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Posted by | February 14, 2014, 16:03 (MST) | 9 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV



  • Nina Dobrev shared the above photo while doing a photoshoot with The Following‘s Shawn Ashmore. You’ll always be Iceman to me, Shawn!
  • Kat Graham talked to Billboard about the direction of her music career at the Heart’s Truth Red Dress Show. [Billboard]
  • Joseph Morgan’s Armistice, which hit VOD recently, will be released on DVD on March 11th. [Dread Central]
  • Lifetime has ordered David Alpay’s dystopian pilot, The Lottery, to series. [Deadline]
  • Celebrity photographer Angelo Kritikos talked to the Huffington Post about his favorite portraits, including Ian Somerhalder. [HuffPo]
  • Kat Graham shared a few stories from her trip to Jordan with UNHCR. []

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  • Shannon

    Aww I love this. Nina and Shawn. I wonder how they met as friends. It would’ve been cool if Aaron was in this too.

  • lynne

    Hi Shannon,
    Who is Shawn? I thought it was Aaron. I left my glasses at work. hahahaha

  • Shannon

    Shawn is Aaron’s twin brother.

  • lynne

    NO SH**!! I Didn’t know that,, thanks.:)
    There Identical, except for the facial hair,, lol.

  • dman_24

    I love this picture too. These types of shots really bring out Nina’s eyes. She looks really beautiful here. (Love her eyes, BTW. Always have.) :)

    “It would’ve been cool if Aaron was in this too.” Yeah, so Nina could officially say she was part of a doppelganger sandwich. Haha! How ironic, since she “plays” a doppelganger on TV, am I right? I bet you Damon wouldn’t be able to stop himself with all the snarky commentry:

    Damon: How many doppelgangers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer: None! Cause they’re too busy being sacrificed! Haha!

    Fan: Nina, are you really a doppelganger?

    Nina: No, I just play one on TV. *drum roll* lol

    Also, if anyone wants to know, Aaron was in ‘Smallville’ (particularly the 8th season) and Shawn is in ‘The Following’ and was also in X-men. Aaron is a little stockier than Shawn. Not that there’s much of a difference.

    If anyone wants to see a movie Shawn was in that has a bit of a creepy subject matter (really an understatement, btw. Yikes!!!), check out The Quiet. You will definitely find it interesting, and possibly nauseating. It more of an adult fare, if I might say so. It’s a really good movie though.

  • Shannon

    You really didn’t know? They’re identical, but i can always tell them apart. (Not by their facial hair though) and Shawn is one minute younger than Aaron, just is case you were wondering. ; )

  • Shannon

    Lmao Doppelganger sandwich. My mind was far from that. But that is funny. Maybe Nina got pointers from Shawn and Aaron as to how to differentiate herself from playing two different characters? That would make a lot of sense. Even though Nina has probably met the boys way before that.

    I like when they’re both in the same project but i hate it when it’s at different times. But i love them both the same. : )

  • lynne

    hahahaha. That is why I need you to keep up to date. I thought I was seeing double.:)

  • Shannon

    Hahahaha NP. I keep u dated. ; )

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