes Elena so much.

  • shoe20

    Thanks so much for the knowledge. Wow pretty poor directing! Do you know of any other Ep that aren’t true according to Julie?
    What about Kat choosing Stefan over Damon to die in the dagger Ep?
    I though I was basing my ideas on facts – don’t know why I’m shocked to find out it’s not true.

  • Guest

    well 2×04 is a mess… what a pity. Thanks Georgia for that tip. But I’m still not absolutly convinced. There is plenty others confusing moments about Kat & Stefan true relationship.

  • FrenchChris

    it was from me… it won’t login today…

  • Dayna Barter

    I don’t think that Katerina actually was as sweet and naive in 1492 as Elijah’s flashback portrayed. Compare his memory of her to the way Katherine described her human self to Elena — those are two very different girls. I think Elijah’s flashback was a good demonstration of the “unreliable narrator.” He was seemingly unaware that she had already born a child out of wedlock, for example. I don’t think she was ever the doe-eyed, believing-in-love-above-all that he remembers her as.

  • Georgia_Peach

    It was not the directors fault at all. It was Kevin and Julie’s for allowing it to go through for filming. That is why Kevin had to make a statement. There was an uproar. There have been a few minor mistakes regarding the mythology, but nothing that even comes close to the discrepancy between Blood Brothers and Memory Lane. However, I think everyone has forgiven and moved past it … at least until that scene wants to be held up as proof for a disagreement.

    I will say that when Katherine “returned” to Mystic Falls she seemed angrier at Damon than she did at Stefan. Damon was the one that had loved her for 145 years and never gave up trying to get her out of the tomb. As inconvenient as it was for Katherine when Damon finally opened that tomb, she was flattered that his love was so deep.for her. Damon was never suppose to fall in love with someone else, much less Elena. Katherine did seem to want to punish Damon for that only it backfired on her. She went too far and Damon no longer wanted to be with her. After that Katherine spent a lot of time and effort trying to seduce Damon and was surprised when he did not respond. Katherine actually became quite “pouty” over that one. The bottom line here is that when Katherine, after waiting for 500 years, finally had her moment in time to have revenge on Klaus, she chose to save Damon. Katherine has admitted on several occasions that she loves both Damon and Stefan.

    I think if someone wants to believe Katherine loves Stefan more, than they are certainly welcome to do so. I think if someone wants to believe Katherine loves Damon more, they are certainly welcome to do so. I believe Katherine loves them both, but is no longer in love with either one. In 1864 Katherine decided she wanted them both. She saw qualities in both brothers that she liked, which is why she could never choose between them. What I will say is that Katherine loves Katherine and certainly has self preservation down to a science. It is possible that Katherine choosing to save Damon over her revenge and then finding out Klaus is the maker of her vampire bloodline and she will die if he dies, Katherine has a new perspective on her vampire life. I think we will have to wait and see what happens in this next episode. It is possible she has been with Elijah all this time and then again Elijah may snatch her heart, which would totally be devastating to me. I adore Kitty Kat.

  • Georgia_Peach

    There has never been an explanation or a flashback as to how or why Katerina bore a child out of wedlock. There has never been a back story giving insight to who the father of her child was, or who raised her child. For all we know Katerina’s father made a deal with a nobleman for his daughter to bear a child and a large payment was made. Think about the time period all this happened in. I do believe Katerina was a very sweet young girl that still believed in love in spite of the events of her time period and what led to her being banished by her father. It was obvious her mother did not agree with her father’s decision. Katerina wanted to keep her child. It is also very apparent that Katerina was not naive because she had the good sense to run from Klaus and grab the moonstone on the way out. She also took self preservation to a whole new level. The fact is Katerina, as a newly turned vampire, returned to her homeland and found her entire family murdered. I cannot imagine the grief she experienced… and she was all alone. It was very obvious when Katherine was trapped in the tomb and Elena brought her the book on the Petrova family, which had a picture of her mother in it…… when alone Katherine wept. The grief was still there.

  • napoli

    Agreed, Katherine was rebellious and given how well she integrated in England she seems adventurous too. Not that she had much choice but to leave Bulgaria. The way she turned herself into a vampire showed her ability to manipulate others.

  • shoe20

    You could very well be right -”maybe bias narrator”
    Boy these doppelganger girls sure have their brother problems. LOLOL

  • Canderella

    Well, I don’t know but I think that she was that sweet girl – at least a part in her was that. I think she drastically changed after Klaus had her family slaughtered. And we have the same parallel to Elena here.

  • wednesday75

    I love the look on the girls faces when they see Stefan! They don’t even notice Damon sitting down at the table!

  • Georgia_Peach

    Wow! So …. Rebekah and Katherine don’t even notice Damon, which means …..Katherine said “There goes the neighborhood” at only Stefan? OUCH! That was not very nice to say that to Stefan.

    Personally, I didn’t see excitement from either one of the girls when the boys sat down.

  • Logic

    I agree with the seed planted for a Bamon romance… Was definitely an odd choice of words by the writers if it was simply to show he cares about her as a friend… Maybe it wont happen soon but could definitely down the road ( a long road ) maybe even end game… BUT I’m still all for Delena!

    Its funny that everyone seems to shun the idea of a Bamon romance but personally I think stranger things have happened…

  • shila1307

    Hey Wednesday, it was almost a very comical situation, wasn’t it ;)
    Exactly my thoughts that you have written down, could have also been the photographic angle though, eh?
    Anyway both girls were like Holy SH** caught in the act. LOL!!!

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