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Posted by | February 10, 2012, 6:24 (MST) | 27 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s a little more of next week’s All My Children (EP315) for you! The episode will air on the CW on Thursday, February 16. (Warning: Spoilers through Dangerous Liaisons (EP314)!)

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  • Mfm

    I wonder how they find out that Ester intends to kill them all…

    Surely Elena doesn’t tell Elijah … actually she might just be that stupid.

  • Psfsmith

    Will Elijah die?……..I hope not!!!!!!

  • Infidelz

    After being a fan of Elena’s since day one, I’m actually happy the originals are terrorizing her this time.  She totally deserves it, especially for lying to Elijah’s face, after he’d just saved her life, and signing his death sentence.  She even encouraged him to drink the champagne.  Very disappointed in my girl.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Look!  Elena is in danger again!  How surprising… it is the Original Siblings! 

    Someone call Damon! 
    He needs to put himself on the front line again for her…..  NO! NO!  Don’t call Stefan, call Damon!  Damon is her Rock of Gibraltar, her punching bag and he can take the torture!

    Stefan will allow her to get into more dangerous situations because he wants her to make all the decisions for herself. Suicide missions and all!  Stefan & Elena perfect together in every way!

  • Katherine

    Well ive never liked her or Katherine as they both broke Damons heart but now its all Damon and Rebekah they are just the best couple. It would be amazingly funny if Elena turned to him to save her from Rebekah but he chooses Rebekah over her.

  • Katherine

    I think Elena and Stefan defo deserve each other. Damons to good for her! I say Dakah. Damon and Rebekah!!!

  • Lily

    wow how evil knievl is Elijah! he can be really badass. And how can one blame the Originals with that bitchy mom (who looks like being 5 years older than her oldest son)! She really knows how to spin an intrigue.

  • Sonia

    You help us now, or Elena dies…Eh, why are they going to Damon? Damon should tell them to talk to his hand..Elena can make her own decisions and live or die by them. Damon doesn’t have to put his life on the line for her. Walk away, Damon! Or better yet, find Rebekah and get it on again.

  • Infidelz

    haha!  Seriously, I’d really love it if no one came to her aid next week.  Since she wants to take charge, let her figure it out.

  • Anonymous

    Even after what she said, Damon would NEVER choose Rebekah over Elena. Remember 2×18?
    “I will always choose you.”

  • Anonymous

    I love your smartass comment so much. Nicely done ;)

  • Akliwtin10

    OMG!!!!!! Elena was freaking throwing herself at him in this ast episode like heyy i lovee you kiss meee!! And he just walked away again!! i literaly almost punched the tv im soo mad jesus 
    Stefan and elena toegther forever.
    i think the originals should live so kalus and caroline can have a beautiful relationship and shell change him to be good elijah is super hot maybe he can hook up with bonnie damon and fall in love with rebekah so hes truely finally over the whole katherine elena thingy. perfect ending!

  • Cindra

    Elena totally deserves it this time. I was really disappointed when she lied to Elijah about mommy original’s plan – and he has been so good to her lately. That was so katherine of her; I didn’t like that at all. I’m Team Original this time. They should totally kick her ass. 
    I love how Elijah is taking the lead and how Klaus seems to be content standing by his sibling’s side – Its a nice change not having him in the front, threatening everyone to rip their hearts out. He seems to have chosen sticking together with his brothers and sister over keeping Elena save to keep creating hybrids. I like that. Maybe the siblings conciliate. Alone they are amazing but in a united front they are pretty close to untouchable. I hope they honor their vow and stick together as one.   

  • Canderella

    Well, I am not sure. But from the webclip you could assume that Elena had a plan which the Salvatore brothers refused to follow. Maybe this time she was right and they let her down (for obvious reason ;)) and that’s why she is in danger now. So NOT helping her would be kind of wrong. I mean not helping would be wrong ANYWAY. Even I would like to see Damon saying “Frankly, I don’t give a damn” but that would just NOT be like him. He still cares, nevertheless what’s happening and even if he had seen it coming at it was not his fault and everybody did him wrong before he has always been there to help. So to me his decision is pretty clear. I just really wonder what is going on and what Bex has to do with it. If it is Esther’s plan to destroy their sons we’d see Esther or her right hand Finn. But Bex? Does she have plans of her own…?

  • Helen

    Nobody is forcing Damon to stay in MF to protect Elena. If he hates her decisions so much, maybe he should just leave her alone and move on elsewhere. The solution is certainly not for Damon to order Elena around, dictate what she should do, and what decisions she should make, just because he is convinced that he’s right. I find it ironic that Damon himself hates to be told what to do. He’s orchestrated disastrous plans so far and each time he refused to listen to other people’s opinion. He did what he always wanted and thought was best. Why can’t Elena be afforded the same privilege? It may be about vampire business, but it’s her life too and she has the right to do whatever she wants with it. I’m sorry, but you seem to embrace Damon’s possessive and controlling behavior, and that’s okay. I can’t swallow it, it bothers me, and he should back off. Again, nobody’s keeping him in MF. If he fears that Elena’s “stupidity” endangers him, he should leave her behind. If he stays around, it’s on him and him only. Just my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous

    And let’s not forget that Damon and Elena are not together as a couple, so there’s no cheating involved here. But be sure that Damon will be roasted for his indiscretion. I’m sure that some fans will conveniently forget that once this is all said and done, he & Elena weren’t together as a couple and they will be accusing him of cheating on her, when that is so completely not the case. They will re-write the story to suite their claim that Damon is just awful and doesn’t deserve one iota of happiness. It happens all the time, Anon. It really does boggle the mind.

  • nickylove4ever

    Elena does deserved to be saved by the Salvatores. Its not her fault that again Damon goes after Stefans seconds and get hurt. she told him it would always be Stefan whom left to save Damon by the way. Damon has been bad and it is ok that he is a cheating, busers, killer of Elenas friends and family. She should look past that and just be with him you wouldn’t why should she. She had done Stefan wrong so many times and the kiss was the worst. I go and try to save you & my brother and you kiss him. He didn’t get mad & pout or kill or sleep with someone he took it like a real man should duh! If someond doesn’t love you like that thne move on. You cannot man handle & force someone to see your side. He has man handles her so many time like she is his child do what I say do. You made a mistake wah wah wah. Damon could murder the whole town & elijah should die if it was for him trusting Klaus none of this would have happened he betrayed them the last time. Why do we look over flaws in men but judge a woman harshly it is sad. She should never be with Damon no matter what?

  • nick

    How do u know that Katherine was Stefan’s first? From all the flashbacks it looks like Damon was with Katherine first. As for Rebekah, well I don’t even know if she counts. I wonder if she and Stefan did anything more than just kiss.

    As for Damon killing her friends and family, guess what he all saved their lives at some point. Guess it convenient to forget that and only remember everything he did when he was bad.

    And how did she do Stefan wrong? She’s not the one that keeps pushing her away, breaks up with her multiple times, insults her, calls her pathetic, chooses revenge instead for returning home to her.

    Haha Stefan doesn’t pout? That’s all he ever does! And cries and broods and cries more.

  • amy

    Hahaha, looks like Elena’s decision to deceive the Originals is coming to bite her in the ass! Why am I not surprised. And why the heck are they asking Damon to help?

  • Sasha

    Stefan took the kiss quite badly. He’s been passive aggressive ever since. He brings it up every day. It’s getting on my nerves.

  • Anonymous

    Damon and Katherine were already together in 1864  when Stefan decided to intrude and court Katherine too.   Stefan escorted Katherine to the Lockwood party and upon returning to the Salvatore home walked her up the stairs to her bedroom door where he declared his love for her.  Stefan did not know at the time that Katherine was a vampire. Also, it was at that moment she decided to turn Stefan too.   Damon had already been sleeping with Katherine and knew she was a vampire.

  • M+E Forever

     I dont want him to die either!! he is my favorite character!!!!

  • Kari Proctor

    At the ball, yes Elena double crossed Damon just to get to Ester, however she was only doing it so she could save him, and help kill the originals. When Damon told her he loved her when they were about to leave, she didn’t mean that him loving her is a problem. I think she meant that it was a problem because she loves him too, and they’re always trying to protect each other because of that. Although that’s just how I thought it meant. However everyone has their own opinion.

  • Canderella

    I really wonder what exactly is it that *Damon* can do what the Originals and Stef can’t?

    I mean the list of Damon’s advantages is long *hahaha* but seriously – why are they asking for help, better: what kind of help do they so desperately need? Elena is in danger – obviously. But what is it that ALL orgininal come to Damon to ask for help (not that I am inwardly NOT cheering… :D) ?!?!

  • Ma2pak

    Another hiatus?? this show is more on break than it is on….can’t stand it anymore. I hope Stefan and Elena get back together before the break, something to look forward to.

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