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Posted by | March 16, 2012, 5:01 (MST) | 19 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s another taste of next week’s Break On Through (EP317) from the CW, but seriously, if you haven’t seen last night’s 1912 (EP316) yet, do not watch this. We mean it. Ready to proceed? Okay.

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  • mary.m155

    oh my god, i can’t wait to see BAD ALARIC. Nothing is hotter than bad Alaric!!! holy hottness..

  • Victoria N

    Are we going to have a threesome? :))))

  • KC

    Seriously,I’m into the story of Klaus & Caroline
    Such a hot lonely guy does deserve his lovely girl

    PLease. Do us a favor instead of making one more tragedy

  • eve

    Alaric is freakin losing it…in a great way.  Scary…Can’t wait!

  • NoMoreBoringTV

    That’ll be very Kinky

  • Meftihe Phoenix

    I feel like more people should be talking about the almost painfully hot threesome that is Rebekah Sage and Damon. Is this real? Is Damon hallucinating? Hell is Rebekah hallucinating? And most importantly, DOES STEFAN JOIN THEM? 

    Gonna go take a cold shower now.

  • mary.m155

    I hate the fact that they are all gonna hook up…i hate Damon for it. Blahhh. Jp better make up for it!!!

  • Joan Sandberg

    I’m up for Stefan joining the party!  He needs some in a seriously bad way!

  • ihatepeople

    Somehow whether the threesome is real or not it is obviously a ploy to get info about what Rebekah is planning. I don’t trust that Sage won’t betray Damon as well in whatever plan they’ve come up with in order to further her own agenda. I hope he realizes not to completely trust her. From what little we know about her she likes to stir up trouble. We do know from last night’s episode that he enjoyed some hot sex with Sage in the past because he told Bex and Stefan that at the bar. At the very least we should expect a separate sex scene between Damon and Sage if not the threesome. Let’s be honest if Damon wanted a threesome he could’ve had it at any time so this serves a purpose beyond kinky sex. I’m not saying he (and most of us) won’t enjoy it if it is real but remember he is all on top of (pun intended) elaborate plans to solve a problem. Typically they fail which is why he’s going to be tortured in the next episode by Bex. LOL.

  • anon

    There won’t be a threesome, not on the CW! This is definitely a setup for Rebekah which will explain why she’s upset and sets out to torture Damon in episode 18. 

  • jessica

    if only TVD came out everyday :(

  • Iansfan

     … well from what I got from the promo Sage and Damon lure Rebekkah into the Salvatore Residence, telling her there is a party. And then we see different snippets with Sage getting undressed and showering and Rebekkah in bed sleeping next to half naked Damon (yummie, lol). One snippet where Damon kisses Rebekkah and one where Sage caresses Rebekkah who is in bed with Damon.
    Rebekkah doesn´t seem to  be somebody  who is willing to share attention with anybody especially not in bed. And Julie said in an interview that Damon did a crappy thing to Rebekkah so that she decided to take revenge and torture him.
    Having said all that I think it is  not going to be nice threesome sex . Besides the promos have always been very misleading and we don´t even know if we are talking about one sequence at the same time or several ones.
    So – whatever it is, this Sage in contrast to the book version seems as you said to stir things up. The question is in how far Damon lets himself be manipulated for her purposes (and what her purpos is) . At the time he told Elena that he loved her (when she crashed him completely at the Michaelson´s ball) the stone wall around his feelings was relatively down and he had started to feel and trust. What did Elena´s rejection do to him other than bringing him the cognition that his brother is all he has got and the  decision to move on? What will he do if Elena is in danger again? How long can anyone be so altruistic to save the brother´s girl over and over again and never get some love for it?
    Obviously the killing of the Originals is a topic again. What reason might Sage have to be a part of that? Issues with Finn who she knew 1000 years ago?
    As usual – we´ll see!

  • ihatepeople

    I know this is a short promo so we really won’t know what is going on until we see the episode but it looks like they have Stefan helping with Alaric when I would think Damon would be helping him since he is his BFF.  Maybe he is just too “tied up” with figuring out what the girls are up to to help Ric so he and Stefan divide up who works on what (Damon works on the original’s problem and Stefan helps with Ric so he can spend time with Elena) BUT it still seems odd to me.  I guess Elena probably asks Stefan to help her with Ric since she seems to be so pissy with Damon these days and wants as little to do with him as possible.

  • DarcelleM

    I”m so sick of people saying Damon can’t have a threesome cause his with Elena!!! Give me a break!!!


    TEAM DAMON!!!!

  • PopQueen16

    Poor Alaric. He’s already been possessed once!

  • dman

    So let me get this straight, women like the bad boys. Oh why didn’t I know that? I wasted all those years being good. lol

  • mary.m155

    Oh hell ya! I married my bad boy! Haha us women love them!!

  • night magic

    Cant wait sounds exciting !!!

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