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Posted by | May 3, 2012, 19:11 (MST) | 91 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Are you ready for the season finale? Well, it’s arriving in a week whether we’re ready or not. Deep breaths. See a first peek at The Departed (EP322) right here, thanks to the CW:

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  • charmedone1545

     With show I’m not sure I will ever be done LOL LOL,but I sure will.

  • Kkriksii

    why i have a weird feeling that Elena will be turned to a vampire? 

  • VirusatGunpoint


    Its really nice to see you…Can’t believe TVD is ending soon. :-(

  • ihatepeople

    With all the magical deeds Bonnie has been capable of you’d think she would have made Matt a damn eternity ring by now! That boy is walking around naked just waiting to be picked off. It’s going to be hard to tell where Elijah’s loyalty lies. He’s gone both ways before to protect his own life and his siblings. Maybe you’re right about the coming back spell. If that’s the case my question is in what form do they all come back? Breathing deeply as I ponder this.

  • Trixee

    Yay!!!! we gat Elijah back for the finale!!!!

  • ihatepeople

    Then I might just have to go for the strong stuff the Johnny Walker Blue label. I did say I was going to take up drinking this year. LOL

  • Guest

    Why didn’t they just hit Beks? Its not like she can die from it.

  • Jane

    Julie Plec has said that we won’t see Katherine again, so it’s Bonnie for sure.

  • Salamander5

    They just HAVE to ressurect Klaus! He is my favourite character in this show and I am not sure if I am going to continue watching TVD without him…

  • Kiki

    If Elena is going to be turned it will bring some serious issues to Damon and Stefan’s plan about the losing brother leaving town. If she is a vampire the story will not be over after 60 years as planned. They will have to find a way to live together or the brothers will lose each other forever.

  • Elijah

    oh my GOD- Elijah is back.

  • Mystic Falls

    what happened to Kol?

  • Lieblig

    so it looks like elena will call stefan because elijah will show up which is fine by me:D the fact that elijah is back not that elena chooses stefan

    I’m a little scared because Elijah has “you should not trust me” face

  • Emzzpink


  • NoMoreBoringTV

    Is it Thursday yet?! 

  • Mrs. Damon Salvatore

    I am never going to make it until Thursday!!! I truly hope Elena chooses Damon.  Everybody always says that he has done such horrible things… which is true but they don’t call Stephan the Ripper for nothing ;)  Damon has never left her, she is always his priority, and he has saved her time and time again.  Stephan is constantly leaving and doing mean personal things to her ie: driving her off a bridge, calling her a bloodbag, etc. Wouldn’t it be an interesting spin if Stephan ended up with Katherine!  Out of curiousity, if anybody read the books, who did Elena choose in the book? 

  • Zara

    Who’s going to want to be with Elena when she’s old, by that I mean 50 plus. Unless she takes anti-ageing witch herbs or something, if that’d work but still… I hardly think it’ll work unless she turns which she probably will this season finale or somewhere down the line in the show, sooner rather than later though. Before she gets too old…

    This situation is frickin’ awkward that I would want to hide and not be involved, real talk. I understand Elena’s POV, fair enough because it would be heartless and OOC to ditch both or one of them after everything that they went through and that she does love both of them and so do they.

    What I don’t think is fair is Elena making a choice atm, because she’s going through too much to be in her right mind and a romance is not exactly the highest priority tbh, survival is. Both of the brothers should just be there for her as friends, protecters, whatever until she is ready to make a choice, so if she does make a choice this season, it won’t last and is pretty disrespectful to the other brother. Even though, I want a Stelena reunion, I’m willing to wait and as much as I want Delena to get a shot and be done with; I want both of them in time, Delena first because Stelena will not happen again as long as Elena has unresolved feelings for Damon and the way to see if he’s the one and solve those feelings is to be with him. Then, they should do it sometime in S4; I’m sure Stefan wouldn’t be totally against it, even though he’ll be hurt; the amount of times he inevitably pushed Delena together despite Damon being in love with Elena and the tendencies of his girlfriend/lover falling for his brother also ratio not being great, it’s been long coming and even Stefan cba to deny it, so if she picks Damon or Stefan gives Elena and Damon his blessing to give it a shot without hard feelings is more likely. However, If I were him, I’d move into Klaus’ mansion or wherever the love of his life and brother won’t be because things could get awkward. It wouldn’t be entirely fair to Delena either because both parties would feel guilty with being a couple around him and the hurt Stefan will feel would be heartbreaking to watch.

    I dislike the awkwardness of this threesome dynamic, but it might make for some good viewing. Things have become messy and complicated, and no one really knows what to do, especially Elena. I hope to God, that at least one of them gets a serious love interest to avoid heartbreak and add more depth to this triangle. I could see Meredith being a good match with Damon. Steferine should happen somewhere down the line too, hopefully when Delena happens to see how that plays out – it would be a nice parallel. Then, I’d like the end games to be Stelena and Datherine, when they realise that are with the wrong people. Major awkwardness but good viewing. 

  • Mrs. Damon Salvatore

    I should also mention that I love the fact that Damon doesn’t brag about all the good things he does, doesn’t feel he needs to.  Stefan always feels the need to point his out.  I always root for the underdog… it makes for a better story :)  Plus I would love to have her stand up for herself to her friends who are pushing for Stefan and do what would make her happy.

  • _ilisek


    Someone please dagger me and box me up until next Thursday!

  • charmedone1545

     As my Husband says” This show will drive you drink and sometimes exsessively” I guess between today and Thursday I will have to go to the abc store

  • charmedone1545

     Naked Matt lmao rotf……Could we get a shirtless Matt in season 4 if he lives??? I have convinced myself he will LIVE,and when he does Bonnie better put a ring on Matt or some kind of protection spell

  • eve

    I literally get butterflies in my stomach when I look at Elijah and Stefan……so excited to find out what Elijah is going to do.

  • ihatepeople

    The ABC store? Hey are you in Hawaii? If so I’m jealous. I was just in Maui in February.

    I’m sure we’ll all need drinks before this season is over. The anticipation is killing us.

  • Kiki

     you are right about that “Who’s going to want to be with Elena when she’s old”. Elena has to decide if she loves Damon or Stefan enough to spend an eternity with them. Unless she doesn’t turn for him their relationship will end in a few years when she grows older but he stays young. Should be akward for a 40 year old to date a 17 or 20 year old. So if she stays human either lovestory isn’t serious for her. I think turning into a vampire is similar to getting married in this case

  • ihatepeople

    Seriously why has no one thought of protecting him before?

  • charmedone1545

     Lord I wish I was!!!! Live in TN. I’ve already re-watched Before Sun Set 6 times already today since I’m the only one home. ABC store = Liquor store,my grandma calls them ABC store. I just know this is going to be the LOOOONGEST WEEEEEK EVER!!!!!

  • Haina

    JP said Katherine wasn’t coming back unless Klaus is dead… which is the case (more or less)… So maybe we could see Kat… Well I hope she will come back like Elijah (I was yelling at my screen when I saw him Elijah! Elijah!)
    But for the promo, It’s only Bonnie…

  • Eva

    Wow, the last scene looks like the perfect cliffhanger for the season and it screams Elena turning. I hope it doesn’t happen in the end. And FINALLY Elijah!!!!!!! End of withdrawal syndrom!!!

  • Meldrum Rachel

    Ok, what is with the Stefan saying “I will do everything in my power to make sure we all come back”?

  • ihatepeople

    Oops sorry. There is an ABC store on almost every corner it seems in Hawaii. LOL. More than 7/11′s. I can’t wait to rewatch last night’s ep again. Work got in the way. Hahah. It will be not only a long week but a long Summer depending on what happens.

  • Nicole

    Right? Damon is such a good guy and no one sees that. That’s what kills me about this show! I like Stefan but he’s always being viewed as the knight in shining armor and I’m sick of it. Damon only kills or hurts people when he has to, like Bonnie’s mom. He spared Bonnie and saved Elena’s life so Stefan could keep his good name in tact. Stefan was supposed to do the killing. Of course Stefan didnt mention that in episode 20 when Bonnie was bashing Damon for turning her mom. One reason why I want elena to choose Damon is because then it will feel like someone finally sees the good in him and that he deserves someone to love him. I will be so disappointed if she chooses Stefan. The mushy lovey dovey romance has become annoying and now Elena needs something new and more grown up. Im sure she will choose Stefan though.

  • Nicole

    Haha same here! I just want to go to sleep and wake up at 8:00pm next thursday

  • smoulderhalder

    Elijah how I’ve missed you!!!!!!!!! I hope you are in Mystic Falls to stay!! Please don’t kill him off!!! Also, I think it would be  just the right time for Elena to turn-she barely got away with not becoming a vampire last season.

  • Aguest

     She chose Stefan in the books.

  • Amanda Johnston978

    Have you read the newest book? Not the case.

  • I LOVE this show

    I love how Ric says “where is Klaus”.

  • Logic

    ok just putting it out there… am i the only one who realised that the car going into the water over wickery bridge is NOT Matts truck?? in fact if you look close enough you can tell its a (Wagon probably Elena’s parents car) sneaky editing by tvd…

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