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Posted by | April 20, 2012, 4:52 (MST) | 138 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Ready for a few more peeks of next week’s Decade Dance? Here you go! Enjoy! Do Not Go Gentle (EP320) airs next Thursday, April 26.

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  • Shannon

    Thursday can’t come fast enough!!


    I kinda think Elena’s at a cross roads right now….does she stay with and choose the “safe” choice, or does she move forward and explore her feelings for what she considers the “unknown”? It takes a lot of courage to take off the rose colored glasses and look at the situation and evaluate where she is in her life, right now, at least I think so. It also takes a lot of courage to take a leap of faith and explore the unknown, which is what Damon represents to her. Either way, the way it’s being written is frustrating for fans for sure, but it does leave the impression that Elena is truly struggling with what she feels. Which is what separates her from Katherine. Katherine wanted what she wanted and that’s it….Elena’s struggling because deep down she does love them both, and for her, that’s not ok. It’s not what “good girls” do.

    However, I think she owes it to herself to see where a relationship with Damon would lead her. If she doesn’t choose to step off into the “unknown”, she’s doing herself, Stefan & Damon a disservice and it will only come back to bite them in the end. Burring, running from, hiding from, and ignoring her feelings hasn’t helped, as seen through out the entire series. There’s only so far an “I don’t know” will take you. Sooner or later she’s going to have to face it….and face that she’s changed and is growing up. The person that gave Damon that passionate kiss in this last episode isn’t the same girl that kissed Stefan in Seasons 1 & 2….there was such a huge difference between the two that it’s obvious to me that Elena’s choice is obvious and she’s already made it…..she just hasn’t faced it yet;)

  • From Beginningg To End

    Nice comment, I agree just about all of it, especially about S1 having some of the best moments and Elena’s difficult-to-watch denial about what Stefan is.

  • Jenna

    The point I was making is that if Stefan was really looking to give Damon a ‘shot’ with Elena, it wouldn’t matter how Damon handles it… He is trying to get out of the way and give his brother a chance! I don’t quite think that was Stefan’s MO, he KNOWS she is in love with Damon and insisted she go with him so she could find out for herself what he already knew…
    Damon was the only one not clued in on this little plan… And he ends up getting his heart broken again by being yoyo-ed!
    I think it would have been great if Stefan had considered Damon’s feelings in this plan as well, not just Elena’s.
    From what we have seen Elena loves Stefan way more than she does Damon and would do anything for Stefan… Stefan had to have it his way that she go with Damon, no discussion… Even when she tried to talk to him before leaving, he cuts her off and says ‘be safe’… Nice way of saying, I don’t want to talk about it, just go, no discussion!!!

  • Jenna

    Wow, such heartfelt post… Very touching!

  • Georgia_Peach

     Oooo!  I like what you have to say.  Perfect description of where the love story is to date.  Elena is definitely standing at the crossroads of her life and trying to decide which road to take. 

  • Layla_27

    Paul is my main reason too, but ChrsV is right, the writing for this season of TVD has been a big mess.

  • Zara

    Yes, you’re right. But it’s not Stefan’s job to be their messenger and inform Damon about Elena’s ‘feelings’ because if Stefan did that, Elena would probably still deny it., he’s a very much a part of Delena (because he is always going to be a former lover/love interest/friend for Elena and Damon is always going to be his brother, the same applies to Stelena, except the former lover part but that will come in time). 

    Besides, Delena were not on the greatest terms tbh. It’s only because he got tortured by Rebekah is why she decided to put their past issues behind because she felt guilty/horrible etc. and because she loves and cares about him. So, Stefan telling Damon that ‘he KNOWS she is in love with Damon’ beforehand will give Damon false hope in that Elena will confess
    her love, when in fact he would believe that Stefan lied to him because he
    wanted to hurt Damon’s feelings intentionally and/or that he is stupid and misunderstood. So, no
    way out there.

  • Andrea

    Damon can get the girl and live happily ever after. Until last episode i was a Stelena shipper, but i don’t want her with Stefan anymore, 
    Stefan deserves better than her.

  • ihatepeople

    True words in deed. I too think SE was built on dishonesty and happened quickly like a lot of high school relationships do. People have a hard time accepting that Stefan wasn’t very honest in the beginning about showing his true nature basically as you mentioned because he disapproved of it himself. still you can’t live happily very long without opening the skeletons in the closet and seeing who someone really is. I liked TVD when I started watching it but it was the evolving relationship, brutal honesty and understanding of each other in the DE interaction that reeled me in. Probably because it wasn’t perfect just like real life isn’t. I was even fine with Elena’s indecision until her sudden turn in temperment towards Damon after Damon told her things were right just not right now. She seemed to go off the deep end towards him after that. I loved this last episode but I would’ve liked to have seen her acknowledge her mean behavior while they were talking quietly in bed. Just a simple I’m sorry.

  • ihatepeople

    Yeah I know I’m old. LOL. Just to clarify I’m on the front end of 40. ;) I guess my love for the genre has made me keep my 20′s mentality. Only real difference is I have far more experiences to draw on now. I guess that’s why I’m not for settling for what is comfortable. Even when you both love each other easy gets boring. Over the long haul someone who stirs you, who may even piss you off sometimes (because they’re right) makes life more exciting.

    P.S. The word “safe” was responding to someone else’s word to describe Elena’s relationship with Stefan.

  • ihatepeople

    Thing is Stefan told Damon not to talk about him with Elena anymore referring to his blood lust issues. I think the same should apply to Stefan not talking to Elena about her love issue for Damon. Both rather private topics. Funny thing is neither brother did it maliciously but it still embarrassed them each having the get involved.

  • Jenna

    You are not old… and you don’t come across old AT ALL!!! Age is so relative, right?!!!
    I think you have a great point about not settling for comfortable… Relationships that are exciting and keep us on our toes, that’s what keeps you going for the long haul! I mean you want to feel at ease in a relationship knowing your mate knows and loves you with all your good and bad.
    The issue with Stefan and Elena, is that from the beginning she really didn’t get to see his bad.
    I was saying in another post that Stefan has tried so hard to hide his dark side and be good, and Damon has tried so hard to hide his good side and show that he’s bad…

  • Jenna

    It’s not about being a messenger… Damon’s his brother, remember you said ‘bro’s over ho’s?’ Anyway, it’s just a matter of opinion, I think a heads up for Damon would have been nice… ‘Hey bro, you and Elena go on this trip, you’ve been estranged lately, try and figure out where you stand!’ Anyway, I’m running out of room here, so will have to leave it at that!!!

  • Jessica_pavia

    Hmmm I think they’re over the I’ll make your life a misery thing! Stefan and Damon are now on much better terms then that, at the moment, Damon is actually helping his brother with his blood problem soo…

  • Jessica_pavia

    WOW WOW WOW you put into words all my feelings about the Stelena-Delena thing. I watched a few random episodes of s1 the other day, and it hurt me to see Elena’s denial that Stefan is capable of hurting someone. It goes to show that she didn’t know the person she fell in love with. I’m not blaming Stefan for being a liar or anything, because the sad truth is that he also hid it from himself :/

  • Jessica_pavia

    Totally agree about it not being easy, just like real life. I was never a fan of romance because it is often portrayed as “love at first sight” “soulmates” and things like that which make it seem to simple and lovey dovey for me

  • Jessica_pavia

    But the ratings were probably low because of many Stelena fans not watching because they knew it was probably a Delena episode! Being after a 2 week hiatus doesn’t help either…casual viewers of the show lose track :/

  • Jessica_pavia

    That’s great! However i do get pissed that sometimes people expect the show to give good example to teens, this isn’t the Disney channel, it’s a vampire show and you don’t watch it for advice. So even if it does give a bad example I’m ok with it. :))

  • ihatepeople

    Thanks! I don’t feel old, act old or really look old fortunately but younger people tend to freak when they hear the number. LOL. Age only holds you back if you let it.

    As for relationships, that’s exactly right. Obviously a volital relationship where abuse or infidelity are involved isn’t what you want. But that isn’t what we’re talking about here with Damon and Elena. Sure he slept with Bex but he wasn’t involved with Elena so he wasn’t unfaithful. They’ve fought but they’ve forgiven each other too. They’ve each needed to hear the harsh truth from each other when they were being stubborn. After some huff they’ve managed to see the other’s view point even if they still disagree. Ultimately they’ve ended up compromising. There is a deep love there. There is a level of understanding about what lies beneath the facade of what is shown. There is also surprises and passionate attraction. Sometimes strife isn’t always bad. As Rose pointed out they could be the best or the worst for each other…but I say if there is real love then the result will be the best. Most people only dream of that.

    I’ve had the same issue with Stefan and Elena as you do. He only showed her the side he wanted to see which wasn’t very honest. I’m sure he did it because he was ashamed of his other side since he obviously can’t accept that part of himself either. That still doesn’t make for a solid relationship. You can’t ignore the parts you don’t like just because it’s easier. Eventually they’ll bite you in the ass. Elena being a teenager I don’t think understood this completely. People in general only want to see what they want but when we’re young and less experienced we tend to not question things because we’re content living the fairy tale. I’m sure we’ve all done it. I know I have denied what my gut told me only to be proven in the end that I was right. As you’ve said the difference between the boys is that Stefan hid his dark side while Damon hid his good. Each couldn’t deal with the side they hid. Stefan couldn’t control his ripper self so he suppressed it. Damon couldn’t control his emotions so he surpressed them for self preservation. Stefan did so much hurt as the Ripper that he couldn’t handle it. Damon was hurt so much by rejection of love (his father, Katherinen etc) that he couldn’t handle it. I kind of have this impression of Damon that he figures if he is a dick but someone is able to see past that and still love him then that’s proof that their love is real. I think that’s why he likes Ric because no matter how much of a dick he’s been to him Ric is still his friend. :)

  • ihatepeople

    Absolutely! I love romance but I love realistic romance. I love it when two people who aren’t suppose to want each other spend time together then realize they’ve fallen for each other. I cringe at the phrases you mentioned because they’ve been cheapened and over used. Too often people jump into love for these reasons but then things fall apart when reality sets in. Love isn’t as simple as that. Sure you can fall for someone fast and think it’s love at first sight but until you know all of them it’s truly just attraction at first sight.

  • Anaaa95

    I hope that Elena will choose Damon..

  • Ingvild

    No one would have wanted to be in the same room as me when Damon and Elena had their finally real kiss, that scene was just EPIC…….:D

    Anyway, does anyone know what the song in the promo is called? :) It was so catchy and cool

  • Lise

    I was a Stelena fan until 3×11 when I realised Elena wasn’t maybe the best thing for Stefan . Let’s not forget that she’s always been putting him through a lot of heartbreaking and questions . She says she loves him as if she’s not sure of it. Her confession to Matt about Stefan immortality reasuring her 
    as she’d been through a rough time with her parents’ death, made it pretty clear that her feelings were not pure . She wanted comfort and Stefan could offer it to her. But now that her life has found back a certain stability – because she’s grown up even if all these supernatural events don’t make her life “stable” – she needs something more than comfort. She wants surprise and novelty which means Damon’s more able to satisfy her. That’s why I think, for Stefan’s happiness, that they’d better not get back together even if  they give me goosebumps every time they touch.

    CAROLINE : I’d like so much to see her in a romance with Klaus! :O Hope he’s not gonna die like some people have predicted. Tyler’s so good for her but come on! Klaus and Caroline complete themselves so well! I can feel passion eveytime they cross. Don’t want Tyler to be hurt but it’s so clear Klaus and Caroline WILL happen.

  • ihatepeople

    Exactly! Good examples should come from parental influence not TV shows.


    Something just hit me….you guys realize the promo shows a salt line, and Damon says it’s a “barrier spell”. That means that all of our vamps: Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Klaus & Tyler…well, they are all trapped behind a barrier spell…meaning they are all sitting ducks, at the high school dance. And we know Esther/Rebekah & Evil Ric have joined forces and plan on wiping out all the vampires……yeah, I can see why JP said things reach Defcon 11 in this episode…..not good, not good at all:(

  • Georgia_Peach

     I think Esther is definitely going bye bye this season.  It was Klaus that said he had sent Esther to “hell”, so I am going with it.  There is no way that woman would go anywhere else but Hell, except maybe purgatory.

    This is probably going to come down to witch against witch, which is why I think Bonnie is at risk this season.

  • Eva

    Yeah, the part with the herbs is a bit weird, and I’m also thinking that Damon feels that Alaric is being a bit dismissive, or eager to end the conversation(you know, yeah yeah i’m fine, i got herbs and all, now bye!), like he’s got sth to hide and he makes excuses. Maybe i’ts a combination of all these that tipps him off. Plus, Damon knows Alaric pretty well and, like he says, i don’t think he believes that “normal” Alaric would leave town at that precise moment.

  • Eva

    I couldn’t agree more with you and as for the ”
    Good post though, got us all talking”I loled so hard because i left town for a couple of days and when i came back i found, like, another 120 more comments!

  • Eva

    I agree with Jenna about the dialogue being pretty good. And I was soooo glad after that scene that i actually started clapping! Damon
    finally stopped playing her game!!

  • ihatepeople

    Me too! It was sad to see him hurt again but great to see him tell her to figure it out for herself. I don’t think she expected that.

  • ihatepeople

    We know they survive though probably because of Bonnie since we see pics of them for ep 3×21.

  • Eva

    Excellent post, I agree with everything you said!

  • Jenna

    I hate how bitter and broken he looked… he is so SICK of it, I imagine. She has been playing him, maybe unintentionally but playing him nonetheless, and I imagine he’s a little ticked at Stefan for setting up this whole little scheme unbeknownst to him… He probably was like ‘Hey I thought we were closer than that brother?!!!’

  • Jenna

    Well, welcome back.. you got some catching up to do, lol!!!

  • ihatepeople

    I think he is tired of being played a fool and used by these women (Katherine & Elena) he has given his whole heart, soul and loyalty to and who have time and again thrown his love back at him because it wasn’t good enough. To top it off to have his brother be behind this ambush of feelings is another slap in the face even if Stefan thought he was doing the right thing by airing things out. Damon had already resigned himself to his place and accepted how things are. He was dealing with that and reigning his feelings back in. To have these people who he trusted reopen this wound had to be hurtful. As we’ve said it was hurtful to watch.

  • Louisenorman

     The odd brother? What does that mean? Damon..? Oh, I cant handle It If he leaves:(

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