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Posted by | August 30, 2012, 13:22 (MST) | 67 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

First Official Season 4 Promo Shot + First Elena Episode StillThe Insider has our first official Season 4 promo pic – courtesy of the CW – and of course it features Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, and Ian Somerhalder looking good in the cemetery, as you do.

Head over to The Insider to see the full photo and then head over to TV Guide for the official episode still of vampire!Elena.

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  • Guest

     I’m not trying to change anything and I see what you’re saying and agree for the most part. I’m just fussing about technical details and Rebekah is Elena’s murderer not Stefan. She would be the one prosecuted in a court of law.

    I actually like the whole death sequence, unlike a lot of the fans. It’s beautifully shot and very symbolic. I can suspend belief and accept that Stefan could only save one. At least its consistent with b4 where he couldn’t save both Elena and her parents. The fact that Stefan saved Matt instead of Elena is outrageous and something Damon definitely would not have done but since the writers have set up that part of Stefan’s character for 3 seasons now i can almost buy it as something he would do. On the whole, I enjoyed S3 a whole lot and am very excited for S4 :)


    Since Elena was fully conscience after the truck hit the water, Stefan had a choice: undo Elena’s seatbelt so she could save herself & he himself save Matt or listen to the gesturing Elena and save Matt only. That’s the way it went down. The accident didn’t kill Elena, Elena refused to get out of the truck…and Stefan obeyed her wishes. That’s not unfair and certainly not untrue. Elena refused to continue fighting for her life, and Stefan let her. I do not believe that Stefan intentionally killed Elena, but what I said was the choices Stefan & Elena made is what ultimately killed her. That is very fair and certainly very true.

    I agree that Rebekah shares a part of the blame for causing the accident, however, if your going to go that route, Matt should have hit her because he knew she was a 1000 year old vampire who would have surely healed. It was an idiotic chain of events that led to Elena’s death, beginning with Matt & Jeremy’s plan to get her out of the Gilbert house to begin with.

    At the end of it all, Elena had a choice, she could of at least let Stefan undo her seatbelt so she could save herself while he was helping Matt. That’s not what happened. Elena chose to stay in the truck and Stefan chose to obey Elena’s wishes by saving Matt first. That’s the way it was written, and that’s a very fair assessment of the turn of the events in the season finale. It is also very fair to say that Stefan & Elena’s choices is what ultimatley killed Elena, because that’s exactly what happened.


    “I really think Elena should bare equal blame.  Where was her will to live?”

    I agree 100% with this statement and it’s one of the reason I have an extremely hard time relating to the character of Elena as written…..and she’s supposed to be our heroine. I have a very hard time liking a character when that character doesn’t even value their own life. Everyone has fought so hard to keep this girl human & alive, others have given up their lives for her, and she doesn’t even have the decency to fight for her own life.

    A friend of mine told me they think Elena believes she should have died in the car accident that killed her parents, because if she had, none of the events through out seasons 1-3 would have happened. Think about it, if the doppelganger had died before the series started, Kat wouldn’t have come to MF looking to give a werewolf, vampire & witch to Klaus…..which means Caroline would never have been turned. Klaus would have never came to MF- which means Jenna & John would have still been alive, and Tyler would not be a hybrid & Abby wouldn’t have been turned into a vampire. My friend believes that Elena is just as guilt ridden as Stefan and blames herself for all of the horrible things that have happened to her friends and family. I told my friend that those views are very insightful.

    I feel sorry for Elena, but I have a really hard time routing for our heroine when she can’t even route for herself. Kat & Elena may look alike and have certain qualities in their personalities that are similar, but one thing I wish Kat had passed down that long family tree to Elena is self preservation. Kat has it in spades, Elena has none. I’m hoping Elena gains a sense of self worth once she turns into a vampire, because another broody guilt ridden vampire is not what TVD needs;)

  • ihatepeople

    An interesting detail you pointed out about the photo but I probably wouldn’t read too much into it. We could also say why is Elena turned towards Damon while he back is closer to Stefan? Or why is Stefan dressed in a white shirt (symbolizing good) yet his face is half shadowed? All of us have analyzed past promo photos and in the end the positioning of people hasn’t really meant much.

  • ihatepeople

    No Damon would’ve never left her behind. He would’ve at the very least ripped the seatbelt off and pulled her ass out of the truck pushing her to swim up THEN go for Matt. You know something that was even possible for Stefan to do. And yes, Elena is responsible for her own demise because her refusal to not even let Stefan attempt to rip off her door wasn’t an act of sacrifice but an act of stubborness and control. Two seconds and both her and Matt could’ve been freed. I have to agree with Vamplover’s friend that guilt over her parents death and all the other’s who have sacrificed to keep her alive are what made her give up any attempt at saving her first. I also hope as Vamplover mentioned that we don’t see a very depressive vampire Elena. Sure she is going to struggle but I just don’t want to see another mopey vampire. I’d rather see her go a little psycho instead.

  • ihatepeople

    Not that Elijah isn’t a hot guy but I can’t get past seeing him as a brother or uncle figure to Elena. Thinking of them together kind of creeps me out. LOL. I’m up for some “heart snatching” though.

    Maybe Tyler’s “friend” will be more than that. We could have a hug season of “let’s rotate our partners”. :)

  • a_softsong

    “let’s rotate our partners” won’t be all bad.  Mystic Falls is a small town. LOL  I really don’t care what happens with Vamplena but, Caroline and Klaus I think are the couple to watch.  Damon and Rebekah could be awesome too.  I agree Uncle Elijah for Vamplena.  LOL

  • a_softsong

    The will to live was missing from Elena’s psyche for whatever reason.  Her dad was a doctor, perhaps he should have referred to a good psychiatrist. Who knows.  And at this point the damage is most certainly done.

    I am hoping that Stefan has a handle on his addiction and is now able to drink human without going “uncontrollably” into ripper mode.  I do want to see the Ripper in full ripper mode but without the guilty and with control.  Of all of the vampires, I think Stefan is the deadliest. It would really be nice to see just how deadly he can be when it comes to defending his very existence. That is part of what I am looking for in the coming season. 

    I want to see wonderful fight scenes with vampires jumping through the air and using all of their vamp power to defeat enemies that dare to come to Mystic Falls.

    I want to see a real epic love story. One that will last throughout the centuries.  I think that love story is Caroline and Klaus.  Their love story has been building for over a season and it just gets better.  And because of the time invested in the show already, I don’t want to start over with a new set of characters that will take another season or two to show their epic love.  We already have Caroline & Klaus, Bonnie & Jeremy and possibly Rebekah and Damon. 

  • Guest

     Those statements are true. I’m just saying Rebekah’s intention trumps every other action stupid or not so the moral blame falls on her.

    As for Matt swerving that made perfect sense to me. When you see something that big in your path all of a sudden the instinct is to swerve, not to process whether what your hitting can survive or not. And Rebekah being a vampire would’ve caused that truck damage for sure. It happened in S1 when Elena hit a vampire.

    Anyway I know many people have problems with the way the scene was shot and yes Stefan should’ve unbuckled her seatbelt but I don’t even know if that was a problem. When Elena awoke she tried to open her door or break the window, not worry about her seatbelt. Was it even stuck? Almost immediately after Stefan took Matt, Elena lost consciousness and died so seatbelt or no seatbelt it seemed like it was too late. But that’s just how I saw it. :/

  • Georgia_Peach

     Technically Rebekah did not kill Elena because Elena did not die on impact. 
    Elena was still alive, conscious and coherent while trapped in the submerged vehicle when Stefan arrived on the scene. At Elena’s request Stefan saved Matt first, which is what resulted in Elena’s death.   I cannot accept that a vampire could not have saved both Matt and Elena.  After all, Stefan did rip the door off and did it against the water pressure, but yet I am to believe he suddenly could not save two people. Give me a break!  A vampire is blessed with speed, strength and agility and could have raised the vehicle out of the water. 

    There is no consistency here at all, nor is it symbolic.  Elena and Stefan were lovers, which means he absolutely should have saved her first, especially if there was only a choice to save one.  Stefan thought he had saved Katherine, and did not know Elena when the accident with the parents took place.  He had to get over the shock of looking into what he thought was Katherine’s face, who was a person that he loved and who he thought had perished in the church fire in 1864.  By the time he returned to save the parents, they had already drowned.  There is no comparison between the two accidents.

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. 

  • a_softsong

    Thank you.  Too many holes to plug.  LOL

  • Stella Galactica ♒

    Maybe, when Elena wakes up as as vampire, she will hate Stefan and love Damon. And Damon doesn’t want her because she chose Stefan. Now that there is no reason to kill Klaus, all the vampires unite against witches. Stefan is still the same, but gets darker and Damon will be first season Damon and Vampelena turns too much Kat-like, and he wants only sex with her. Stefan & Bex, Klaus & Caroline, and finally hot vampire sex Delena. Bonnie will have hard time, betraying her friends. It is about the love triangle, and there has not been really Elena being with Damon, few kisses, that it. It is not Twilight. Goodie vamps and eternal love Stelena…boring! Uncle Elijah for Kat, if Kat appears. But it will be hard for Nina doing two feisty vamps. Originals was season 3. Now hope there is something that we cannot expect. Thre are still so many questions without answer. I’m so exited.

  • Guest

    Symbolic in the sense that Elena died in the place she should’ve because Stefan failed to save her whereas he did the first time. I’m under the impression that you think I’m defending Stefan’s actions cuz I’m not. I totally understand not buying the idea that he could only save one, I’m just not personally hung up on it. What I am hung up on is the fact that he chose to save Matt first.

    The two accidents are comparable because Elena ended up in a car at the bottom of the lake both times. And Stefan could only save one person at a time both instances for whatever reason. That’s what I meant when I said consistent. I think the only thing were disagreeing on is how responsible Rebekah is for Elena’s death. Hope this clears things up :)

  • Georgia_Peach

     Yep!  The disagreement is regarding Rebekah.  ;)

  • Rivara

    I think that Rebekah should be held responsible for driving Elena and Matt off the bridge, especially when Elijah realises what she has done. The writers have already said that Rebekah will be pretty hated by everyone, but Elijah should also confront her. Its about time that the Originals faced up to what they did to the Petrova bloodline, was it Esther or Mikael’s idea to use Tatia,s blood? My guess is on Mikael. Oh and an appearance by Tatia please, preferably as an avenging ghost or angel.

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