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Posted by | November 16, 2012, 7:52 (MST) | 1,276 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

And here we go, a slightly longer peek at My Brother’s Keeper (EP407), the next new episode of The Vampire Diaries, airing Thursday, November 29th.

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  • Shannon

    Awww man I am loving this review, Thank You KELLYGREEN17, I’m not done with it yet, but i just had to stop and post this part, this is exactly what I said 3 days ago, i believe, about how Elena was able to see Damon thru her hallucinations on that bridge and how I loved that..and this person just said it sooo much better, so I must post it, cuz ugh! It just made me grab my chest…….

    “Mommy, I didn’t mean to disappoint you,” pretty much chopped me up into tiny little pieces of ow. And I wonder if Damon arrived in time to hear it, because I think it would have done the same to him – or worse – given that all his father ever had for him was disappointment. He knows what it’s like to feel ashamed, unloved, unliked even, entirely unapproved. And that’s why he can’t hope the way Stefan can. That’s why he can’t afford to try to live up to people’s expectations. That’s why he has to choose every day to be nothing but who he is.It’s so important that Damon was there on the bridge – nobody else. Saving Elena was a team effort, and a big part of why she’s not a pile of ash right now is that Stefan and Jeremy (and Bonnie and Caroline and Damon and Klaus) did what they had to do to get the curse broken. But notice that even before Chris was murdered she was already starting to falter – or to fight, depending on how you look at it. And that happened when Damon showed up. Now that may seem a strange thing to say given that the things she told Damon were all about giving up: “Vampires kill people,” and “I can’t live with myself.” But the fact that she was telling Damon anything at all is significant. For the first time she was able to separate the hallucinations from reality. Connor could not consume Damon. Even as he stood at her side murmuring encouragements, Elena could still look at Damon and see Damon. And it’s because he was there that she didn’t burn when the curse was lifted – because he’s Damon and he gets things done and he found them an escape route. But more importantly, it’s because Damon was there that she didn’t want to burn when the curse was lifted.

  • Manon

    This review was amazing! She introduced things I’ve never really thought about! Why can’t I see such things in TVD?

  • Annie

    That’s what I meant sorry it was lost in translation. Elena would never want to kill herself, sure she was willing to die for others, survivors guilt and all that jazz, but she would never willingly off herself. But it was her *subconscious that was the driving force behind the “sunbathing” and that little push is what I think is going to make her begin to finally accept her lot in life or unlife sigh.

    *i.e all the negative aspects of her psyche that Connor could dredge up, sneaky bastard.

  • Shannon

    I’m sorry, this is so beautiful, i have to post it, lmao, if you don’t want to read it, don’t….but it’s sooo good, hell i might just have to post it on the other site to shut everyone up! Lol

    So Elena goes through purgatory and works through all of all her guilt and hurt and self-doubt… and then she wakes up and she is glad to be alive and she loves Damon.

    It’s that simple, and after three seasons of meticulous build-up, the show has earned the right for it to be that simple – that sudden and not sudden – that gloriously matter-of-fact.

    The short-term catalyst for Elena giving into her feelings for Damon is twofold: becoming a vampire has intensified those feelings, and she has decided that she is allowed to have them and not hate herself for it. But the actual feelings long pre-date Elena killing the hunter or becoming a vampire.

    Who can say exactly when Elena fell in love with Damon? There was always attraction, right from the start, and then when they spent that day together in Georgia she discovered that they had fun together. And so out of attraction and amusement, a sincere and abiding affection grew. But when exactly did it become something more? At a guess, I’d place it somewhere around the time Damon almost died and Elena felt like her heart would give out if she didn’t kiss him, if she didn’t tell him just a little bit of the truth: she likes him now, just the way he is (read: it doesn’t matter what you do, what I do, what anybody else does, you are in me – my head – my heart – you have become mine, and I am yours whether I can admit it yet or not).

    If the ‘when’ is unclear, the ‘why’ is not. Elena loves Damon because he makes her laugh, because he makes her think, because he is fucking brave, because he can live for so long on so little of her, because he insists that she matters most even when she insists she doesn’t matter much at all, because he’s seen her at her worst and adored her, because he’s seen her at her best and it has changed his life. Because they have emotional intimacy on overdrive. And let’s be real, because they really, really want to have sex with each other.

    With all that said it’s clear that the question isn’t so much why Elena would reach out and take hold of Damon’s hand and gaze at him with the googliest of eyes, as why not.

    Isn’t that what Damon asked outside that fateful Denver motel room? Why not?

    And for the longest time the ‘why not’ was Stefan, and if it hadn’t been Stefan it would have been Damon, because you can’t very well go around letting yourself be in love with someone who snaps your baby brother’s neck for therapy (and all the rest). And then, when it wasn’t Damon anymore, it was Elena and her hitherto fierce devotion to the girl she should be, to the things and the people she should want.

    When he says that there may be a way out of this for her, she knows that it doesn’t just mean a way out of being a vampire, it means a way out of this moment and everything it means for the two of them, it means a way out of Damon and Elena and being so close. And she doesn’t want it. Does anything on her face spell relief? Does anything say Oh thank god? And don’t make the mistake of thinking the glow of wonderment has anything to do with Stefan or the prospect of a cure. That is all about how Damon is taking the high road – for his brother and for her – and she’s not surprised, because she knows him by now, but she is still just a little bit floored.I swear to God, you guys, Elena does not want this cure, and I think that eventually she’s going to say it out loud. In the break-up scene she tells Stefan she’d like nothing more than to get that girl back, but the truth is that she knows that she can’t – that she won’t ever – not even with a million doses of this supposed cure.

    When Stefan says that her feelings for Damon have been magnified it is a very precise choice of words – not increased, not altered – magnified. Magnification works on existing amount, and from everything we’ve ever been told about vampirism, everything is magnified. There is no picking and choosing. This necessarily implies that what Elena felt for Stefan, even as she chose him in the final episode of season 3, was in some way less that what she felt for Damon.

    And it makes sense. I mean, we all saw the difference between the passion she exhibited outside that motel room in Denver and the sedate gentleness with which she let Stefan kiss her in the finale. We all saw how she wept when she told Damon she had to let him go. It was the bitterest thing she’d ever had to do. It was as bitter as death. And it was done because she knew death might be approaching – for both the Salvatores, for Alaric, for her best friend, even for herself. It was the end of the world, and all she wanted was to say goodbye to the people she had loved. The very last thing she wanted was to open a fresh wound, right when it might turn out to be fatal – to Damon, to her, to the end of her little human life.

    Elena chose Stefan because it was all she had left to do. But now that she actually has to think about “always”… she’s thinking again. And she’s thinking it’s been a quiet kind of torture resisting Damon all this time. So imagine what a thousand years would be like with her emotions on overdrive?

    And this is the thing: if she does become human again, maybe everything she feels will be less intense. But she’s not going to stop being in love with Damon. That’s done. Stefan can cure her all he wants, but he won’t save her. Damon has already done that. And when she thanks him for it she means that he saved her from the sun, sure, but she also means that he saved her from her own worst instincts, from her own unkindness to herself. And the wonderful thing about this, my friends, is that it is entirely reciprocal.

    That’s exactly what Elena did for Damon, way back in season 1 in her kitchen when she knew nothing of him and still saw straight through to the heart of who he is. She said she was sorry, she said he had lost too. She told him that some things could matter again. And that was a spark. That was when Damon set off on his long, agonizing journey back to humanity – and not only back to humanity, but beyond that – all the way back to the person he might have been if he’d never lost his mother, if he’d ever really had his father at all.

    Back in season 2 after Rose died Damon lay out on the road and told an unfortunate stranger that he was “lost”. And he really, really was. But now, when nobody can find Elena, when she needs him more than she has ever needed anyone, he knows exactly where to be.

    This is what they save each other from: their mutual existential crises. Neither of them has known who to be or what to want – in short, how to live in the world, since, well ever. They were both damaged young, in a way that arrested their development and left them floundering emotionally and psychologically, and it’s only now that either of them is starting to get a foothold.

  • Shannon

    Okkkk last one i promise…….ok maybe i don’t promise, but i’ll try to make it a last one, lol……….

    Some might want to say that Elena knew who she was, what she wanted, how to live, before she became a vampire, but for me that doesn’t add up. Elena Gilbert was looking for those answers before her parents showed up to pick her up from that party, and when they died she stopped looking. She stopped hard. And yes, when she met Stefan she was trying – she was trying to move past the morbid guilt and let herself have things, and maybe if Stefan had been a real boy, and none of the shit that rained down on her after meeting him rained down on her, maybe she would have made it back to herself. Maybe he would have been enough to see her through. But he wasn’t a real boy and he wasn’t enough. Nor has she been enough for him, however much he’d like to believe otherwise.We all see Damon as the one who romanticizes his life. And he is – or at least he was. But so is Stefan. He may be a little less of a drama queen about it, but he really does believe that it all comes down to the love of a woman – a very specific woman, who looks just like the one who ruined his life and behaves in all the opposite ways. He had to know Elena, because he truly believed that she would complete him, that she would make all the wrong right, that with her at his side he could, as he said to Lexi, “completely forget what [he is].” It was only ever going to be a matter of time before that illusion was shattered. The more Elena changed and he stayed the same, the harder it would have been to pretend that he was a Southern Gentleman and she was a Southern Belle without a dark side. And when he destroyed himself again to save his brother, even as he built himself back up he was building all the wrong way again – remember when he said that fighting his bloodlust and learning to control himself didn’t matter if Elena had feelings for someone else? Yikes.The truth is that it’s almost a blessing for Stefan – for them both – that Elena became a vampire. Because it helped them both to rip the band-aid off.That’s really what Stefan/Elena was for both Stefan and Elena. A band-aid solution. And I don’t mean to diminish their relationship and its importance, because at the time I do think it was the difference for them both between making it another day or not. But it was never going to work long term. The demons don’t disappear just because you close your eyes.Damon/Elena, for Damon and Elena both, has been about standing up to the demons and staring them down.And it makes me sad that when Damon said these mirroring words to Elena: “Somewhere along the way you decided that I was worth saving, and I wanted to thank you for that,” he was actually saying them to Katherine. But then when I look at the two of them now I think how little that matters.First because when Damon said that it was only a little bit true, and it was a lot about the aforementioned romanticizing of his life. Back in season 1 Damon believed it could be as easy for him as it appeared to be for Stefan: he believed that Elena kissing him, holding him, telling him she chose him, that he was her always, was all he needed in order to “be the better man”. It’s not. He knows that now. He’s learned over 3 seasons of one step forward two steps back that you can’t just be x for person y. You have to want the change for yourself and you have to want everything that comes with it – not just the epic love affair, but the friendships, the responsibilities to other people, the tough calls, the regrets, the happy days, the hurt feelings, the quiet kindnesses, and the times when you feel one full body blow away from giving up altogether. That’s what feeling is about. That’s what being in and of the world is about. And that’s what Damon has embraced, little by little. And Elena has been his inspiration, but she has not been his crutch.So Elena might never know just how closely her words in this scene shadow his back when he was first falling for her. But it doesn’t matter. She’s seen him be saved. And they are far beyond words.And this brings me to one of my favourite things about Damon and Elena: how nothing about them has been calculated. They fell in love entirely without meaning to, and it makes such a stark contrast to the way Stefan and Elena came into each other’s lives. Elena chose to enter into her relationship with Stefan with such deliberateness. She thought it through – talked it through – and made a decision to pursue something new, something that might help to pull her out of her grief-induced depression. There was nothing accidental about it. And of course, Stefan stalked Elena for a few months and set his old-fashioned cap at her before they’d even looked each other in the eye. And then when he contrived to meet her, he even went about everything in a contrived way. Everything between them has been very planned and very mannered, right down to the matching journals, the formal invitation over the physical and emotional threshold, the coy lectures about comets, the self-conscious repetition of phrases about meeting a girl and talking and it being epic, the first kiss that was carefully leaned into while Sara Bareilles sang a plaintive melody and the camera panned out, cue credits.Contrast this to how everything about Damon and Elena’s physicality has been either subtle or strange: from the very beginning when he kissed her hand in an outright mockery of the kind of chivalry Stefan lives by, to the slap, to the slow, secret finger down her cheek, to him pulling her from the wreckage of a car and carrying her away across state lines, to her arms around him in the most impossible act of kindness, to her feet being unceremoniously dumped into his lap, to the near touch that is overrated, it goes on and on, all the way to this: to Elena’s hand suddenly tumbling into Damon’s simply because he has had the incaution to leave it hanging around.This is the way Damon and Elena have saved one another: slowly and suddenly, with grand gestures and tiny signs that are felt before they are ever understood. This is how they came to be in love. And isn’t it just the most refreshing thing to see her reaching out to Damon now without fear and without shame. Because it was always right. And finally, it’s right now.Oh, and one last thing:“And when he kills me for telling you this I want you to throw my ashes off Wickery Bridge.”Damon Salvatore really is good at saying devastatingly romantic things without seeming to notice.

  • Shannon

    OMG! Even in death he was annoying!!! I was thinking WHY??? WHYYY ARE YOU STILL HERE!!!! He pissed me off even more when he was dead, lol…..God I really hope he’s gone for good now.

  • Shannon

    Idk, I think we’d really have to sit down and break it up apart piece by piece, for Days to get this out…..I mean what we come up with within the hour or even a few hrs are great, there’s been sooo many above and beyond comments, and we really get to the bottom of it and believe in what we are saying, BUT if we actually sat down, in quietness and just let our minds go, I believe we could come up with something like this too. Or rather it is b/c of reviews and comments like these that make us want to do that, and make us fall deeper in “AWE”. 

  • Annie

    You and me both I never liked the character.

  • Annie

    This review had me in tears seriously.

  • Shannon

    Okkkk………..THIS IS DEFINITELY THE LAST ONE……..But can I just ask that we all cut Elena some slack too? She’s trying. She’s doing her very best not to break anyone’s heart too badly (even though that’s more or less impossible at this point). And that’s why when Stefan says that he drove Elena to, cue euphemism, ‘care for’ Damon, she lets it lie. She’s knows it’s not true. She knows Damon is a lot more than that to her on levels that have nothing to do with anything Stefan has ever said or done. But what’s the point in rubbing salt in the wound? Elena still loves Stefan, very much. And if you love someone and you’re telling them you’re in love with someone else, you don’t write them sonnets about it, you know?

    (Elena can write sonnets for Damon later if she likes, though. I’ll be happy to listen.)

    As for who officially broke up with whom here… it’s a moot point. I would say that in any reasonable world, Elena broke up with Stefan, because she is the one who wants somebody else. Admitting to intense, undeniable feelings for a guy’s brother is pretty much a one way ticket to Splitsville, so the moment Elena took that step, she locked Stefan into saying he couldn’t be with her anymore. He said the actual words, but she set the whole thing in motion.

    Having said that, the Stefan we used to know might not have been so encouraging of this particular brand of honesty. Yes, he told her to figure out her feelings for Damon in 318, but when she didn’t come back from Denver and say “I love you and only you, Damon is the bad brother, I see that now, ours is a forever love, please ask him to leave town…” when she in fact said scary things like that they should talk about private Damon/Elena activities that happened and can never unhappen… Stefan retreated into denial. He asked Elena not to tell him in the guise of telling her it was okay not to tell him. At that point he knew beyond doubt that Elena, at the very least, “cared for” Damon, and yet he was determined to fight for her any way he could.

    Now? Not so much.

    Earlier in the episode when Elena stabs Stefan and sprints out of Klaus’ prison cell, Stefan calls Damon and says that he should go and find Elena, that he’ll be able to talk her down, that she’ll listen to him… and then he says, with more weariness than a simple stake to the chest warrants, “Tell me what I need to do to end this.”

    And you guys, sometimes this show is so genius that I can’t even deal with it. Because that’s it right there. That’s Stefan letting go. That’s him knowing that if Elena comes home safe she will not be coming home to him. Because she has changed, and he so badly needed her to stay the same.

    So Elena breaks up with Stefan but Stefan lets her. Stefan says the words and Elena agrees. It’s all agonizingly mutual. And I think that realistically this has to be the end for the two of them. As in the end. And I don’t say that because I think they could never fall in love again. I don’t say that because Stefan and Elena’s relationship has been so damaged that it can never be salvaged. Nothing is beyond salvation on this show – nothing and nobody – and if anything has proven that it is Damon/Elena happening.

    So why do I think this break-up has to stick? For two reasons. First, because Damon and Elena are both nothing if not steadfast in their affections, and given the way they’ve grown into one another over the past three seasons, it’s hard to see them growing apart in the show’s timeline. Second, for the sake of Stefan as a character. I would hate to see him hanging around having casual Damonesque relationships with women who will never be allowed to measure up and awaiting his turn with the girl with Katherine’s face. This needs to be the start of a journey of self-discovery for him – it needs to do for him what I wrongly assumed last season’s ripperdom would. And if he’s going to have any kind of romantic relationship along the way I hope the show respects him enough to let it be meaningful.

    In my wildest dreams Stefan finally gets to hash out his Katherine issues, starting now. In my warmest, fuzziest bedtime thoughts he ends up falling for Caroline… and there opens a whole new chapter in Klaus and Stefan’s star-crossed bromance of doom.

  • GermanTVDFan

    Wow, Shannon!! Your posts are so insightful and though so many comments already dealt with this topic you manage to bring up new aspects.
    Congratulations and thanks to you!
    …still gasping and heart pounding….

  • dman

    Interesting stuff. But I feel that you’re being a little biased in your portrayal of Stefan. I don’t think everything he did was contrived. I know you’re a passionate Damon fan, but sometimes you can be overly negative about Stefan.

    Also, and this is my opinion from reading your comments on this site, you tend to be very hostile towards  characters you dislike on the show. A little too hostile in my opinion. I think you can criticize them without making it seem as though they personally did something to you. I like you, and I like your passion for the show, and I would like to read a lot more of your commentary, but sometimes I don’t because of your often intense views on characters you dislike. I think you can keep the same passion you have, but just be a little more respectful in your criticism and attitude towards people on the show.

  • whoneedsthecullens

     Love this post. Simply love it. How you connected it back to the first episodes. Thanks!

  • Shannon

    Oh this wasn’t my analysis, i had read it, it’s some1 elses review, i just felt it was sooo insightful I wanted to share it with the rest of you.

  • Shannon

    This wasn’t my review, I read this somewhere and wanted to share it. This is not my analysis.

  • Shannon

    Dman……….if you want something a little nicer towards Stefan you can read this………

    I won’t deny that it’s sad to see Stefan say he can’t understand why Elena would care for Damon when he’s in the picture. Nobody can deny that Stefan shows a tremendous love for his brother by his actions, but he’s never been terribly good at recognizing Damon’s worth in an objective sense. And it’s all the more depressing given that it’s something Damon isn’t too flash at himself; when he tells Elena Stefan is lying for the right reasons, he’s assuming that as long as his brother is ready, willing and able, Elena will want said, and he will go back to the bottom of the Salvatore pile – of course – obviously. And yes, it would be nice to see Stefan acknowledge openly that his brother is worth wanting. It would be nice to see him admit that it’s not all about the ways he has pushed Elena away, but the ways Damon has drawn her to him. It would be nice to see him be glad that Elena didn’t just use his brother while he was away – that she truly does care about him – too much to pretend that nothing’s changed.But come on. The guy’s getting dumped here! For his brother. And it’s been less than a week since he was being chosen, and told he was the best choice Elena ever made!I think we can cut him some slack for being just a teensy bit self-absorbed and myopic about the situation. He didn’t guilt-trip Elena. He didn’t bad-mouth Damon. He didn’t cling. He just let go and let it be, and I for one was kind of proud of him. If fandom could handle the situation with half the maturity and kindness Stefan showed in this scene, well… fandom wouldn’t be fandom.But can I just ask that we all cut Elena some slack too? She’s trying. She’s doing her very best not to break anyone’s heart too badly (even though that’s more or less impossible at this point). And that’s why when Stefan says that he drove Elena to, cue euphemism, ‘care for’ Damon, she lets it lie. She’s knows it’s not true. She knows Damon is a lot more than that to her on levels that have nothing to do with anything Stefan has ever said or done. But what’s the point in rubbing salt in the wound? Elena still loves Stefan, very much. And if you love someone and you’re telling them you’re in love with someone else, you don’t write them sonnets about it, you know?

  • kellygreen17

    Not a problem, I found this blog last (4×05) episode and have read all the others as well. I really like what she has to say about this show, very insightful even when it has a bit of a personal bias, not to mention hilarious at times too :D.  I also read the Glee ones and they’re just as good :).

  • kellygreen17

    Not a problem, I found this blog last (4×05) episode and have read all the others as well. I really like what she has to say about this show, very insightful even when it has a bit of a personal bias, not to mention hilarious at times too :D. I also read the Glee ones and they’re just as good :).

  • Shannon

    Yea I didn’t mind any of it, it was extremely long tho, took a lot out of me, lol…..hahaha i’m gonna stay away from the Glee ones, lol 

  • kellygreen17

    Yah they do take a while to get through, but I like that :D. I like reading in-depth and/or psychological analysis of the characters and such though so … yah I’m a little weird I know :D.

  • Shannon

    Weird is great, normal is boring. = )

  • Manon

    Words cannot say how much I love this post.

  • Annie

    I don’t watch Glee, actually I don’t watch TV all that much. The only shows I watch religiously are the vampire diaries and the big bang theory. I read a lot, I’m just weird like that.

  • Shannon

    Awww you would love Glee!!! It’s a dramedy, so good, they are the hardest working cast on tv….I mean if you’ve ever seen Ryan Murphy’s work, like umm….NIP/TUCK! (Damn I miss that show) U’d def. like this, there’s never been anything like this on tv before, and they tackle sooo many real life issues, through all ages, it’s great….o btw, I watch BBT too…..religiously! Love it!

  • Shannon

    I knew we wouldn’t make it to 1500 by Thursday, but before 8pm, I will make sure I write our number down on my calendar, this is definitely something to remember, I doubt we’ll ever reach this number again, in the short amount of time we did.

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