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Posted by | December 13, 2013, 7:16 (EST) | 49 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on Thursday, January 23rd at 8/7c. Here’s the extended promo for episode 100, 500 Years of Solitude (EP511).

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  • Binneke Van Wesemael via Facebook

    ♥ addicted #TVD

  • Dilla

    Are they really Celebrating Katherine’s death?? Wow. At least Stefan is the only decent one in the whole bunch showing concern and compassion to her.

  • shoe20

    Yea, for me this is going to be a tough one to watch…..Kat’s my girl. =)

  • Dilla

    I agree, I love her too :´( I would trade Elena for Kat anytime!

  • shoe20

    Yea, I’ve always said the same thing….give me the 500yr old survivor hottie…..not the I don’t know what I want girl…..any day. =)

  • arlie888

    I think K. Will “travel” into Elena leaving her dead body behind and everyone beliving K. Has died. She did say she only wanted her body, so next best is her dopple.

  • Gwen

    I look at it more of a celebration of her life….

  • Gwen

    Do you really think they are going to kill off Katherine…Rumors have it that someone big will dying in S5…could it really be Kitty Kat? Pros…Cons…Options anyone???

    Pro – Nina could focus on one character…Delena may need all her time in S5 and S6…bonus
    One triangle dead.
    Cosmic bond dead

    Con – The show looses one of the most interesting, sassy, vixen, love to hate characters of all times
    Stefan and Kat finally rekindle there romance only to have it end…so very sad :-(

    Options – Kat. jumps into someones body…I don’t think it will be Elena…Nadia possible?
    Or they find a way to save her (ie: dr evil wes possible)

    Question – since she is a traveler (ie supernatural), does she pass through Bonnie before she ends up on the “other side” (which is really getting crowded), I wonder what snarky remark she will make?

    Will she finally have her redemption from Stefan and Nadia?

  • shoe20

    I don’t disagree with any of your post, but I do think Kat will be transferred into Elena…..That’s just too good for the writers to pass up. LOL It will be a temp thing…probably only a few episodes and Kat will transfer into the new doppel Nina is going to play… It will just be too funny..Kat and Elena battling over the uses of the body..and possible situations when the control changes hands…LOL

  • ladym05

    I love Kat with all really, but she has done some terrible things. However, can the people who are toasting her death say that they haven’t please Damon, Caroline, the Doorknob please! They have all done terrible things, I just who Kat survives for payback!

  • JM_Salvatore

    One thing that i’m going to say…

    If Katherine dies, a big big big part of me will die with her too! :-(

  • Michelle

    I don’t want Katherine dies, come on, Nina did well as Katherine and even she is a villain, everyone loves her!!! I want her survive and with Stefan ….

  • mydamonheart

    My theory
    Kat will travel in Elena, Nadia will call her forwards much like she did with Gregor.
    Kat will sleep with Stefan in Elenas body, Elena won’t remember. I will vomit, triangle angst resumes when Damon figures it out.

  • Gwen

    If you think about it that is exactly what Nina has been doing since Kat’s character came to life…

    In reality…it would be Stefan’s dream come true not so much for D/E….I for one would not enjoy Kat./Elena fighting it out every week….for Elena it would be like the Sire Bond all over again…It is sad to say but I think Kat. may be a goner…they mentioned someone major was going to die in S5…and it is not looking good for her…or they introduce a new female character and give Nina a break…

    Just for fun…how about Matt’s body…
    Other female options…April…Dr. Fell…or Sheriff Forbes… :-)

  • mydamonheart

    Just for fun, It would be funny for it to be Klaus, lol.

  • Chris

    I think this would be a good way to save katherine and turn her back to a vampire, she can’t keep vampire blood down, but the blood of stefan her opposite dobbleganger blood will work and stefan could turn her , I think that would be a good way to save katherine , and stefan and katherine can get together, cause he’s always loved her why he kept the photo of her so long and he aint long got rid of it ;)

  • Miss_Annie

    Am I the only one that won’t miss Katherine? Sure, they’ve all done bad things, but not only does Katherine do bad things, she usually only thinks of herself and never puts anyone above her own interests, with perhaps ONE or two minor exceptions. She’s ruined big parts of most of our characters’ lives, and honestly I think she deserves what’s coming to her. Why would ANY of them celebrate her life? They don’t owe her anything for the most part.

  • Debbie

    C’mon, Damon, Elena jer and Caroline all sitting drinking toasting Katherine’s death right beside her death bed (ah, Damon/Elena, Caroline/Damon can’t imagine would be good drinking buddies right now and Damon isn’t exactly in the joking mood). This is a dream sequence in Katherine’s subconscious. This episode will start off with all the things she did wrong, and lead up to her redemption, ending with one of two outcomes, her permenent death or revival. I’m betting on a surprising revival, probably in someone else’s body, but not before getting all the gory details of Kats life as thought of by Katherine herself. That’s where klaus comes in, maybe Elijah as well…

  • shoe20

    I think your exactly right about the party, Debbie So typical of TVD to mislead with a spoiler. Your also correct about the total demise of Katherine. It won’t be a Jeremy moment. ; )

  • shoe20

    Has it occurred to any one that Damon has spent more time with Enzo than Stefan in the last 160 yrs (that we know about, of course)
    ; )

  • Gwen

    Hey Deb…do you think she will go through Bonnie and end up on the other side with Silas, Tessa, Alaric, Lexi….etc?

    If she does pass through Bonnie, what do you think her last words will be? Will she ask for forgiveness? I am sure it will be EPIC!!!

  • napoli

    And Damon has spent even longer with Enzo than Damon has spent with Elena. In that 5 year period the only time Enzo and Damon were separated was when either of them was being tortured and Enzo still thinks Damon is a monster. Damon couldn’t even be honest with Elena during their 3 month honeymoon period or keep himself from killing innocent people.

  • InewtoTVD

    I have to admit. I fell in love with Damon all over again. That scene when he broke up with Elena. O M goodness. Yep. He won my heart. Again ;) I don’t think Damon killed the Aaron family of evil doers. Dr. Wes and the Augustine? Maybe….. Aaron? Something sketchy about that kid. Something is just not right with him. I’m keeping an “Epic” question mark over his head. (gosh I hope he’s not S5 answer to April). lol What ever happened to her anyway?

  • Gwen

    That was a great scene…that scene right there…is why Damon is the better boyfriend. Instead of her being subjected to further scrutiny in defense of him from Car. and Stefan…he is letting her go…unlike Stefan who develops PTSD because he can’t let her go and get over a break-up with a girl…which I for one find rather strange.

    but I think Damon is wrong…he tells Elena he will not change / he can’t…but what I think is going to ha;;en in the next few episodes is that he already has. Being with Elena has truly changed him into the better man and I think he is about to find out how much when he spends time with Enzo and Enzo shows him what true revenge looks like….

  • Andrew55

    Damon is going to go on a redemptive arc, I believe. And it will end in some sort of sacrifice that will probably make me look bad for being overly critical of him this season lol. I have gone back and re-watched the episode several times now and I do believe Damon did a very selfless act by letting Elena go. I don’t think their relationship is over though. I have said that they should be together at least a full season, so I was a little shocked by the recent development. Which lends me to believe they are far from done. Whether Damon is wrong in what he told Elena, we shall see. But like I said, he most likely is because I see a redemptive arc coming.

    As far as Stefan developing PTSD because he couldn’t let go of Elena…no. He developed PTSD because he was locked in a box and was drowning over and over. PTSD stems from a traumatic experience. He was not traumatized over Elena choosing Damon. He was upset and angry but I also think he was resigned to the fact that he wasn’t chosen. I mean, have we seen him pursue Elena this year? No. Now drowning and dying over and over is a very traumatic experience, hence the PTSD.

  • Andrew55

    I have no problem with everyone toasting Katherine’s demise. Me, as a fan, I do feel for her a little bit because I do think she is seeking some sort of redemption. I just can’t blame the characters for not feeling bad for her. She has done a lot of rotten things to all of them. Maybe it is a dream sequence that she is imagining but if it isn’t…not that big of a deal for me.

  • InewtoTVD

    That’s exactly right. Damon has changed. The love he has received from Elena has changed him and made him ” the better man”. IMO Elena gives Damon his compassion, while Damon gives Elena her strength.(which is just one example of many reason’s for all their awesomeness together ;) His selfless act of taking the “high road” by breaking up with her was not really the right thing to do IMO. I understand him wanting to protect her…..I really think Damon just let Enzo get all inside his gorgeous tortured little vamp head. And I too think he’s going to see “what true revenge looks like”. I’m thinking Enzo doesn’t play very nice.

  • Andrew55

    Agreed both brothers have made decisions when they think a relationship with Elena can’t or shouldn’t continue. Stefan in S3 and now Damon is S5. Let Elena have some say too

  • InewtoTVD

    Hello Andrew55 ;) You are right. Both Damon and Stefan actually IMO throughout a lot of the season’s have made relationship decisions (and various others) and left Elena with that ??? mark over her face. Just like this break up finale. I’m thinking this time she isn’t going to take Damon’s decision about their relationship lightly or as being the final word. Elena is more of an independent thinker and more self confident now. She just might ring him a new u know what, give him a what fore, and straighten him out.(I’d like to see that !lol) Elena has always been pretty spunky with Damon, she just might lay the law down to him this time around. lol

  • Andrew55

    I mean, honestly, who thinks this break up is permanent? I surely don’t. I think it was the writer’s veiled attempt at adding some angst that really was unnecessary.

  • InewtoTVD

    It’s fore sure nothing is ever fore sure in TVD Universe. As much as I don’t like admitting this, so keep this between us. Ok? ;) Sometimes what we see as unnecessary writing is exactly what the writers want us to see because they have ulterior motives on down the line. So they keep us busy. Just think if they didn’t. What would we talk about? Lol ;)

  • mydamonheart

    I disagree.
    Stefans hallucinations whilst in the safe are the writers way of showing us how reliant on her he is, and that he can’t and hasn’t let her go. She was the reason he didn’t turn his humanity off.
    Stefan has PTSD because he lost Elena.
    That is about the standard of the writing I am afraid.

  • Andrew55

    Yeah I went back and watched again and you may be right. I find it kind of stupid that he may have gotten PTSD from that though. Still think his drowning is what caused the PTSD but maybe all the pain of losing Elena is helping contribute to it.

  • mydamonheart

    Well, that would be the sensible conclusion, but it isn’t what the writers are telling us, is it now? Stefans PTSD has become a plot device for him to sleep with Kat. Why else would he sleep with her?

  • linzi_lou

    Well, Stefan was honest with Elena NEVER. Their relationship was based on a lie which continued throughout, so………

  • InewtoTVD

    Because he pledged his eternal love to Kat over 150 years ago. Kept her picture safe with him for 150 years.(of course he let Bonnie burn it up after getting with Elena. lol) And the fact is, he still really loves Kat.

  • shoe20

    As an SE leaning poster, I do tend to over look how much Damon has changed in 5 yrs…
    In the first season, Damon was a homicidal psychopath with an obsessive love for a girl but, that didn’t stop him from killing innocent people with no remorse and now he’s……..well….. he’s got a different girl.

  • BlueJeans

    Yes, Damon has only known Elena for about two years–Mystic Falls timeline. However, Elena is not blind. She has developed a relationship with Damon in those couple of years. Sometimes he has been an adversary, at other times a comrade or a confidant, and most recently he has been a lover. Elena understands Damon. She doesn’t always agree with his actions, but she is not ignorant about who he is as a man.

  • KO

    Lmao!!! Yep its almost like Damon is a new man! I mean one small thing about his personhood did change I guess. A new girlfriend to obsess over. That counts, right?

  • KO

    Yea I agree. I love Katherine’s character, she brings so much edge and sass to the show but in terms of her actions for the past 500 years, for me…that’s a no-no. She ruined the lives of every main character on the Vampire Diaries. Why would they cry over her impeding death? At least most of them had the heart not to kill Katherine themselves, leaving her one day to pay for her sins through the karma of the universe. Well, that day has come. And they sure as hell should have a party. They don’t owe her anything. They should be popping champagne, not planning her funeral. They don’t care about her and as an audience member, I am fine with that. Do I want her to die…of course not because I like her character but you gotta pay for your 500 years of sins somehow.

  • burhan khan

    i like this tv show very much

  • dman_24

    Ha! Funny!

  • dman_24

    I love how you categorize Elena as the “new” girlfriend, even though she looks exactly the same as his “old” girlfriend. Haha! Hilarious! So basically he’s just continuing his obsession, if you really think about it. You would think the guy would’ve move on considering the amount of pain Katherine caused him. But instead he falls back in love with someone who looks just like her. Um, glutton for punishment maybe? lol If Katherine caused me that much headache, I would run far away from her, or anyone who looks like her, for that matter. Then again I can say the same thing for Stefan. But at-least he has an excuse: It’s the universe’s fault! He’s just a pawn in its machinations. What’s Damon’s excuse? Here’s a scenario Stefan should probably consider:

    Damon: Hey Stefan, is that your new girlfriend? She is gorgeous!

    Stefan: Yeah, thanks. She is, isn’t she? But I wanted to talk to you about something. I decided to bring her over here to see if she’s someone you’re likely to fall in love with. I mean…… we can both spare ourselves some heartache if you let me know right now. So, what do you think?

    Damon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………………..? (awkward silence)

    Stefan: Yeah, you think on it and get back to me. But hurry up, cause there’s a few other girls I’m interested in just in case you decide to steal this one. Ok, I gotta go.

    Damon: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh………………….?

    (surprising lack of a snarky comment from Damon. Hmm….. that’s interesting? I wonder why that is? lol)

  • shoe20

    Really funny dman…. You know how I like your what if posts. Merry Christmas. LOL

  • shoe20

    I still think the twist of having Katherine travel in Stefan’s body would open some funny SL’s.. =)

  • dman_24

    Thanks. Merry Christmas to you too.

  • KO

    Lmao…so true hahahaha. This whole situation is just hilarious. At least Stefan is preparing himself for classic Damon stealing hahaha. At the core of it, Damon is really an obsessive mad man and unremorseful psychopath.

  • T. Vernay

    The question becomes “if it isn’t (narrow if) Katherine, then who?” Was it Silas? Please say it was Silas. Who else is left to die? Tyler? Matt? Please not Sheriff Forbes. Guess it should be Katerina. :/

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