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Posted by | November 2, 2012, 7:20 (MST) | 58 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s a bit more of next week’s new episode, The Killer (EP405).

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  • BlackCat92

    The fact that Elena called Damon “Him” as if she was repulsed that she was learning to feed with Damon, made me very upset too, and the fact that she basically told him that she would never want to be like him. What happened to the bond Elena and Damon formed while Stefan was off being Klaus’s Rippah minion? I thought Elena and Damon had gained mutual trust for each other. I guess I was mistaken…It’s like Elena forgot how important Damon’s friendship has been to her. And the whole time I was thinking, honey you will never be able to go through this with Stefan, because you’ll end up having to be the one who has to teach him self control and clean up his bloody mess! I feel like Elena often takes Damon’s feelings for granted and one day it will definitely backfire on her, or at least I hope it does. 

    If Delena happens I will be happy, but frankly I would also be happy if Damon got invested in another love interest and ignored Elena completely. It would be oh so delightful to see Elena pining for Damon and Damon being able to break her heart for once. I’m also afraid of Delena happening because I really wouldn’t want it to end with Elena running back to Stefan AGAIN. I do really hope that all this heartache and evolution Damon has had to go through will not be for nothing in the end and the writers finally give him a happy ending, fingers crossed! All I can do for now is enjoy watching the show for all its other great characters and aspects besides the triangle, and sigh and get angry every time Damon gets screwed over or has his heart ripped out and stepped on, and hope that happiness is at the end of his journey since he is my favourite character.

  • Rapidapathy

    You’re talking about the guy who waited 145 years for the women he loved and thought was locked in a tomb the whole time to be released. He wasn’t even interested in anyone until he met Sage in 1912. Damon is the epitome of patience in my eyes. He’ll wait for Stefan to ruin the relationship he has with Elena and pick up the pieces and I think we’re starting to see Elena realizing who the consistent hero of her heart is, especially since she keeps victimizing Damon. Who remembers being picked on by the one you fancied in school? I think she’s projecting, trying to push the idea that Damon and her are perfect for each other and blaming him even though she knows he’s right.

  • Canderella

    Damon is pointing the gun (or whatever it is) being STILL in Elena’s BEDROOM – right?!?

  • Maka11

    The older the vampire the stronger but the angrier the stronger , so she good of been reallly angry? That’s the only reason Caroline been able to take down Damon b4

  • Maka11

    They need Damon to go off and be himself with somebody new so they can learn not to take him for granted !

  • Khanmehroze


  • Khan mehroze

    dont make damon suffer more plz.. just dont.. 

    to the writers: more than half of tvd fans watch this show cause of damon.. if u guys r going to  treat him like a piece of shit u’ll loose all audiance.. 


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