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Posted by | February 22, 2013, 6:28 (MST) | 132 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s the extended version of the promo for the March 14th episode, Bring It On (EP416).

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  • Barberbabe8535

    You are delusional. The very last thing Damon wants is another Katherine. I think you would enjoy the show so much more if you could stop seeing Damon as the devil and Stefan as the saint. Your Stefan bias blinds you to the real story. It such a shame.

  • Barberbabe8535

    How do we know for sure that the brothers DIDN’T take anything from the house before she burned it down? Just because we weren’t shown it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Maybe Damon went upstairs and grabbed Teddy without anyone noticing. Maybe Stefan grabbed a photo album or a framed family picture from a book shelf on the sly. These things could have happened. Maybe sometime in the future we will be given a really touching scene where these treasures will be given back to Elena. Maybe at a time when she needs them the most and can appreciate them WITHOUT the horrible pain of grief and despair. Who knows? It’s TVD… ANYTHING is possible ! We’ll have to watch and see.

  • Barberbabe8535

    Damon didn’t tell her to” leave the lake house and do not come back until I say so” either. She didn’t want to go home. She wanted to stay but she couldn’t fight Damon’s command. She couldn’t return until he said, ” Come to me”. He had to tell her she could return. I think he will have to tell her to turn it back on. Otherwise she won’t be able to. If it happens any other way, it would be a huge contradiction in the sire bond mythology as previously demonstrated.

  • eve

    Hi Barber, so true the show has been so sad for quite a while….a long while. Hopefully Elena will lighten the mood by giving the Salvatore Brothers a run for their money. LOL Though, if they let their guards down just once and Elena loses it…..Elena will never forgive herself or them for turning the switch. If she’s able to throw a “wild party”… they know? or have they turned their backs for a moment?…..should be fun either way.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I disagree, which means we will have to agree to disagree.

  • eve

    I agree with you Georgia Peach about Elena learning to be a normal functioning vampire and in some ways having Damon show her is good but in some ways its not. I mean Damon has never been bothered with the snatch/drink/erase…..that doesn’t seem like Elena’s way though. I think she’d be more like Caroline and the blood bag way. I don’t know how Elena will switch her humanity back on as long as she is sired to Damon. As for the cure….I’d still prefer Elena to get it….I liked human Elena.

  • San

    nice! and I feel the same way about the SB it was useful in this situation…and your right The Brothers are definitely going to have their hands full…I’m looking forward to seeing this this shutdown Elena and watching The Brothers run around trying to keep her in check. (lol)

  • Georgia_Peach

    Wow! This has been really nice talking to you today. It has been a long time since we have been able to do this.

    I agree that blood bags are better, but that is not the way of a predator. Elena, for now, is not going to want blood bags, which is why it is so important that Damon insist that she use restraint. The saving grace there is that the sire bond is still in effect, which means she will have to obey even if she does not want to. I do believe Damon and Stefan will have their hands full trying to keep up with Elena, as well as Caroline. Matty Blue Eyes should not be involved in this..unless he is wearing the Gilbert eternity ring. The sire bond, if invoked, only affects actions, which means when Damon told her to turn it off to avoid the hurt and pain she did. Keep in mind she was begging for it to stop. However, the sire bond does not have any effect on her feelings, which means when Elena is ready she will allow her love and compassion to slowly come back. Again, the sire bond does not have any affect on her feelings, only her actions. The sire bond is not the same as compulsion. I do believe Elena will do this herself and Damon will not need to tell her it is okay.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I answered you earlier with the response of we have to agree to disagree, but I wanted to get back with you and lay out why I disagree.

    The sire bond is still in effect, which means Damon can invoke the sire bond and insist that Elena use restraint. However, she will definitely be a full time job. When Damon invoked the sire bond to help Elena with her grief he told her to shut it off. Elena had to obey the action of shutting off her humanity, but just as importantly Elena was begging for help to make it stop. However, the sire bond does not effect feelings, which means that when Elena is ready and allows her humanity, love and compassion to slowly come back to the surface which will happen, it will not be necessary for Damon to invoke the sire bond. Elena will have the ability to allow her feelings to return. I don’t see how that is a contradiction to the sire bond mythology. The sire bond only affects actions, not feelings. The sire bond mythology actually paves the way for Elena to allow her feelings to come back to the surface without a command.

  • night magic

    agreed the way you wrote it and the more anyone thinks about it its the humor you dont want to laugh at but have to well said !!!Georgia Peach !

  • night magic

    maybe Damon can tell her to start feeling but not feel as devastated as what she was about jermey as before .hope he teaches her some restraint !

  • Suchtie

    At 0:03 when Elena is laying on the street it reminds me of the times when Damon used to do that to wait for his next victim…

  • Debbie

    I was just thinking, Elena never had a chance to tell Caroline off for telling Stefan that her and d slept together. We don’t even if she’s still pissed at her. It will be interesting to see if inhumane Elena will now get a chance to tell her off, or be rude to her…or will she even care anymore? And her true feelings of the rest of her friends – that will be interesting. Maybe she’ll say nothing because all she interested in is getting human blood…this Elena will be a lot of fun.

  • Debbie

    Great post. In this case, taking away her free will was acceptable because you’re right, she would have hurt herself and/or others. It’s the same theory as locking people/vamps up in a cage – the ultimate way of taking away someones freedom. Elena locked up Stefan a few times, s locked up Damon, d locked up s, Stefan even locked up Alaric. Sometimes it was just necessary, and no one hated them for it or called them selfish. So why is taking away her humanity temporarily any worse?

  • eve

    Good morning Georgia Peach, I always enjoy talking with you! That’s the difference between you and a few of the people that comment….you talk with people….not at them. You always treat me and others with respect….never talk down to someone……just want you to know your comments are appreciated……your explanations are……ie the sire bond….finally I understand it! Seriously, that damned sire bond for me was confusing…Yay….I finally get it. So Damon will be able to control Elena’s eating habits….and her love/feelings are her own. I have to admit I am in a bit of denial when it comes to who Elena is right now. I’m one of those people who hate change…..LOL and the human Elena is/was my favorite. She was a good girl sort of speak who put others feelings before her own….kind of had a normal life with family and friends. Now she’s a vampire….as you said a predator….that’s a hard pill to swallow. She’s changed so much….losing Jeremy and burning the house down to the ground. For someone like me to watch was pretty hard to see……told you I hate change. LOL As much as I look forward to Elena’s new journey…..I’m nervous….LOL The boys will definitely have their hands full and Damon will have to be especially close by…..that’s another hard pill to swallow for me…..dammit!…..LOL As for Matty, I don’t want anything to happen to him. Like I said I prefer human Elena right now….that may change once I’m used to Vampire Elena. I wasn’t crazy about human Caroline….but the difference when she turned into a Vampire she was fantastic right away.

  • Lydeea

    The last time that we saw Damon with Katherine she tried to seduce him-but he turned her down. If Damon had wanted nothing but a fun, sex-filled romp/road trip with Katherine, he could have had one then. So, he doesn’t “need” another Katherine when chances are he could now have the “real” thing-at least under certain circumstances. So, Damon doesn’t want another Katherine-he wants to be with the woman he currently loves, if she wants to be with him. Stefan was understandably hurt by what happened, but I believe that he, too, feels the same way about Elena.

    I think that both Damon and Stefan love Elena enough that they want to keep her from harming herself-and others-until she’s gotten back to the
    point where she can cope with all the hurt herself.
    Katherine has just proved again how heartless and self-serving she can be, and I think both Salvatores now know that the “Katherine” that they both became enamored with when they first met her was the fantasy one, and they paid a big price for that “fantasy.”

  • Lydeea

    Yes, Stefan was able to help Caroline adjust. However, he wasn’t successful getting Vicki to adjust-and part of that I really believe has to do with the way the person was as a human. Vicki was not a nice person when she was a human. Caroline had her flaws-and, yes, she could be childish and pretty tacky at time. If I remember correctly, she was pretty upset when she killed the first people she killed. Vicki wasn’t bothered at all by the predator urges she felt, but Vicki was a pretty self serving person when she was “alive.” We even saw that she was the same after she “crossed over” because she wanted to get back in the material world, and agreed to be what turned out to be Esther’s tool to get back, and she proved that she’d do anything to stay here-and even manipulate her brother to do it. Thankfully, as much as Matt loved her, he is a better person than she was, and wouldn’t sacrifice anybody else just so she could stay here with him.

    The need to feed is inherent in humans, too, and even a human, if they are starving, will go to some very unpleasant extremes to feed his/herself. We can be predators, too, but fortunately humans figured out a long time ago that you can’t survive if things are in chaos, and that what happens when humans don’t reign in their behavior and prey on each other and other species.

    Its been said that vampires feel everything to an extreme, but because they do have superior senses to humans that makes them more powerful in some ways-and that’s where the old saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” comes into play. When a being like a human, or a vamp, has power, it takes an act of will not to use it, and part of that is because, along with the natural desire to feed oneself, its also natural to want to protect oneself-and the more power one has, the easier that is to do. So, no, a vampire doesn’t have to kill incessantly, but they’ve pretty well stated over and over that its a vampire’s innate nature to kill and feed, so a vampire has to make a conscious decision to not feed its natural way.

    Caroline herself told Alaric last season, I believe, that she still had the desire to “kill,” but running around being a stone killer would keep Caroline from being able to live the life that she wants to live, and so she reigns it in-and that’s it, in a nutshell, really. If a vamp still values killing and all it entails, then he/she will live their life accordingly by moving around constantly so they can attack at will, and then escape the scene of the crime. That’s what Stefan and Klaus were doing when they went on their rampage.Their killing didn’t go unnoticed, but they didn’t get caught, either.

    When Stefan is in control of himself, he knows what it takes to maintain that control. He passed that lesson on to Caroline, though she did decide that she didn’t care for the wildlife diet, so she’d settle for the bagged meals. Because Caroline values other things, fortunately, more than she does killing, she controls herself. As mentioned, Stefan also tried to teach Vicki control, but she was one who decided that she liked the killing-and so she had to be stopped, and Stefan was the one who stopped her.

  • erik

    The one thing I hated about Tv show Elena is she has no BACKBONE! The Book Elena was tough and she held her on, but TV Show Elena is whiny and dependent . I really love this emotions off because now she’ll have the chance to actually not be whiny and not be so dependent on others.

  • Logic

    I think he may find it fun at first but I can see the new Damon not liking it so much after a while. It was her humanity and her as a person who he fell in love with, even E as a vampire had compassion…

  • Logic

    I was thinking the same thing… He will still love her but he’ll def want the E he fell in love with, not the emotionless one…

  • Logic

    unless Silas is a hallucination to Bonnie?? I mean he hasn’t been seen by anyone else yet?

  • shoe20

    Damon needs to get ready for a big dose of Damon S 1 reflected by Elena’s actions. Looks like that’s where the writers are going to work from. Total indifference to others, Elena’s going to take what she wants – when she wants, but I don’t think she’s going to bone every guy on the set. Yet I could be wrong. It will be interesting to see how Damon 2.0 will respond.

  • shoe20

    Remember Katherine taught Damon the method, stopping buggies. Good technique never grows old. LOL

  • shoe20

    Debbie I feel for ya. I remember your posts when it happened, and know how strongly you feel about it. We all have threads in the SL that writers just dropped. I hope the finish this one for you.
    Enjoy the break, and get ready for bad girl.

  • shoe20

    Sooooooooooo True. Elena’s gona be the bomb. Hope it doesn’t take 30 years. Enjoy

  • rapidapathy

    I interpreted Stefan’s look like more of “Greaaaaaat. This isn’t awkward for any of us, is it?” Damon’s response is, “Alright, not the best scenario but whatever. Que Sera.”

  • rapidapathy

    The humor is what lured me into this show. I thrive on dark humor, pithy dialogue, blatant sarcasm and other people’s perceptions of their own egotism. I pretty much just described Damon, didn’t I? ^_^

  • M

    No, he hasn´t been seen by nobody since he wake up. And I think he is using this method of hallucination in Bonnie again, but this time making himself look like Shane and his mind control or whatever powers he have to maker her do to acomplish his plan,

  • Lydeea

    Going by something that I believe Julie P just hinted at in an interview-and, yes, I am aware of the idea of taking the lady’s comments with a grain of salt-Elena’s new emotionless state may very well put the bond at least on hold. If it does, it will highlight another of Ms. Plec’s statements, which will go down as a brilliant statement of truth, but just not applied the way that everyone thought she meant it when she said it. This was the statement where she said, I believe, that Elena would have to “die” to break the sire bond. Well, what did that seem to imply, at the time? That Elena would have to undergo yet another physical death. However, the way its being presented, in this metamorphosis that Elena is now going through, the old Elena is “dead.” Now, maybe it only works while she is in her emotional state. The sticky wicket will be that, if that happens, then the fail safe that they thought they were creating with Damon being in the driver’s seat because he’s(technically) her sire will be destroyed, and they will be in the situation that they had feared, with an out of control, unfeeling Elena who’s going to totally immerse herself in her now unfettered vampire state. Then all our questions will be, what is going to trigger her emotions to return, because I can’t believe that this will be Elena’s permanent condition now, as an unrepentant vampire.

  • Lindsay ♪♫ Bingham

    Question: Why did the promo say the show comes on at 9 o’clock?

  • Demetra Christakos

    It’s hilarious!

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