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Posted by | February 17, 2012, 6:17 (MST) | 50 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The bad news is that no, we don’t get a new episode until March 15. The good news is that the show is returning with a flashback episode, and it looks like a fun one! Travel back to 1912 (EP316) with this promo from the CW.

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  • TVDfan

    Wow, so it looks like Damon changes each time a woman enters his life. It makes him weak. So he turned into a psychopath killer to please and be with Sage? And now he’s all cuddly and good because Elena told him to be the better man? Where’s your spine, Damon? Are you even your own person? or better Tet, do you even know who you are?

  • Fdwffe

    but he’s hot so he’s forgiven 

  • VirusatGunpoint

    This wait isn’t fair at all…can’t wait

  • fantasysux

    Flashbacks galore! Sage is a vampire with an agenda — and corsets and boxing gloves — just sounds exciting for me!! Why March, only wish the producers knew how torturous this is!

  • Tanja

    The blonde in the promo is Rebekah… seems like Damon tells her about Sage. Why? 

  • NoMoreBoringTV

    Hear! Hear!

  • Unimpressed

    Here lies the problem

  • Marusa

    i seriously hope that elena finds out what kind of a deal damon and stefan had (the whole coin flipping thing) and that she finds out that it was stefan who should have turned abby,
    but he didn’t (p*ssy). that’s really selfish of him. damon did it, so
    elena wouldn’t hate stefan, all tho damon clearly loves her. now that’s
    true love. damon totally deserves her and i hope they end up together. :)

  • marianna

    Uh, Stefan WAS going to turn Abby but Damon took matters into his own hands without consulting Stef about it. When Stefan was talking with Bonnie and warning her he’d have to “find another way,” Damon went ahead and did the deed instead of waiting around for Stefan to finish his talk. That’s why S calls Damon out on it later and asks him why he did it. 

    So yeah. No selfishness involved in this situation. Sometimes I wonder if I watch the same show as other peeps…

  • Emeri

     I don’t think he was trying to “please” Sage, I think her behavior influenced him. (But really we don’t know enough yet about Sage and Damon’s relationship yet) And he attempted to change for Elena because he loves her.

    He’s his own person, but like anyone else, he’s had influential people in his life who have changed him.

  • Emeri

     This. I don’t like the way Stefan’s been acting, but he was definitely not being selfish here.

  • Demza

    Damon is so hot it’s unreal! Love him.. 


    After watching this clip, I’m wondering if Klaus turned Sage, and just how old is Sage…..doesn’t the words, “now that’s more like it” sound like Klaus? Those words were the first words he said when he stepped out of that coffin into present day Mystic Falls;)

    Was Damon telling this story to Rebekah? It looked like her hair in a portion of this promo….I’m wondering why they’ve decided to introduce the character of Sage at this point in the story…..very strange indeed.

    Either way, I’m happy to see the crow back……and very happy to have a bit of a back story on Damon;)

  • ihatepeople

    If that IS Rebekah in the clip that they’re talking to about Sage why would they trust her or be talking to her about anything?  She tried to kill Elena and they had to intervene so I can’t imagine, roll in the sheets or not, why BOTH brothers would be telling her anything.  Unless she tries to make them a deal to leave Elena alone (not torment or kill her) or she might promise to get Klaus to leave with her in exchange for their help.  I can’t imagine her telling them about the white oak tree especiallly since it could kill her and Klaus and since she seems to have forgiven Kalus she wouldn’t be out to kill him.  The boys probably don’t want mommie dearest dead either because she is still the key as far as they know to killing Klaus.  So what gives?  What could she want from them?


    LOL- I think everyone needs to move past the “kill Klaus” part. I see no reason for anyone to do any harm to him, at all. Maybe Rebekah has been sent as an “envoy” of sorts, to work out some kind of deal? I don’t know. I just think the whole “let’s all band together to kill Klaus” train should have left the building by now. It seems a little redundant if you ask me, besides, he’s one of my favorite things about TVD right now;)

    What I want to know is how Sage ties into the on going story this season……and what does Damon’s past have to do with it;)

  • Joan Sandberg

    Just another opportunity for the Stefan haters to vent their vitriol.  Stefan was definitely not being selfish and he owned up to his brother.  Stefan and Damon obviously love one another.  They have sacrificed a lot for the other.

  • Tanja

    Agree! Some ppl only pay attention to certain scenes… *rolls eyes*

  • Zara

    Sage is connected to both Salvatore brothers and the Originals so they all known her somehow in the past, but obviously had more influence on Damon’s life but Stefan knew her too but had his own friend, Lexi whilst Damon had Sage; I can’t wait to find out how she ties and links to them, especially Damon.

    Besides, Klaus is not really a big problem anymore tbh and not much of a threat atm since the serial killer is much more dangerous, and Esther. Also, Klaus is awesome are all of the Originals, although Esther and Finn are a bit strange but who am I to judge? As long as they don’t kill any of the Originals or characters that I actually care about, then fair do’s. 

    I hope Sage is BA and awesome, another vamp chick is much better for Damon than Elena; she should stop moping about and get back with Stefan since he’s ‘wallowing in self-loathing’ and they bring happiness to each other, they are upset and lost without one another. I know Delena will happen but now is not the right time, neither is Stelena really but it’s inevitable that they will rekindle their relationship sooner or later and Delena is going through way too much but hopefully all this mess will smooth over because last episode was intense and Elijah, please he should not get involved with Elena, as friends sure why not? but anything more is pushing it.


    Ha- I think this is the first time I partially agree with you Zara….not so much about who Elena should chose, because I think she’s already chosen…but about Damon being with a vampire. I don’t think it will be Sage, though. I think this is where he learns his “snatch, feed, erase” method of feeding…and how to make a woman feel good about it;) I think Sage is a kind of mentor for him, and I think it’s going to be interesting watching this play out. I don’t mind the fact that Damon & Bekah hooked up…it’s kind of refreshing for me that Damon was with, for a brief time, someone who doesn’t have to be saved. I wouldn’t mind to having more of that;)

    As to Klaus: If I’m honest, I really, really love him. I just don’t want the continued plans for everyone to kill Klaus when it’s useless and needless. Frankly, I don’t want him to ever die;)

    As far as Stelena: I think Stefan needs to sort himself out. I also think that he needs to be on human blood, but he needs to acclimate himself to it. I think Damon should help him, and then Stefan & Elena can decide where to go from there. I don’t think they should go running back into each others arms because to him she represents guilt. Until he can get past that, he won’t be good for her. Just my to sense on the topic, that’s all:)

  • Anon

    You definitely don’t watch the same show the rest of us do if that was your interpretation of the scene.

  • Iansfan

    It´m a bit surprised that of all people a woman has to tell Damon that  women aren´t just there to be fed on, but they are for pleasure, actually that sounds like a typical “man-sentence”. And Damon didn´t seem to be a guy who couldn´t flirt with ladies when he was young and no vampire either, so it will be interesting to see what the flashback reveals. And why does Stefan talk about it. Is he trying to lecture Damon about his behaviour towards women. Did Damon start to feed from living people again instead of drinking blood bags?

  • ihatepeople

    In response to Iansfan: What gives you the impression that Damon is feeding again from that promo?  I got the impression that Stefan found out something about Sage’s connection to the originals maybe from Rebekah and is bringing her up to Damon because of it like we need to find her or she’s on her way here.  I don’t get why Rebekah would be included unless she knows something about her.  Either way unless Rebekah is trying to negotiate a truce or manipulate them into helping her they’d have no other reason to both be meeting with her.  My guess is she is the key to something that would benefit them all otherwise there would be no reason to remind Damon of her. The way he says “oh yeah she taught me to have a good time” doesn’t seem to me like he’s out killing again otherwise he wouldn’t need to be reminded of what it was to have a good time. My hope though is that with her coming back into town that he doesn’t completely regress back to his old self. That would be incredibly frustrating. It’s bad enough that this whole emotional journey of his this season turned out to be for nothing with Elena. Don’t get me wrong I like the sarcastic Damon but I don’t like how they’ve made us see a deeper side to him only to have it destroyed again so quickly. That’s what it would be if he totally regressed. Again the only moral we’d get out of that story then would be that it doesn’t matter if you try to be good because you still won’t win in the end so you might as well be bad and be happy. That’s kind of sucky.

  • Canderella

    I am pretty much looking forward to next episode as we finally have a major and important flashback of Damon’s past.

    Though I am already a little bit disappointed and worried. Sorry to say. But WHY does it needs to be again a woman who brings the major change to his life? Isn’t that a little bit too simple? I don’t like it at all and I hope there will be more revealed and comlexer aspects to the story. I can hardly believe that Damon spent about 50-60 years in piousness and then in comes Sage. … Sorry, not buing it yet. It seems like they simply like to show first: Stefan is not the good boy but has been a very very bad boy (aka “Ripper”) in the past. And now it is Damon who is not the bad boy as he was introduced but indeed a humble man of virtue. …. eek… can’t believe it. Then I actually prefere the version in the Diaries where he was caught and tortured and kind of driven to insanity which was his major turning point. But well. Wait and see. Maybe I am just too suspicious what they are doing to his character again….

  • Iansfan

     There was nothing in the promo that led me to believe that Damon feeds on humans again. I was just speculating why Stefan would remind Damon of Sage and of how she told him to have fun with women. Damon doesn´t seem to be the shy type of man who needs to be lectured how to treat women. On the other side it maybe is not only about women, maybe we learn how Damon learned to live with his vampire state

  • Georgia_Peach

    Apparently in 1912 Damon was still the sweet guy from 1864 that wanted to protect the founding families and discouraged Stefan from killing them, which tells me Damon was still using the snatch, feed, erase technique.  From this promo it looks like Sage is teaching Damon to seduce, hypnotize and kill his prey (the ladies).  As I suspected, Sage is probably not going to be a good influence on Damon.  Considering how far Damon has come over the past three seasons of tapping into his humanity, I am almost certain Sage will be causing him trouble in Mystic Falls.   Judging by the words she used “that’s more like it”, I am guessing Klaus turned her and she may very likely have been his first “turn”.   It is very possible she was a part of the first settlement.   Watching this promo, Sage appears to be kinda masculine.  Maybe she favors the ladies too.   

    I wonder why Sage would come to Mystic Falls now and if there will be more older vampires showing up.  Maybe the threat of Esther killing her children, The Originals from where all “diluted” vampires were created, has sent out a wave through the ancient vampire world and others will be coming to stop the threat.  After all, I do believe Esther has every intention of wiping out the “plague”. 

     This leads to the question of whether the “binding spell”, which was cast with the doppelganger’s blood, is still in tact. I see no reason to think that part of the spell ended just because Abbey was killed and turned.  Killing & turning Abbey stopped the spell from going forward, which was to turn the Original sibling human and kill them.   If so, does this mean Elena, whose blood was used, will have to die, or be turned, in order to break the binding spell, or will her doppelganger blood be needed to reverse the spell?  Is Bonnie up to the task of reversing Esther’s spell?    

  • Georgia_Peach

     I agree that the whole “kill Klaus” train has left the station. I do not want him to go anywhere.   Also, I do believe Sage knew the Original siblings from 1,000 years ago and Klaus is the one that turned her…maybe she is the very first turned-diluted vampire. 

    As for why Rebekah is sitting at the bar with Damon and Stefan, I have no idea but I am happy to see her sitting there….. with Damon.  :)   
    Good grief! Am I turning into a Damon/Rebekah shipper?


    Ha!- I’ll sail that “ship” with you, GP:) Nothing could possibly make me any happier if Damon were to end up with a vamp that can take care of herself;) I say it’s about time!!!!!

    I’m glad you think the “kill Klaus” train has left the station. I’m over it. Now that he successfully broke his curse, I don’t see him as a threat to anyone. As a matter of fact, if events start to go down the way I believe they will, Team Mystic Falls may need the Original Hybrid to play on their Team;)

  • Georgia_Peach

    I would love to see Damon and Klaus standing side by side to protect family, friends and the town of Mystic Falls. 

    That would be too HOT to handle! ;)


    From your words to the writers ears, GP;)

  • ihatepeople

    Hmmm good question Georgia Peach.  Makes sense that something would have to happen to Elena for the spell to be entirely broken.  I think your take on Sage making Damon devious in his vampire ways is correct.  I’m very concerned especially given the glimmer in his eyes in the promo that he will be enticed back to his old ways when she comes to town.  That will be very frustrating considering how much growth we’ve seen in him regaining some of his past humanity.  Given how things have turned to crap for him with Elena I could see it being very tempting for him to get himself back to what he thinks is his normal behavior meaning taking what he wants and not caring about anyone else.  This could be disasterous.  I hope that isn’t how they’re going to end the season with each of the brothers completely going back to their old ways.  Elena better get her butt going and get this back on track before he’s lost for good to his old self.  Maybe losing him again is what the writers want. Why not? They’ve already started the destructive path why not go for broke right? WRONG! Don’t do it!

  • dman

    The whole “kill Klaus” train might have left the station but I’m hopping on the next one. I’ve got my tickets and everything. Esther and Finn are tagging along too. See you soon Niklaus.

  • Katherine

    No he just feels love and will do anything for them I think its an amazing quility in a guy. And what mistakes he makes he makes up in hottness!!!!!

  • Katherine

    Rebekah could be there because her and Damon are a couple, I totaly surrport the Debekah couple.

  • mary.m155

    and also because he is and can be a gentle person. he is all these things we are describing, they just like to come out at different points in time…

  • mary.m155

    the crow! i never really got the crow…i understand it was Damon? but they ended that after 3 episodes

  • mary.m155

    I feel like the show has WAY to much going on right now, and to add another character?! this better be good

  • mary.m155

    dislike :(

  • Miss_Annie

    In the first few seconds that looks like Elena standing behind Stefan at the bar. Hmph.
    I’m wondering if the writers are really going to toss them back together so soon? That would mean Stefan’s ripper arc was basically pointless. Honestly, I was hoping ripper stage would’ve lasted much longer, and went out with more of a bang than a whimper, but whatever.
    And why is Sage coming to Mystic Falls? I feel like the writers are going a little whacko on us here with all of the new characters so soon and so near together in their debut. Can we not deal with the ones we have already for the time being? Everything is already so tangled as it is. 
    I’m curious as to how long Damon and Rebekah will be drawn out – Damon for the distraction/lashing out and Rebekah for  the revenge. Only time will tell, I suppose. 
    *deep sigh*

  • dman

    You’re right about Stefan’s ripper stage. I wished it lasted longer too. It’s times like these that I really miss the first season. There was tremendous storytelling involved and each character was given the right amount of attention which made the show very compelling to watch. Hopefully this season ends with a bang because these episodes lately have been a bit of a disappointment.


    It was Damon’s way of controlling animals and spying on people….all part & parcel of the vampire powers he had that the writers felt the need to get rid off:(

  • ihatepeople

    Miss Annie- She seems kind of far out of the picture to be Elena standing behind Stefan.  I think it’s just a random person personally.

  • R2them

    Wouldn’t it be cool if Sage was a descendant of one of the Originals? Or one of the first people they turned once they became vampires? Pretty damn old and an awesome mentor with some ulterior motive for approaching a Salvatore? Yes, I could roll with that.

  • Georgia_Peach

     I like Rebekah & Damon together.  It is obvious the writers will not be putting Damon & Elena together anytime soon, so I want him to have fun with another vampire and Rebekah is perfect.   It is time for Damon to move on from Elena for a while, otherwise it gets too redundant.  Elena is not ready to have a romantic relationship with Damon that was obvious by her behavior in Dangerous Liaisons.

  • Georgia_Peach

    NO!   dman NO!   I’ll trip ya if you try to board that train.  ;)

    No more “kill Klaus”!  He is just too good to be true and so entertaining!
    *suffering from lost puppy syndrome*

  • dman

    Fine. Maybe I’ll get off the “kill Klaus” train at the next stop but only because I like you. The thing is, I just can’t forgive him for killing Jenna. I just can’t. How about this. I buy him a bus ticket out of town and he stays gone for good. Problem solved. If you don’t accept this offer soon, I’m gonna have to get back on that train. It’s an express and you know where it’s stopping next. lol

  • Georgia_Peach

    dman,  Forgiveness! Forgiveness!

    “Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong” – Ghandi       :)

    If you can’t forgive Klaus and want to run him out of town on a bus, I’ll have to go with him so buy two tickets. I just cannot tell Klaus bye bye.  Don’t you think you would miss me?

  • dman

    Don’t you think you’re taking the whole forgiveness thing a little too far? I mean, the guy is a vicious killer. After all the atrocities Klaus has committed, I think even Gandhi would have said “screw him”. Ha-ha! Granted, I will miss you, but if that means getting Klaus out of town I’ll pack your bags myself. :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    No forgiveness? Quoting Gandhi didn’t help?   Oh well, I tried. 

    If my vampires did not commit atrocities, I would not be watching them. ;) 

    Pretty sure Klaus will not be taking a train or a bus out of town anytime soon, but has decided to stay in Mystic Falls for at least another year.
    *goes away with hopes & dreams*

  • dman

    Bon voyage! lol

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