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Posted by | November 26, 2012, 14:34 (MST) | 1,121 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Anxious to get to another new episode after last week’s holiday? Here’s another look at My Brother’s Keeper (EP407) from TV Guide. Enjoy!


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  • Shannon

    Let me be more specific…..I’m more excited that the show is returning, more then anything else!!! I’m excited for a new episode is general, not just Delena…..and i’m very curious to know if Caroline slaps Klaus!! Man, I hope she does!!!

  • Annie

     Calmed me down, hope it works for you guys:

  • Raven

    You sly fox. Is it not absolutely fantorgasmatic?

  • Iheartdamon

    Don’t look! I watched the Aussie one and started to cover my eyes, like I can’t watch, but I want to watch! Very conflicting. I’m feeling anxious about tonight. Panic attack is on the way! How much longer!!!???

  • Annie

    I’m calm now, found this song that cheered me up I posted it here. But then I found out it might be a song scene spoiler :s so don’t click. I’m just going to appreciate the episode, this is TVD it doesn’t matter what happens I’ll always love it :)

  • Raven

    Let me be clear …….I’m looking forward to Caroline and Klaus but this Delena thing is what has me trembling.

  • Annie

    It’s fantabulous!!! But it really did calm my nerves his voice is so smooth. Even if this isn’t “the” song I don’t care I’m going to be happy come what may. :-D

  • Robin Rogers

    Rooting for “Kiss Me”

  • Annie

    My bottle of wine is chilling in the fridge ladies it’s a nice Pinot Gris ;)

  • Annie

    Oh nooo! Shannon doesn’t do spoilers edit edit fast!

  • Robin Rogers

    Let me be clear…..I don’t care about anyone but Delena. haha

  • Raven

     You got me……….I was effing lying through my teeth.

  • Shutup_Elena

    Damon’s attempts of kissing Elena doesn’t even apply to “coming in between Stefan and Elena”…. because she rejected him.  So that means that there was no interference whatsoever.  If he had tried to kiss her, and if she actually let him, THEN that would be him coming in between them. Because it worked.  It can’t be considered “coming between” if it doesn’t work at the time.

    When did Damon tell Stef that he’d eventually come between them??? I don’t recall.  Like—at all.

    The blood sharing:  Again, it was ELENA who came to HIM about her blood problem.  So he did what any guy would do for the woman he’s in love with: He helped in anyway he could.  If he had been like, “Hey girl, let’s go some place private so that you can feed on my blood…”  THAT would be coming between.  But it doesn’t work if she’s the one who comes to him.


  • From Beginning To End

     Lol, Raven in those behind the scenes pics with Gabby Douglas, I think she’s holding your t-shirt :P

  • Raven

    I have a suspicion that you, ihatepeople and me are hard core DEs with a slight emphasis on the D.

  • Shannon

    I just came back in the house, Had to buy some food for this occasion(I buy dinner every Thursday just for this show) And won’t eat it til 8pm hits!!….10 more minutes!!!

  • Shannon

    I love Ed don’t get me wrong, but I wanna hear sexy!!! IDT he shouts sexy!…..I wanna hear a seductive song!!! 

  • Shannon

    Exactly!!! I will love this show forever, no matter what happens!! 5 more minutes!!!

  • Annie

    I always eat too but this time I think I’ll need the alcohol lol. See you guys in 1 hour 5 minutes ;-D

  • Robin Rogers

    Allow me to officially confirm the validity of your suspicion.

  • TV-to-talk-about

    You are completely right.

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