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Posted by | February 8, 2013, 6:32 (MST) | 164 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s the extended promo for next week’s episode, Down the Rabbit Hole (EP414).

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  • sylviemdi

     I think they are somehow mentally connected, in a way that Silas uses Shane to manipulate Bonnie and the others to get entombed.

  • sylviemdi

     He never ever would abandon her there no matter what, and under normal circumstances Elena would know that

  • Wendy

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with these darn Disqus issues!

  • Wendy

    No way is Damon taking the cure for Elena or anyone else, except himself (if he chose to)…NO WAY!

    I like how you state E was just complaining about Stef “fixing” her and then she turns around and wants to “fix” HRS!  LOL! 

    It has taken so long for D to get his head into this Silas resurrection…I was screaming at Will weeks ago about D not moving on it sooner.  I asked Will why he wasn’t doing anything, especially when he told Kol that finding Silas wasn’t his priority/problem or anything…didn’t care!  I was screaming at my TV at him…yes you do!

    Guess he had other priorities, like SB, and cure, and new girlfriend who loves him, and being compelled to kill your GF’s lil bro, etc!

  • Georgia_Peach

    1.I’m not sure Professor Shane is telling the truth about any of this. 

    2. If Shane was a human and suffered the injuries and loss of blood he sustained in the fall into the well, I don’t see how he was able to pull himself back out and carry Silas’ tombstone at the same time.  One could believe that Shane died in the fall and Silas, as a necromancer, is controlling Shane’s actions and the tombstone with Shane’s blood must be kept within close proximity.  I do not believe Shane actually saw his dead wife or talked to her unless Silas was controlling her too.  If Shane died in that fall, his purpose is to reunite with her on the other side but he has to do Silas’ bidding first.

    3. I would still like to know who bled the miners and the college students of their blood, which may mean Shane is Silas after all and he escaped but wants his magic back.

    4. I don’t buy Professor Shane learned how to avoid compulsion, especially from a 1,000 year old Original, in Tibet.  There is a better reason than that on why he can’t be compelled and it is probably because he is actually dead.

    There are still too many unknowns at this point.  Hopefully the audience will learn more this week.

  • Wendy

    Because it’s Damon being Damon and she knows Damon.  She needs to pull out the thick skin and move on it, or she will feel rejection.

    If you think for one minute Elena was phased by that, you don’t know Damon and you don’t know how Elena knows Damon.  They’ll get together and hash it out.  Right after they find out there is no SB and cure (my wish list)!

    P.S. I’m so glad I’m not the only one w/Disqus issues!

  • ihatepeople

    That IS the advantage Wendy. Elena knows Damon very well and that’s why she said she won’t let him sabotage things this time. If you think about it they’ve both said harsh truths to each other in the past that were very hurtful but that’s part of the part of their relationship that keeps things open and honest. Last season think how many times it hurt Damon when she told him harsh truths about her feelings but it kept things real between them and allowed them to grow. Him telling her something harsh like he did will have the same affect. They fight it out but they always make it thru.

  • ihatepeople

    What? Shane not telling the truth? You made a funny. We KNOW he’s not telling the entire truth. LOL. That’s kind of what I meant about Silas taking over Shane’s body when he saw his dead wife. Remember her saying that he (Shane) was seeing her because he believed he would. It makes me think that Silas was using the image of his dead wife to control him. Notice she touched him and he could feel it which makes me wonder if that’s when the transference happened. Shane’s blood and the blood of the miners could’ve fed Silas’ powers allowing him to escape thru someone else’s body when the opportunity arose. I hadn’t thought about Shane dying during the fall but that could be true. I agree about the compulsion thing. There’s more to it than what we’ve been told by Shane.

  • ihatepeople

    Well mind control has been the theme of this season in various ways.

  • Georgia_Peach

    I do not believe Professor Shane actually manipulated Damon at all in any form or fashion.

  • Logic

    the recipe of a lasting relationship in my opinion :)

  • ihatepeople

    Let’s hope so. Maybe he is just possessed. LOL

  • Wendy

    Hmmmmm…I like it! 

    You people have calmed me down so much today!  TY!

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