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Posted by | April 7, 2011, 19:59 (MST) | 140 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Hot on the heels of the short promo, the (super-long, spoilerific) extended promo for The Last Dance has made it onto YouTube. Next week’s Vampire Diaries is going to be intense.

Warning: Spoilery. We mean it. Even if you’ve seen Know Thy Enemy, avoid this if you’re at all spoiler-shy. Here’s a link for Smartphone users.

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  • Anonymous

    That’s what I said Brinkleyj, but he may be trying to force Stefan & Damon to find another way to take on Klaus.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention, if Bonnie were to die, this would be the third girlfriend Jer has lost… a row. I could see why he would panic a bit:)

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a question- is Ric’s soul still in his body? Is he aware that Klaus has taken him over and is doing things to harm his friends? Does Ric’s body have the same strength now as an Original would? Or even a human turned vampire? Is there a way for Ric to become Ric again?

    Bonnie- I don’t much like her, but this is one time her witch mo-jo could be used for good. HELP RIC!

  • Estanton

    what is the name of the song?

  • Guest299

    Hey…Can Someone Tell Me The Background Song That’s Playing?

  • Canderella

    I also thought a lot about who would be willing to turn Elena and be at ease with this decision and love for her forever.

    But I’ve come to a different conclusion, I also don’t agree to Paul about Stefan. Stefan had a very hard time to even like Katherine after finding out what she really was. He was disgusted and even so much troubled that he turned her in. Surely a lot has changed since then, but still he is not at ease with being a vampire himself so I doubt that turning Elena and live a happy bloody vampire life ever after is really an option for him. He forced his brother to turn and surely feels guilty about it. I think it’s a major risk to turn Elena even if she demands or wants it herself and will question his true love for her deeply (sorry, no native English, hope it makes sense to you all). I do agree though that Stefan is a pretty selfish person, though ;)

    Damon on the other hand accepted and loved Katherine for whom she was. A beautiful seductive vampire. He’d love her being human or being a vampire. Surely also reluctend at first (when she asked him to kiss her, her mouth still quenched with blood) but he could overcome that disgust. And yes, he misses his humanity and still mournes over it silently. Who wouldn’t? An orginal maybe ;) But Damon would also enjoy his vampire life with the right companion. Remember what he said to Katherine in The Return…. So my conclusion is, that if somenone turns Elena it will be Damon. At least it ‘should’ be him. Or it will be Stefan and then regretting it – leaving the door wide open for his cute brother. Don’t know which scenario I’d prefer, probably last one, coming with more tension and inner conflicts…. ;)

  • Anonymous

    I like the part where Elena says “You’re good at this” and Damon is like “I have moves you’ve never seen before” (: Elena smiling with Damon <3

  • Anonymous

    Hi Canderella, I still don’t think Damon would do it….had you asked me if he would dare before I saw The Descent, I would have said, hell yeah. But, after watching The Descent, specifically the very last scene…..I don’t think he would want this for Elena……not if there was any other possible way for her to live….BTW- you’re English is fine. I understood what you were saying:)

  • Lindsay L.

    Haha I know right! It would be great!

  • Anonymous

    i want to see this episode!! i love all delena scenes and i really want to see klaus!!

  • Cool_girl_sabry

    It must be because damon tells her that he loves her that elene slaps damon.

    if you watch the promo released before the 17 episose you’ll see damon telling elena to prepare herself for what he is about to say and we see her crying.

    i am sure that it is because of that.

  • Canderella

    Thank you :)
    Yes, it could pretty much be like you said. Damon hating his vampire nature and loving Elena also for her humanity and not being able to stand it whe she should turn. He does not see the ability to lead a “good” life as a vampire – otherwise he wouldn’t have insisted on killing Caroline after she turned. Stefan obviously does and until now he is pretty right, looking on how Caroline has evolved.

    But the end of The Descent and Damon speaking out loud that he missed his humanity wasn’t really a surprise to me. Considering he never wanted to turn or even when he did still refusing to drink blood (hope we’ll get a few more flashbacks of that! Didn’t like the last one with Lexis appearance and bad devilish Stefan that much. Was a bit superficial to me. There is much more in it..). I always took it for granted that it is like that.

    But to have your love to live an eternity with you is what made him accept becoming a vampire in the first place (very rough summit ;;)). And when Elena wants it – let’s assume also wants it *with* Damon – he will finally get what was “promised” to him a couple of years before ;) I doubt he will hesitate a second.

  • Dari82

    Honestly? “This really hot guy asked me to ask you if you want to go to the dance with him… his name is Klaus.”

    …and by the way, he looks exactly like your history teacher. Odd.

  • JordanJigsaw

    holy crap…elena might be crying b]cuz ric dies in order for klaus 2 die :’c

  • stefansgirl

    OMG………………..that is all i can say is omg because o my god i can not wait till next week its killing me to wait……..but i really really hope that ric comes back as himself and that boonie does not die……………….. i can not stop thinking about what damon is going to say to elena……… anyway at lest it is only 4 days away. :)

  • LT

    the witches are no longer there they were in spirit now bonnie has channelled them, so their spirits are gone. that’s just my thought :)

  • Aditi2995

    god what is the name of the song…….plzzz telll

  • Stefanie

    I think Jeremy told the truth to Stefan. I mean, if Bonnie uses all her power, she will die, and so will Elena.So i think he was talking about the both of them.

  • Kieran Moroney

    Looks like it is going to be the best episode ever

  • Anonymous

    well…i dont think that elena slaps damon because of alaric or because of he told her that he loves her, i think that it is about jeremy or bonnie…but im not sure…

  • Rashawnlinkinpark

    good idea i think elena slapped damom because he suggested to let bonnie die in order to kill klaus

  • Wups

    I think Damon is going to sacrifice himself in order to safe Elena, and he tells her that and then she slaps him, because she doesn’t know if she can live without him. Whatever it will be, I bet the writers will blow our socks off (again)

  • TVDfan#

    ok, a lot of talk about turning Elena into a vampire here…IMO there is NO WAY the writers are going to do that (unless ratings go way down and the show is on the way out)…because then none of us could relate to her. Right? I mean the whole draw here is the normal girl gets the hot sexy vampire (or two). Not gonna happen.

    On a different note, how sexy is Alaric playing the bad, bada$$? Please do not delete Alaric, writers!! Love this idea of possession by blood and spells. Very cool, but i eventually want my ALL HUMAN, ALL REAL MAN, VAMPIRE Slayer Alaric BACK!

    And looking forward to Elijah flashbacks.

  • Wups

    @TVDfan okay, i dont think elena will become a vam just yet, but i am not sure at all. but i do know alaric will stay for a while, bacause in one of the photos for a upcoming episode he is just talking with damon at a bar somewhere. and another thing; hell yeah! elijah! klaus! katherine! flashbacks! woohoo!

  • Followurheart12

    Lol:D That’s what I was thinking! I was like wait…. Isn’t Klaus possessing Alaric?

  • Cordy

    I still think that my earlier wild speculation is that Damon finds out how Elena’s parents died and realizes that he did it to annoy his brother who was nearby. Damon had no knowledge of who was in the car, he didn’t target them just trying to make Stefan turn back to a human drinker instead of a bunny eater.

    Or he confesses to compelling her earlier this season, or he has to kill someone she loves to protect her or compel someone or…I don’t know I’m thinking that he kills someone close to her and I don’t want to say names since at this point I am attached to them all. Sorry for the rant. See you all at the dance.

  • Angel blewitt

    omg…i can’t wait! its killing me. why couldn’t it be on last night?

  • witchyvamps!

    hey… ny1 temme vich sng is bein played in da promo….thnx in advance!!!

  • witchyvamps!

    i hope dat matt doesnt kill caroline!!!!i guess dat tyler will cum bak….n i think dat bonnie’s witchy cousin is gonna reappear…(n i guess m goin crazy by waiting so hard!!!!!)
    katerina graham said,”Oh, you have no idea. No idea at all.”
    well, dats givin ma curiosity centre overloads……jst cnt wait 4 thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like TVD

    The Song In The Promo Is I Will Always Be Your Baby By Jenny and the Fentones Does Anyone Have A Youtube Link For It?

  • stefansgirl

    omg i really really really ric comes back as himself…………i wounder if stefan was talking about elena when he said damn it damon were is she…………..i hope bonnie does not die……. wouder what damon said to elena to get her sooooo upset……… many wouders about this episode at lest it is only one day away it felt like forever.

  • witchyvamps!

    actually i checked….u cn get 20 scnds of it on black toast music…

  • Evija Kapeljuha

    Can’t wait!!

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