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Posted by | April 14, 2011, 20:19 (MST) | 122 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

While the short promo wasn’t particularly spoilery for next week’s episode of the Vampire Diaries, this one is, so watch with caution if you don’t want to be spoilered for Klaus. Smartphone users head on over to YouTube to watch it.

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  • charlotte

    Yeah definitely don’t believe wikipedia…anyone can edit anything. Someone edited our school page last year…it said “Hogwarts for Muggles”etc for about 3 weeks before anyone sorted it.

  • Edith Wong

    Thanks a lot! Caro89!

  • tcbuns74

    Looks like a its gonna be great….I think Stefan goes to help Jenna and maybe gets compelled by Klaric. That’s why the boys r fighting. Damon trying 2 stop him! Just a guess!

  • wednesday

    I actually think that may have been Trevor he threw against the wall. He is suppose to be in this episode as well from what I read and since he is the one that helped Katherine get away it would make since for Klaus to be mad. I guess we’ll see.

  • BlueBlaze

    yeah starting to think that Klaus/Elijah are brothers as well. And that Katerina got between them…

    This is going to be an exciting episode. Can’t wait to see Damon and Stefan fight… can’t wait for the episode… (:

  • Anonymous

    Hi Momina- Not sure if that’s a nose bleed on Damon, or if it’s blood from a feeding? (Andy Star Action New, in particular)…

    Also, one thing I’ve been trying to figure out, if you slow it down, when Klaus is yelling “Do not lie to me”…is that Elijah he’s yelling at? I can’t tell.

    Part of me doesn’t want the boys to fight, but part of me agrees with you, they do look hot!!!!!

    After Klaus/Ric goes asks Jenna if she believes in vampires, hopefully the gang will fill her in!!!!! They should’ve done it a long time ago, the woman’s been an unknowing menace!

    I am also staying away from spoilers!!!! They ruined the last episode for me…when I watched it again, expecting nothing, it was a really good episode… all I got to say is SPOILERS SUCK!

  • Sweetcheeks1

    hahaha that’s what i thought, too.. she probably outwitted him or something and escaped

  • Gertrud

    Damon at 0.36: he looks like someone caught while feeding from a human…To me Stef or Elena walk in and witnesses what he has done, nothing to do with the brother’s fight. Just my guess.

  • Momina Amjad

    Yes, maybe he was feeding on her and someone like Elena walked in or something.. But she doesn’t the stills she was sitting next to Jenna in the Salvatore house if I’m not mistaken..
    And yes that was Elijah, I’m excited about the flashbacks, as everyone else suggested Elijah and Klaus might be brothers or something.

  • Momina Amjad

    OR she was compelled by Klaus to foster his evil plans… :/

  • Yasmin Adamsi

    The Salvatores can’t being compelled, because they are drinking vervain.

  • Mish

    haha i love Elijah’s omfg!
    and am i the only one who finds stefan’s “ugh” sound after damon hits him funny!?

  • Sibelė

    “omfg” – what does this mean?

  • Celina

    Me either! I just can’t believe it’s not butter!

  • millennium girl

    i cannot get over the fact that he says o-m-f-g…….lmao.
    Stef and Damon fighting looks epic, also i hafta give kudos to nina for running in all of those dresses- i imagine it’s not very easy….

  • millennium girl

    i cannot get over the fact that he says o-m-f-g…….lmao.
    Stef and Damon fighting looks epic, also i hafta give kudos to nina for running in all of those dresses- i imagine it’s not very easy….

  • Sexy26

    Cnt wait to see it tonight. I thght Elijah was bad ass (still is) bt it looks like maybe Klaus is actually even badder than he is. He doesn’t rlly care for human life so maybe thts y Katherine is kinda bitter on “human life”, since him/Elijah killed her family. Nw Im wondering wat ever happen to the baby. Maybe they found her waited til she older and turned her/him, lol.

  • witchyvamps!

    oh my f***ing god!!

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