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Posted by | November 30, 2012, 6:59 (MST) | 209 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Here’s a bit more of next week’s new episode, We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street (EP408). Enjoy!

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  • ihatepeople

    You know why Damon is the tragic hero? It’s because they never allow him to catch a break no matter what he does good or bad. He had one true friend and they couldn’t even let him keep that. Now for once Elena the woman he has loved all along will be ripped away from him or at least put doubt in his head about it being real because vindictive people who live in denial feel the need to sabotage and control their lives because things aren’t how they think they should be. What they don’t get is that it will back fire. It will be painful to watch Damon struggle once again but fighting is what he does best.

  • A_softsong

    It is the never ending story.  The sad thing is none of Damon’s fans buy into the B.S. but, it is constantly being dished.  What a sad story.

  • A_softsong

    Yes, I agree it will backfire.  Damon will come out ahead.  I am really trying to figure out what is the point.  Constantly whipping on Damon doesn’t enhance the story.  

  • ihatepeople

    No, it doesn’t but it delays his happiness as long as possible. They gave him one beautiful night so now it’s time to take that away again. You know 1 step forward 12 steps back. He doesn’t give up though. It’s just tough to watch. I suppose it’s so the reward will be more meaningful but at this point he’s already spent 170 years miserable you’d think that would be long enough. Maybe it’s to show the true side of each brother. The harder Stefan tries to ruin things more he falls apart and the more Elena sees his real self. The more Damon gets challenged the more he fights and the more he sacrifices for her sake proving his character. At least I hope that’s the point of his suffering.

  • sylviemdi

     It is : It makes no difference who we are by celldweller

  • Rachel:)

    Okay here i go.. I
    hate the sire bond crap! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this
    episode all week! I don’t think that Elena is really sired. Because in the
    episode “The Five” Damon told Elena to drink the blond girls blood..
    and she didn’t. So unless the writers screwed up, I don’t see how she could be
    sired. So until they test and see if she can drink the blood I will not believe
    that she is sired. I understand that Caroline is trying to look our for her but
    she really has no right, she is flirting with Klaus all time. But that’s okay
    with me cause I like them together, but as long as she has a thing with Klaus
    she has no room to talk about dating a bad guy. I know that Damon and Elena’s
    love is real because he has always loved her as a vampire or not, and she has
    loved him for a long time. Also “if” she is sired to him, that
    doesn’t make her want to have sex, it just makes her do everything that he
    says. And Stefan just needs not stop trying to fix her and move on, if he cant
    love her for the way she is then he doesn’t really love her. So that is my
    opinion on everything.

  • Lauren

    They’ve been planning the sire bond thing since last season. So, despite are the little clues that against it, the sire bond is real. Don’t believe me? Go look at the Julie Plec interview on Zap2It. Of course, a sire bond doesn’t mean that Elena’s feelings aren’t real. Elena has had feelings for Damon for a long time. But a part of her still loves Stefan, and before she became a vampire, that part of her was stronger. If–and let’s be honest, when–they are successful in breaking the sire bond, there is no telling which way things could go in this triangle. She might end up with either Salvatore. Where I see the next few episodes going is pretty simple. First, they have to confirm that the sire bond is real. Then, they have to figure out the root cause of the sire bond. With Klaus and the hybrids, it was their gratitude at being freed from having to change every full moon. With Damon and Elena, who knows what caused it? The obvious next step is to try and break the sire bond. I am convinced that even Damon will want that. He won’t be able to trust Elena’s feelings for him, won’t be able to believe that she really chose him, unless there is no sire bond holding Elena to him. I think his feelings on this will be reminiscent of what he said after their road trip to Atlanta: “I wanted it to be real.” Elena is little bit less predictable in this case. She’s on a Damon high, and I doubt she’ll believe this whole sire business. After it’s broken, who knows what she’ll do? We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Sarah Borg

    I need season 4 but can’t get it yet. So frustrating.

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