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Posted by | December 6, 2013, 6:40 (EST) | 12 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s the extended promo for next week’s mid-season finale, Fifty Shades of Grayson (EP510), airing Thursday, December 12 at 8/7c.

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  • eve

    Oh my….Stefan is badass is a capital B. Love that no matter what….at the end of the day he’ll always be their for Damon and Elena…..even though they both have treated him terrible lately. (my opinion) they…..didn’t look for him…..wasn’t there for him when they found out what he went through…..

  • Suchtie

    What song is playing in the background? It’s awesome!

  • napoli

    Great points eve! This is why Stefan is the hero of the show and Damon the anti-hero. Not everyone can be selfless like Stefan and always be saving everyone else as Stefan does.

  • mydamonheart

    I know, how terrible of Damon to to not look for Stefan for 3 months, this has added to his PTSD and made everything so much worse for him. BLESS.
    I wonder how Damon feels after 5 yrs of torture that he had to save himself?

  • Leelala (previously Logic)

    Woah! Damon/Enzo face off!!! YIKES!!

  • eve

    Yes, Damon did live through hell 5 years of torture and hell….too bad he didn’t go back for Enzo who lived it before, during and after Damon left. Wonder why Damon didn’t even bother to go back for him…if he was afraid to do it alone he could have told Stefan, Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Elena….he could have went there with a gang of vampires, witches and werewolves……strange he didn’t tell Elena the evil that Whitmore College is….I mean obviously he was going back….didn’t he wonder…bother to check the cells to see if anyone was down there being tortured?

  • mydamonheart

    Firstly, we don’t know what happened next because that part has not been shown yet, We know Damon killed everyone in the room and he walked away leaving Enzo to die. To this day he believes Enzo is dead so why would he go back for him? but we know Damon flipped his switch, that is an automatic pass for any bad vamp behaviour on this show is it not?
    Secondly,As for the present day stuff, I am as baffled as everyone else as to why Damon was happy for Vampire Elena to attend a college where he was tortured for being a vampire! This makes no sense at all unless they plan to address this in the next ep.
    Why do you think Damon didn’t check out Whitmore College first?
    Why did Stefan not come looking for Damon for 5 yrs? Why did he leave it until the 70s to show concern for his brother and even then send Lexie because he couldn’t be bothered?

  • eve

    I agree that there’s got to be more to the story that needs to be told. But, I really want to know why Damon didn’t even bother to check to see if any….not just Enzo….but any vampires were being tortured and why he’d send his vampire girlfriend to a College that he knew did experiments and had a torture chamber. As for Stefan….as far as he was concerned Damon left him on a platform waiting… not showing up…he didn’t know Lexi said what she said to Damon. Imagine how different the brothers lives would have been….they would have been real brothers….traveling the world together and protecting each other….living their adventures in life together. Don’t miss understand me….what Damon endured was horrible….I personally found it disturbing to watch and found myself actually covering my eyes….the saddest part for me while watching it was when Damon’s eyes built up with tears… imagine the fear and the feeling of being so alone and helpless….I hated that and it gave me total goosebumps….I felt so bad for him. What bothers me was….when the brothers did eventually reconnect and Stefan did in fact give his life, love (Elena), friends….Mystic Falls up….all for the cure for Damon and had to be Klaus’ slave…..that showed how much Stefan loved and wanted to help/protect/save his brother. Damon knew how much Stefan loved Elena….did that prevent him from chasing Elena after Katherine didn’t want him….no. Hell, even before Katherine turned Damon down….Damon openly flirted with Elena….knowing it upset Stefan…..why? Stefan just spent 3 months trapped in a box at the bottom of a lake….his brother didn’t even bother to look for him. What did Damon do when he found out Stefan was in trouble….asked Sheriff Forbes to look for him….then when Stefan got out Damon asked him if he wanted to go to a party….seriously? Both brothers have there good and bad points. The next episode shows Stefan threatening Dr Evil with….you better tell men or else Aaron is dead…..I’m sure Stefan is doing this for Damon and Elena…..not just Elena. Stefan loves his brother and has proven it….I’d like Damon to step up and prove his love too….

  • mydamonheart

    I believe I already answered the first part of this post in my previous post so I won’t repeat.
    Damon left Stefan on the platform in 1944 and Stefan didn’t wonder why? for all he knew, Damon could have been dead or in trouble, but no, Stefan assumes the worst of him. Damon is right when he says Stefan really doesn’t know him at all. I also think this scene also shows Damons immense love for his brother, he sacrificed his relationship and the chance to be brothers because Lexie convinced him that it was in Stefans best interests.
    Most recently, we hear from Damon that Stefan knew nothing of his 5yrs of hell because Damon chose to spare him the guilt of not helping him. Stefan couldn’t wait to guilt trip DE with his suffering.
    Damon has been shown throughout TVD to be protective of his little brother time and time again. I don’t think he has anything to prove at all.

  • linzi_lou

    Please enlighten me when the last time Stefan was the hero? There is only one one badass and his name sure ain’t Stefan Salvatore. The last time we saw him last ep he was still snivelling in that safe being as useful as he ever was.

  • moebius22

    Did you see the fire in the previous episode? I want to know how they explain how Enzo lived with the fire being so close to his cage.
    It was a gripping episode, but there were so many inconsistencies in the last episode, that it makes your head hurt.

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