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Posted by | February 10, 2011, 21:02 (MST) | 68 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Extended promo for next week’s episode, The Dinner Party. And they mean extended this time. Enjoy!

UPDATED: Added official CW embed.

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  • Anonymous

    I get it…and well said. I think a light bulb just clicked on in my head:) That makes a bit more sense to me now. Like you said, this will be an eye opener for Elena by opening up that “box”. In other words, she will be forced to take her blinders off and realize that Stefan does have a past where he wasn’t always the guy that stands in front of her now. And she will have to deal with it because it will all be out in the open, verbally spoken aloud.

    But I have to also point out, when Damon told her the rest of the story on how the boys turned last season…she didn’t offer up one bit of sympathy for Damon, she went running out of the Salvatore house to find Stefan. So, in the whole scheme of things, just because Damon had no one to guide him, shouldn’t make her think any differently of Damon than she already does. I think she’s sympathetic to his plight and understands where he’s coming from, and I also think she cares for him, but I really don’t think that Stefan running off and leaving Damon behind to fend for himself is going to make a bit of difference as far as Elena’s feelings are concerned….this is based on what we’ve already seen last season.

    I guess it makes a difference only to us fans that understand Damon, it kind of makes me want to shake Elena and say “wake up! And look at what’s right in front of your face”, but we can’t do that…all we can do is sit back and watch, and feel sorry for him (Damon).

  • Anonymous

    Yeah- I remember reading that. Stefan was supposed to be telling Elena all about it from his perspective. Damon was supposed to be telling someone else (maybe Andie?) from his point of view….doesn’t look like this is happening… you think anyone will ever get around to hearing about the past from Damon’s point of view? It would be nice, this way the events are not so one sided:) What would also be nice is if Damon could tell Elena about the events from his point of view, bit that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen either.

  • Mac

    I agree completely. I was so annoyed last year when she just ran off to find Stefan. I understand she wanted to stop him from killing himself, but she could of at least said “well that sucks for you, but I gotta go do this….” But no, she just ran off.
    I don’t think it will suddenly make her dump Stefan and run into Damon’s arms, it probably won’t change her feelings for either of them, but just as she’s had the blinkers on with Stefan’s past, she maybe had them on with Damon’s past too. I think we all just assumed that Damon was the way he was from the start, but just as Stefan has a past, so does Damon.
    Stefan has always made a point of telling people that he’s a “good vampire” so to speak, but Damon just lets people think what they want of him, and this new information might change things a little, it might not.
    I’m going to be so annoyed know if this doesn’t go the way I’ve convinced myself that it will :)
    p.s. look how skinny our replies have gotten!!

  • Mac

    Maybe it will be like in “Blood Brothers” where Stefan tells her half of it and Damon fills in the blanks for her. Or, it’s possible he’s telling Uncle Daddy John about something? I assume John put the journals in the lake house, and has read them, so he knows what Stefan did.
    Or it’s possible that Damon’s side of things is in the journals. Original John Gilbert obviously didn’t get killed by Stefan if he was able to write about it in his journal after. Maybe Damon saved him? I just hope it’s not a case of something being cut again after we’ve been told about it.

  • Guest

    The first thing I did was look up the word “spare.” It is defined as “to withhold from”, “to use mercy”. So, I believe that in the apartment that Elijah did spare Damon, by not killing him or allowing the other vampires to kill him. Thus, showing him merch and withholding death from him. It’s all semantics.

  • Anonymous

    I hope they go the way you think they will, just so you don’t have to be pissed:) I also hope (I know this sounds bad, but I’m sending a little wish up to the writing gods, now) that somehow, all of the revelation that Elena learns will somehow tie into present day Mystic Falls:) That would be a nice curve ball…I wonder how skinny are replies have to get before we can’t reply at all….LOL:)

  • Anonymous

    I hope Damon is able to fill in whatever blanks are left open…or like you said, John Gilbert from 1864 just wrote everything down in his journals. If that’s the case, I don’t think it would be from Damon’s perspective, it would be from John Gilbert’s (1864) perspective. Either way, I think Damon keeps Stefan from killing the entire Gilbert family in 1864. As a matter of fact, I’m wondering if the boys have a knock down drag out fight…we’ll see, either way I still want them to tie it in somehow to what’s going on now in present day Mystic Falls.

  • Mac

    Well with John having had the journals for a long time he knows what Stefan did, so it’s possible that they could tie it all in. Maybe not to the actual Klaus thing, but at least to the reason Uncle John hates the vampires so much.
    I’d like the replies to be so skinny that it’s one word per line.

  • Mac

    I’m sure there was a picture of Damon in 1864 from this episode released and he was in the Gilbert house standing next to one of the women, who looked a bit worse for wear.
    Maybe Damon stopped Stefan from killing them all and that’s the only reason Elena is alive today? That would be interesting, seeing as he also protected Emily Bennett’s family, and possibly responsible for Bonnie being alive too. Although they seem to have just dropped that bit after the tomb got opened. But it still happened.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah- Damon protected Emily Bennet’s lineage because he gave his word he would. I’m guessing Damon at least saved John Gilbert (1864) from Stefan and yep, that would be the reason Elena is alive today. That would be an interesting turn of events.

    A couple of questions I have regarding this season:
    1. Regarding Katherine: Is the father of her baby important in any way? Also, did Katherine protect her bloodline?

    2. How does the Petrova bloodline tie into the curse? What I mean is why was Petrova blood used to seal the curse to begin with?

    3. Why are is Klaus so gung ho in wanting to break the curse? Seems like a lot of vampires know the secret of the “day walking amulet” so why not just keep the moonstone away from the wolves so the wolves never have a chance at breaking it?

    4. Other than Elena, what is the tie between John Gilbert, Isobel and Katherine?

    5. Is Katherine’s true intention in returning to Mystic Falls to protect Elena, and is Stefan just a bonus?

    6. Why did Katherine turn Damon to begin with? Not only that, why, after Damon being such a thorn in her side, has she not tried to kill him?

    I’m sure I’ll have more, these are just ones I hope we get answers to before the season ends:)

  • Anonymous

    Let’s go for it:) You realize that Katherine faked her death and ran because she knew The Originals/ Klaus were coming for her? This would mean that maybe John Gilbert (1864) may have witnessed the Originals first hand…if he wrote about it, that would explain why Uncle Daddy John knows about it….what if the Originals/Klaus came to Mystic Falls looking for Katherine after she left, leaving the boys turned into vampires…..I wonder if the two newbie vampires (Stefan & Damon) had any contact with them?

  • Mac

    First of all, I can’t reply to the other thread anymore because the reply button is gone off the screen, it’s so skinny, so well done us :)

    My opinion on your questions:
    1 – I don’t think it matters. I’d say she kept an eye on her bloodline in case another doppelgangar showed up and she could use them to get Klaus off her case. This may also be the connection between Isobel and her.

    2 – I assumed it was just a random sacrifice. No idea why it was Petrova, or how for that matter given that Europeans weren’t in South America with the Aztecs for a few hundred years after Katherine had her run in with Klaus (I don’t think we’re supposed to think about that though.)

    3 – I’m so confused about why Klaus wants to break the curse so much. We know he’s had witched working for him for centuries to try and break it, so surely in all that time one of them would have whipped up some magic jewelery for him. I can’t believe it’s to spite the ware wolves, because they’re only super powered on a full moon. I could understand the wolves wanting to be able to control when they turn but the vampire end of it makes no sense. Maybe it’s to do with the original Petrova? This is the one thing I really hope they clear up.

    6 – This bothers me too. I thought at first it was maybe typical Katherine plan to use him as the vampire part of the sacrifice, but then I realised she didn’t have the doppelgangar back then, so that can’t be it. It’s quite likely she just did it for funsies. I think in the episode description for The House Guest it says she confesses something to Damon, so maybe we’ll find out more then.

  • Anonymous

    OK- here’s what I think:

    1. I agree, I don’t think the “baby daddy” is important…but, if she protected her bloodline, then maybe there is more to learn regarding why she returned to MF…she say’s it’s just for Stefan, but I don’t think so. We know that Isobel (after she turned) ran into Katherine (who found who is up for debate) and Katherine helped her obtain her day walking amulet. We know Isobel came to MF on behest of Katherine to deal with the tomb vampire situation. We also know that Isobel added Damon’s & Stefan’s names to the list of vamps to be killed on Founders Day, because she wanted a better life for her daughter. So, it stands to reason Isobel wants to protect Elena, her daughter.

    2. The whole origins of the curse thing has got me puzzled. I suspect we won’t find out any new info on that until Klaus comes to MF.

    3. The whole vamp side of the curse seems weak to me. I understand as well the wolves side, but the vamps? I suspect Klaus will also have more info on that.

    4. I don’t think Katherine turned Damon for funsies or she would have gutted him like a fish because he’s been such a pain in her rear end. There has to be another reason, maybe she just likes to look at him?

  • Mac

    It was already cleared up why Katherine was back in MF. She learned of Elena’s existence and wanted to hand the ready made spell over to Klaus in exchange for him not wanting to kill her anymore. I think messing with Stefan was just a bonus, although it did seem like she really loved him in that memory lane episode. But yeah, I think any protecting of her blood line was just to ensure the possibility of there being another doppelgangar. I assumed she sent Katherine to take care of the tomb vamps because they were pissed at Katherine for getting them trapped in it and she didn’t need more vengeance seeking vamps after her. This lead to Isobel telling her that Elena looked just like her, and so she packed her bags and hitched a ride to Mystic Falls.

  • Matya

    What I think is that Stephan is not that good at all. He realized in some way that when he is on a human diet he is evil a thats why he changes his eating habbits.. But when you look at Damon it was already shown in the first season that he was really a sweet boy (in the 1864), he was so in love with Catherine, but it was always Stephan who got the “fame and glory”, even when he turned he didnt want to eat the girl Stephan brought him, he wanted to die.. I think he pushed aside his humanity because he wanted to look strong and mean that no one could hurt his feelings any more, but he realizes everything he is doing. Deeply he is sensible person but he tries so hard to hide it. He tries to fight his good side.. On the other hand Stephan tries to look so kind and good but you can see that he is really trying hard to control his bad side.. In that way I think that Damon is lot better than Stephan.. Just my humble opinion..

  • Anonymous

    Hmm….I think I have to disagree a bit….At the very end of the episode Isobel, Isobel made a phone call to Uncle Daddy John…she told him to add Stefan & Damon’s names to the list of vamps that were to be killed on Founder’s Day because they owed her (Elena) a better life than this….that doesn’t necessarily sound like someone who wants their daughter to be used as a sacrificial lamb, if you know what I mean….

    I also wouldn’t be surprised one bit of Katherine’s end game has been to protect Elena all along. At first, I thought not….but then again, in Katarina, I got the feeling Katherine was fixing to tell Elena something really important before Stefan showed up and started putting her down. This is just my hunch, and I’ve got nothing to back it up:)

  • Jamie

    personally i dont think that it is a matter of a need to know basis….like that was over 100 years ago and he was a very different person then…and he is trying so hard to be the complete oppersite of who he was back then. so i dont think he is keeping things from her just simply that it was a long time ago and a time that he would rather forget and get over. and plus its not like he could sit there and tell her every blow by blow that has happened to him and he has done for the last 100 or so years….

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