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Posted by | October 26, 2012, 7:25 (MST) | 70 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s a bit more of The Five (EP404), straight from the CW!

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  • ihatepeople

    I know I could do without it. LOL. I’d also rather not have DAmon be just an affair. He got that crumby end of the stick with Katherine. Let’s not repeat it.

  • Quietriver

    We all know that Elena’s personality became exaggerated (I’m kind of sick of the word “heightened”!) when she turned into a vampire.  I’ve been trying to guess what she will be like as a vampire, but I’ve been thinking of how she’s been since the series started after her parents died.  I mean, she’s been in mourning ever since the show started, but she wasn’t always so grief-stricken, so maybe I’m focusing on the wrong parts of her personality.  Think about when Damon first met her, and she was at a party in the woods.  Think about in Season 1 when Damon took her on a road trip, and they played pool.  I mean, Elena does know how to let loose and have fun.  Being with Stefan combined with all of the tragic deaths of her loved ones has kind of brought out the morose parts of her personality, but I think that deep down, past all of that grief, she is basically upbeat and fun-loving.  She is definitely emotional in general and is capable of experiencing both the highest of highs and lowest of lows.  Stefan seems stuck in the lowest of lows for fear of becoming a ripper again, and he may not be able to experience those highest of highs with her.

  • mary.m155

    holy crap, this is it. Its going to be the best DELENA episode ever. I really think Elena is going to be a rockin vampire. She has the potential to be so bad… :/

    The two of them dancing together! And feeding together! ahh

  • mary.m155



    No Nelly, it’s not my idea. Stefan clearly stated that he wrote the names on the wall to remember & relish in the kill in episode 303, The End of the Affair. Not to mention, back in Season 2 when Stefan & Elena were at the Gilbert lake house (when Elena was reading the Gilbert journals) Stefan explained to Elena himself that he was worse than Damon because he relished in the kill….and this was all before we learned Stefan was known as the Ripper of Monterey, and exactly what being a Ripper meant. 


    I don’t think Damon will let Elena kill someone, either, but if she does, he’ll consider it part of her learning experience. He’ll probably think it’s better that it’s a stranger than one of her friends and be all practical about it. When reading through the comments, it’s like people are forgetting we’re dealing with vampires here, not humans. Vampires follow a whole other set of rules and don’t see the things the same way a human would…

  • Shannon

    Isobel? I didn’t see her at all, idk what ur talking about, lol If ur talking about the Canadian promos, i don’t watch those, too spoilery.

  • Logic

    LOL yeah in this promo, when Elena’s dancing take a close look at the girl across from Elena… around the 0:17-0:19 mark… It could be a hallucination… or could just be an Isobel look alike :) 

  • mary.m155

    I haven’t watched yet but that would be super weird..

  • crescentmoon47

    I think she explore the darker side, but I don’t think Damon will let her go to far. That’s why he’s there. He said that he would help her and teach her. So if he led her down the “dark path” to far that would turn her into Katherine and it would ruin her life, because she is feeling everything so deeply. 

    I do think Stefan is being to naive to think that she can survive on animal blood and not try to help her to cope with the blood lust. It’s like what Damon told him outside the church in Ep2, let her experience it now with both of them there to pull her back. Stefan doesn’t want to go there. Just turn a blind eye. 

    I used to be totally team Defan, but lately I’m leaning toward team Delena.

  • Georgia_Peach

    How cute and innocent Elena is while talking to Stefan about her and Damon crashing Bonnie’s trip to Whitmore College.  His response is to be careful and don’t get caught up in the blood, which is easy to do.  First example of Stefan not being able to teach Elena how to be a vampire.  Caroline will probably be getting a call … Stefan is going to need a friend.   Looks like Elena’s first lesson in controlling herself as a vampire will be taking place at the frat party.  Damon and Elena are going to have a “blood high” for sure.  Poor Bonnie!  How much of this will she witness? … and her witch powers are fried… bad timing (?) ..

  • Logic

    When you’ve watched it, let me know what you think :)

  • Elenasfan

    Priceless, Damon’s commentary: “she already is like me!”.

  • TVD*fan

    She’s a vampire, not a puppy!! It’s OK for her to enjoy feeding!

  • iheartdamon

    Have you all seen the Canadian promo? I found it on youtube by accident. It’s short, but it shows different scenes.

  • mary.m155

    Could u put the link on here for me?

  • Logic

    I’d love to see it too!! please enter the link! :)

  • lolalovestvd

    I guess I just don’t understand the opinions of everyone who thinks Damon is trying to turn Elena “dark” and leading her down a path of loneliness and immorality.

    First of all, that’s the last thing he wants for her. He’s trying to keep that exact thing from happening. He doesn’t want her ending up like Stefan who, when he lets his true vampire nature come through, is a monster who revels in the kill and the bloodlust. Damon is trying to teach her how to control herself and NOT kill anyone. He may see it as inevitable that it will happen at some point, but it’s not like he’s encouraging her to go out and murder some innocent frat boy. While something may happen down the line and Elena does lose control, that’s no indication that Damon has encouraged it.

    Secondly, Damon is not dark and evil himself so why would he encourage that in Elena? Yes, he killed people in early S1 while his emotions were turned off and yes, he killed Jeremy in a fit of uncontrollable emotion (and the show-runners attempt to make Stefan more popular), but none of that made him evil. He’s had the most growth and the strongest redemption arc of any character on the show all in an effort to illustrate that, in fact, Damon is full of love and compassion and is quite a hero, though an unwilling one most of the time.  I’d like to think that the writers didn’t spend three seasons  building him up just to tear him down now.

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