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Posted by | March 7, 2014, 16:21 (MST) | 82 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Fresh from the CW, here’s the extended promo for While You Were Sleeping (EP516), which will air on Thursday, March 20th at 8/7c.

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  • Gwen

    Great point…you are so right the gang began this journey together…a legacy passed down to them from their forefathers and founding families of a distrust and hatred of vampires. And witches / vampires/ werewolves /hunters all fighting among themselves but this MF broke through all this and become a true family in spite of all the obstacles they have had to face…so what may have started out as a story of 2 brothers and a girl they both loved is also a story about a group of friends that broke through the stereotypes passed down to them from previous generations.

  • InewtoTVD

    Spot on my friend! ;) You’re awesome. Now. Let’s hope they do stick together and don’t all die in the end! :/

  • T. Vernay

    They just will not stop. The entire show will crash and burn for Delena. Elena will have five heads and multiple personalities before it’s all over with. Doesn’t matter as long as she is tweaked and twerked towards Delena. And the same goes for my Damon. The worse thing that happened to this show is fan servicing even when it catered to my wants. lol I’ll admit I was high off last episode but I am so over Delena by now. Seriously.

  • jesserabbit

    Yes! I loved that Damon got to play the “My Choice” card but I hated that they made him backslide in the very next episode.

    I realize it had to happen for plot purposes but I wish it hadn’t been so clunky and badly-written. I got whiplash from his immediate turn-around. It could have been a much smoother and less face-palming transition.

  • Gwen

    You got to give it to Damon he really knows how to plant a kiss…So Hot! I can’t wait.

  • Andrew55

    That’s been my problem with the show….Fan servicing. The last few seasons have been like one long fan fiction. And they do twist the characters personalities and tweak their behavior from episode to episode in order to fit the story they want to tell. You would think after 5 seasons that the writers would know their characters well enough to understand how they should act in any given situation. But unfortunately it seems like our writers have problems in that department. And anytime fans start to notice that the characters are acting OOC, the company line is….well they are vampires and vampires are unpredictable. I think that is just a huge cop out and a convenient excuse for lazy, poor writing.

  • Gwen

    Hey jesserabbit – Welcome Back!…It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to read one of your inspirational posts.

    Agree – they have had Damon all over the place these last few episodes…almost a former shadow of himself…and sometimes seaming “robotic” / emotionless in his actions.

    Yes “choice” is always a good thing and at the core foundation of delena which I still believe will be the end game.

    I would your enjoy input on the whole Elena forgiving Damon so quickly debate…it has not even happened and many posters are already bashing Elena & Damon for resolving things so quickly.

    I remember Stefan doing some really terrible things when he went off with Klaus and Elena stood by him through it all…so it would not seem OOC for her to be open to forgiving Damon (after holding him accountable for his actions of course)…

    Anyway…welcome back…hope you stick around for a while.

  • Samantha

    I actually haven’t seen the past 2 episodes because I seem to have given up and I couldn’t seem to pin point why I lost interest but I think you guys are right and its why I started losing it in S4 and then s5 lost me practically straight away… Its not enjoyable to watch anymore =( so sad it was my favourite show… ahh well I have the first 3 seasons to watch atleast…

  • napoli

    Just because the fans use it as a cop out doesn’t mean you have to. When they don’t understand what’s really happening to Damon the excuse is OOC but it’s really because Ian’s baby blues are hynotising.

    Elena right now is dark. This is her journey which happens to suck right now. But just as Stefan went through his ripper stage and came out a better person so will Elena.

    Elena had to be dark in order to accept being with someone like Damon. In the end this whole experience will make her stronger.

    Remember in s3 when Stefan was with ghost Lexi and Elena locked up and Lexi was detoxing Stefan from being a ripper? Stefan said horrible things. If we had to actually watch Stefan being detoxed in real time instead of Lexi’s ability to go through years in a manner of moments I don’t think I could have stomached watching Stefan be so horrible. Yet this is what we have to go through now with Elena. She has lost herself. In s4 she said the worst moment is when you realise that you’ve lost yourself. Elena just hasn’t realised this yet but it will happen.

  • jesserabbit

    Hi, Gwen!!!

    Sadly, I’m not watching TVD anymore. Too much sloppy writing, too little focus on the regular character’s stories and too much focus on the ridiculous, boring doppelganger stuff, which is what had me tuning out at the beginning of the season. I try to keep up with the general storylines but don’t bother to watch live anymore.

    I did catch this past episode because I wanted to see Katherine say her last good-byes and get a nice “good riddance” from Damon and the rest of the gang. I liked it, mostly, and I’ll probably watch the next episode, too, just to see if it sticks. :D

    As far as Elena forgiving Damon quickly:

    1) We don’t know if that will happen

    2) If it does, It would be completely in character for her. She’s not only forgiven Stefan for far worse, she’s actually completely overlooked/denied his bad deeds in the past. She’s done the same for many other characters – and Damon – as well. It’s actually more strange if she doesn’t forgive him.

    That being said, I’m not so sure what she’ll do. Elena is growing up and she’s not the naive schoolgirl who refused to believe that Stefan’s Ripper side was even a part of him at all, let alone hold him accountable for his actions. Her compassion and forgiveness just bit her in the ass when she extended it Katherine, so she might not be such an easy touch anymore.

    Hopefully, everything that’s happened will have both Damon and Elena doing some deep reflection and maybe finally addressing some of the issues the sire bond caused between them.

    Probably not, though.

  • Melissa

    I’m hoping that Enzo has not setup Stefan and Caroline… But I have a feeling they got double-crossed (will this doppelganger thing haunt Stefan and Elena forever? Please provide permanent closure on this storyline… I mean Katherine getting dragged to hell kinda closure).

    The Elena “I love you” seems to be a little too vehement to me, I’m thinking that she said it like that to cut off whatever Damon was saying to her. I’m guessing that he was making some disparaging remarks about himself and his recent behavior and Elena needed to let him know she loved him. I do have faith in her though, and I know she’s got a mean right hook in her so may the TVD gods be good to me and let her unleash all her pent up rage on Damon :-) then they can kiss and make up or take it slow or be friends or issue ultimatums whatever. I just need to see her sock it to him :-D

    P.S When is Jeremy going to get a chance to kill Damon for a change? Seems highly unfair that he’s down 0 to Damon’s 1 and a half (half because Enzo did the actual deed). Also is Jere still a hunter? Because Silas is dead and perhaps he should start using the Gilbert ring again. I’m just sayin’

  • Jennifer2667

    You’re totally right about Jeremy! The waiting around until someone else tries to kill him is crap. Didn’t Damon try to kill him twice? Maybe I’m thinking of Damon with Alaric. Anyway, it sounds like in ep. 517 that Jeremy is taking control of his life despite Elena’s wishes. I wonder if he’s quitting school, leaving Salvatore mansion and striking out on his own.

    Re:Enzo, he’s a mixed bag. He seems to care about Damon, but he also did something behind the scenes for Wes and not for the first time. It depends on how much Enzo got mixed up with Augustine and to what extent they were holding something over his head to keep him as a minion (like possibly holding girlfriend Maggie hostage or torturing her).

  • Gwen

    Hey Thanks for the Great Feedback…I could not agree more…D/E entire relationship needs a complete do-over…starting with the moment S/E broke up & w/o the sire bond.

  • ito2110

    haha..yeah, some people just have weird ways to show love, or say it. but it doesn’t mean that they don’t know what love is. it reminds me of my parents who passed away. they had a weird way to show love, but they did love each other till death did them apart.

  • ito2110

    Damon actually killed Jeremy once (2×1), then Jeremy did try to kill him, but somehow he didn’t. They ended up having conversation and Jer laughed at Damon’s joke about the stake. At season 4 Damon was compelled to kill Jeremy, Damon asked Jeremy to kill him, but Jeremy didn’t do it. At second attempt, Stefan came nd snapped Damon’s neck. At season 5, Damon let Enzo had Jeremy, Enzo killed Jeremy but he was saved by Kat. I don’t know why, but I think, there are some weird understandings between Damon, Jeremy and Alaric. No matter what Damon did, they ended up still being friends with him.

  • Lulu

    I think that Damon actually killed Jeremy completely through his own, thoroughly stupid, impulsive judgement call once. He tried to kill Jeremy last year, but he wasn’t in control, as i think Kol had compelled him. He’s done nothing but make boneheaded calls since he thought that it was Elena who slammed him, so even though he didn’t “kill” Jeremy, he still was complicit in putting him in danger. Now, Damon is my fave, but these are some of the dumbest things he’s done since he killed Jeremy, and when he killed Vicky earlier, just for the heck of it.
    To be fair to Elena, I don’t think that she’s really going to get to have a genuine “Elena” reaction until she’s “cured” from this effects of this injection. She’s not going to be able to calm down and think the whole thing through until then.

    On a side not, I’m still not convinced that we won’t see a zombified, maybe ripper Aaron rise from his grave.

    Last, but not least, it is still strange that Wes let Enzo wander around. I mean, since Enzo was kept in captivity for so long, why wasn’t he the guinea pig for the Ripper virus? Going by what Stefan said to Enzo in this snippet of a clip we saw, maybe they did, and Enzo was given the antidote-or has stolen it, or knows where it is, so he is the one that they will get it from,

  • Lulu

    I think that Jeremy still must have some hunter’s instincts, since he did mention something about it earlier in the season, but he obviously-and thankfully-isn’t driven to kill every vampire in site any more.

  • T. Vernay

    Thank you for seeing beyond your ship!

  • T. Vernay

    ***may contain mild book references.

    While I don’t pretend to know the first thing about television writing, I can say that achieving solid, consistent characterization is extremely challenging but necessary for great story telling.

    Part of the challenge is accepting what your characters are made of and always holding them accountable to their world views, their habits and their defects. This makes them real. This is one of the many reasons shows like the Sopranos, The Wire and Merlin hahahaha sorry had to drop that in there, were so successful because their characters could literally jump out of the screen and live daily lives. The characters were rarely if ever compromised.

    That is not the case here. I agree that the characters since about late season three have been a response to possible fan reaction. I’m sorry but imo it is not good for business.

    I am a TV Damon fan. Initially, I desperately wanted to see Delena at some point. However, after awhile I simply had to except that Elena made more sense with Stefan or somebody else. Just not with Damon. I know this is the net result from changing Elena. The show creators admitted they wanted to make Elena more sympathetic and likable than book Elena. Changing the dynamic of Elena changed the dynamics of the triangle.

    One thing is for sure, when Stefan and Elena were trapped in the old house with the travelers it sealed the deal for me on Stefan and Elena’s relationship. Up until then the show projected the idea that Damon was better for vamp Elena but in that scene you see a serenely supportive Stefan connecting with Elena as they always have. For the first time in a long while she seemed genuinely happy. They get each other. They both have compassion, propriety and a overwhelming desire to do what is right. Damon is a wild child who is hell bent on action as long as the end justify the means. He can barely stay still which is cool and fun for him.

    In Delena he is a love sick puppy constantly doubting himself which is so unlike our usual confident Damon.

    Elena is just a lifeless drone these days. When last has she been in her own body making her own decision without some over riding influence?

    It is just crazy. No matter how much they try, Delena does not mesh well. The madness needs to stop.

    Sorry so long. I just had to finally get it off my chest. The rest I will blog about. lol

  • T. Vernay

    I disagree. Please name an example of Elena being dark on her own accord?

    Everything bad that has happened to Elena is because of someone else’s doing including “switch shut” Elena.

    Even this ripper stuff is the result of Katherine injecting the virus into Elena. This is bull.
    All of it is written in efforts to make her dark for Damon. It’s crazy. I rarely write bad about this show because I understand how difficult writing is but enough is enough!

    My comment is not sourced in shipping. It is about the entire show losing balance in efforts to make this triangle work. They need to relax and let things fall into place.
    But you know why they can’t because if they do there would be no Delena? And for some reason there’s this thought that Delenas carry the viewership and without their ship they will leave. Maybe it is true what do I know.

    Anyway, I respect your opinion. I guess Elena will come around but I hope there’s a solid plot for her to return to.

    I will remain positive until the end but I can no longer pretend to enjoy the process to Damonizing Elena or vice versa for that matter.

    Hey last episode was good. I’ll put my complaining to the side.

  • Andrew55

    This is exactly how I feel, just better written and thought out than what I can do. Amazing post!!! I think this is how most fans feel about the show, minus the DE fans of course. And I also think this is the reason that more and more of the audience is leaving the show, causing the ratings to continuously drop. Frankly, the only thing saving this show from being canceled is the fact that it is on The CW.

  • Georgia_Peach

    This is going to be interesting. Damon and Elena are now both infected with the “feed on Vampires only” virus thanks to Katherine’s “last hooray”. Trying to show affection to each other could be a major problem. On top of that, Elena got a double whammy cocktail, due to the fact that Nadia’s blood had werewolf venom included. I’m guessing that means Elena is slowly dying. Damon may need to use that “speed dial” to Klaus again.

    Just want to also say…. I’m going to miss Katherine. She was a very interesting and fantastic character. I had hope Nadia and Katerine would be going to the other side together as mother and daughter. Instead my girl, Katherine, was sent to the “dark oblivion” all alone… so not fair!

  • Leelala

    Found the canadian promo for anyone who’s interested… Absolutely love how Elena calls Damon and says “the last thing i remember is running into your arms, i felt so safe” <3
    of coarse you did Elena ;)

    The synopsis also says that Elena hallucinates, so i wonder if DE's love confession/connection etc is a hallucination or the real deal?? Cant believe there is another break!!

  • shoe20

    Actually Damon killed Jeremy 3x….the two you mentioned and he sent him with Kat in the car crash. There’s no doubt in my mind Jeremy was dead and Damon brought him back cause he would lose his prize.
    Anyway you look at it Jeremy’s life is in danger around Damon … and pretty much everyone else.
    Elena hasn’t realized how bad her decision is for her, but she shouldn’t have a problem seeing how bad it is for Jeremy. lol

  • ito2110

    wow, if that’s how you perceive Jeremy’s incident with Kat, then you will agree with someone who said Stefan killed Jeremy coz he’s the one who turn him to a hunter in attempt to find the cure. He made a wrong decisions by asking Jeremy run away with Kat, but who in the Mystic Fall never made a wrong decision? Everybody had made wrong decision. and btw, a wrong decision is needed to create drama, it’s tv show. lol.

    Actually I think Elena already realized that knowing and having relationship with vampires and also the fact that she is a doppelganger have made everybody around her in danger. She just has a deeper view and understanding instead of just blaming some people in her life.

  • Gwen

    So very glad you mentioned the CA Promo – I finally got a chance to watch it & am very happy to see the writers giving us some insight into what Elena felt as Kat. was taking over her body and when she ran into Damon, instead of just dropping that special moment…which they did in the D: telling E to “get in her car and come to me” speech…that was a major disappointment / let-down.

    I am especially glad to hear Elena tell Damon that she felt safe in his arms…after everything Elena had been through in S1 – S5, one thing she could always count on was Damon keeping her safe.

  • Leelala

    Yeah CA promos usually give us a little more too so I always wait for them to be released :)
    Thats the thing about Damon and Elena, as much as they butt heads, not only do they have this undeniable passion that they dont have with anyone else but they have this immense trust for one another and its been there since season 1. He is always the one she can rely on and be safe with so its really beautiful that the writers let her express that to him.. I just hope they dont ruin their reunion and make it all about them being ripper crazy and out of their minds.. It upsets me when they down play their love for each other to create obstacles…

  • Leelala

    I definitely think Enzo has double crossed Steroline… its just strange he apparently has this cure b/c if he did, he would have gone straight to Damon to give it to him…

  • Demetra Christakos

    Paul Wesley recently made reference to the end of TVD as being a relatively short period of time away. Ka-dunk. Made me sad to think there is a finite number of shows left. The end of Katherine is one of the signs, I guess, as she was the agent for bringing Stefan, Elena, and Damon together in Mystic Falls in 1:01. In the very first words of the series, Stefan concludes by saying “This is my story.” I re-watched Episodes One and Two last night, Stefan and Elena had such a sweet beginning. Jeremy also played a much more significant role–he’s been totally sidelined this season so I am interested to see this week’s episode. Going forward, I hope the series’ story arcs zoom out a little and try to reckon for — not just quote or meta-comment — its own original proposition. I would like to see Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson take an interest in what sounds like might be the last season.

  • TOM-TOM ⚓️✨

    I look at this story line and in my opinion I believe that it was never about Stephan and Elena. Of course any person who ever watched this show knows that they were in love and you can never change that but through everything Damon and Elena’s bond grew over all the seasons. In the first season when Damon found out Katherine wasn’t actually in the tomb, any fool would know he was heartbroken and tried to cover it up but Elena knew and she tried to be there for him. Its not that she is giving him a pass for all the bad things he has done because if she gives Damon a pass she has to give Stephan a pass as well because he did some pretty gruesome things. Elena brings out the best parts in Damon and Damon brings out the side to Elena she is scared to admit she has. Making her question everything. I don’t think Stephan was used to hide her true feelings about Damon, I just think it was easier being with Stephan. And she was afraid that being with Damon was going to change her into somebody she actually liked.
    NOW, Katherine. With Katherine comes trouble of course. Katherine Pierce is and always will be a survivor it runs in her blood. That whole being dragged to hell thing is crazy and I don’t think she is gone for good.
    Hopefully Enzo really does have a cure and isn’t toying around with Steroline. I think even though Damon sorta-kinda turned on him in the 50′s, they were actually friends and he really does want to help.

  • Gwen

    Interesting insight into Elena and her feelings for Damon and how they have been developing since S1. In S3 Caroline challenges Elena about her feelings for Damon and Elena admits 1st of all that she was trying to change Damon to be more like Stefan, which Damon rejects and she accepts and 2nd she is attracted to Damon but is afraid of what mean/says about her and Caroline responds that it’s OK…it means that she is human. This is I believe the first verbal confirmation we have that Elena is acknowledging and exploring her feeling for Damon.

  • Luluga

    to be honest , i really miss the old elena .. who stuck to her morals and was never selfish. Stefan never second guessed her wants or needs .. as for damon he is to selfish for his own good to really care about anyone else’s wellbeing but himself – so in a way they kinda belong together -.- now , BUT I WILL ALWAYS BE #TEAMSTEFAN

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