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Posted by | February 18, 2011, 1:24 (MST) | 66 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Trust me – as an observer, you guys need a week to recover from The Dinner Party. ;) In the meantime, check out the extended promo for The House Guest, next week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries.

UPDATED: Now featuring shiny CW embed!

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  • LUCYm

    what is kathrine up to, we know that kathrine wants elijah dead but she was going totade elena in last time, and she’s playing mind games with stefan and damon. for some weird reason ive just got a feeling and this is probably not true but ric being on fire, i know that damon wouldn’t do that do him but he hasn’t had much of a part to play in it recently i think he will go out of one way or another soon.

  • 1864Vamps

    Katherine says that when Elijah died his complsion wears off, letting her out of the tomb. But if they take the dagger out of Elijah and comes back to “life” will she be dragged to back to the tomb?
    Anyway while she is out of the tomb what is she up to? Uncle John knew that the complusion would wear off when Elijah died otherwise why would he ive Damon the dagger to kill him? He was trying to kill Damon and Elijah but at the same time get Katherine out of the tomb but why? I agree with Alaric that Uncle John’s gonna need the ring more than him after Damon gets to him. I do think John is there to help Elena but i have no idea why he helped Katherine, she tryed to kill him!
    I love this show and i am sure there is more than meets the eye about the sacrifice and John and Of course Katherine! :)

  • SunshineMB

    So … If they take the dagger out of Elijah’s body, it will take some time for him to come back, right ? … What if Damon and Stefan manage to take Elijah’s body where they will plan to kill Klaus ? Maybe they will try to kill him right after they pull the dagger out of Elijah’s body. When Elijah will come back he will probably don’t want to kill them anymore, since they’ve had his “job” done … Just saying … ?

  • Linn

    Alric said that John is gonna need the ring more then him, but I’m sure that Elena comes with her “being the better man” talk, and will not let Damon take his revenge or something..

  • Anonymous

    If Alaric Salzman dies at some point of this or any other season, that will destroy the beauty of human characters on the show. He is the only open minded character of Vampire diaries! After everything Damon has done to him, he was able to see him not only as a monster and usefull executor, but alos as a ex human who actually needs a friend. I am so sorry Rose died, she and Alaric could be a permanent so called mirror of his humanity and his inspiration to solve his biggest problem – non-controlled impulsiveness and rashness. Other human characters like Jenna, Matt, Carol Lockwood are described and written as boring, useless, clueless and a real waste of time.

  • Edofak

    Guys i think the only way to really kill elijah is to take out his heart with the dagger still inside him.without his heart there is no way he will resurrect

  • Anonymous

    Did they also say why Klaus wants to break the curse? I can’t remember that… sorry :(
    But I’ve been thinking. If he wants to break the curse because of the werewolfs or he doesn’t want to become weak (and if there’s a good side in him) they could have a deal. Team Mystic Falls could turn Elena into a vampire so that the curse can never be broken. (And they better find a way to kill Elijah for good) Team Klaus won’t harm Team Mystic Falls. (And he should take care of Jonas and Luka)

    … everybody could be happy, but I don’t think it will be that easy.

  • pam

    Another exciting episode to look forward to. I feel bad for Jonas, he is doing everything he can to get his daughter back. It’s like everyone doing everything to protect Elena. Hope they figure out how to all come together and kick Klaus’s butt. I also think that Katherine as badass as she is may have been has had a change of heart. She knows first hand the destruction Klaus has done. I believe(hope) that since Elena is family she will try to protect her. Though Katherine being Katherin she’ll want to have a little fun. She knows that Damon loved her for over 100 years and wanted her back so I can see her having a little fun with him. I hope that Katherine and Damon get together for a night or two of passion.

  • Ashley

    Caroline singing with s.o.stereo….. is going to be AMAZING!!

  • Mac

    I think there’s three separate fires in this promo.
    At 0:11 The Grill is on fire.
    At 0:15 Damon is using a flame thrower and I’m 99% sure that he’s in the basement cell, you can see the door behind him. So most likely he’s trying to burn Elijah.
    Then there’s a guy on fire in an apartment, who I’m thinking is Jonas. No idea why he’s on fire though. Playing with all those candles was bound to set someone on fire eventually.

  • Laura

    Ooh looks like the grill burns down…damn. They are going to have to find a new place to hang out/plot.

  • Nicole Lau

    I just..i think i’ve watched that thing 5 times already. Katherine is getting kinda annoying…but uh, she is good. So did both Damon and Stefan mistake her for Elena. hmm.

  • Kauakaeo

    ok so is this the last episode till APRIL? UUUHHH NO IT CAN’T BE LOL…!!!

  • Mystyk

    I turned my two teenage brothers and my 24 y.o cousin into faithful viewers of this show. It feels almost as rewarding as a good action…

  • Ems344

    OMG… i just saw this episode and all i can say is OMFG it is soooo crazy and intense i can not belive what happen with matt and careoline how could he think that she hurt vickie i know it is hard to take but elean acktted way better then that. OOOOO please do not get me started on the ending how could they leave us with the ending being is isobel at elena door saying to JENNA “hi i am elena mom”, i can not belive they did that when we have to wait until APRIL 7 to know what is going to happen next :(

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