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Posted by | March 7, 2014, 15:10 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

pw director chair

  • Paul Wesley shared this photo of himself in his “director chair” from the set of TVD. [Instagram]
  • Kat Graham talked with Just Jared about her favorite Oscar fashions. [Just Jared]
  • Ian Somerhalder threw TVD-themed beads at Mardi Gras with the Krewe of Endymion. [CW Seed]
  • CelebTV on the CW recapped some of Phoebe Tonkin’s style tips. [CelebTV]
  • Phoebe is also featured on the cover of the February issue of Maniac Magazine. The issue also features an interview with the Aussie actress. [Maniac Magazine]
  • Ian Somerhalder will be at SXSW on March 8th, on a panel about non-profits with RYOT, (RED) & Omaze representatives. []
  • Daniel Gillies talked to Bello Magazine about how fatherhood changed his perspective on life. [Just Jared]
  • TVD writer Elisabeth Finch wrote for Elle on her struggle with cancer. [Elle]

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  • dman_24

    Congrats to Paul for his directorial debut, but God that chair he’s siting in is small! What was he directing — a tea party? lol I hope the episode is good though.

  • Batuhan Eyüp via Facebook
  • Jennifer2667

    Hah! I can’t wait to see this episode. I’m wondering if I’ll notice anything different. I get so caught up in the story instead of noticing a shot is at the wrong angle or whatever. Congrats Paul! (Miss your posts Dman!)

  • dman_24

    Thanks. I’ve yet to watch the latest episodes of TVD or the Originals cause my laptop’s (which I usually watch them on) sound went out. I’m trying to get it fixed so that’s why I haven’t commented yet. I want to watch the episodes before I do. I need to get a new TV (mine’s is kinda broken), but I can’t really afford it right now, so that’s why I watch the episodes on my computer. Plus I’m pretty busy with work, so there’s that too. When you get home you’re so tired you really don’t want to do much. That includes commenting too. But I read most of the comments though.

    I’ve been on this site for over four years, with well over 3000 comments, so I think I’ve commented more than my share. It’s nice to sit back and read other fans opinions sometimes. I do miss some of the other commentors that were there in the beginning though. Oh well. Bye.

  • Jennifer2667

    Four years Dman!! You deserve a break. I was part of discussion group for a number of years and it was hard watching the people who came before me fade away. Then eventually I was part of the group fading away. It was sad but like you said, life can take over and move us in different directions. I hope you’re just taking a break and not fading away. :) Good luck getting your electronics fixed so you can catch up on the shows at least.

    Back to Friday Night bites, wish me luck getting into Paul’s movie showing at SXSW! The badges are ridiculously expensive so I went with a wristband, which is a “once everyone else is seated, you might get in” option. At least it works for all the films and there are tons of options this year.

  • lynne

    Was going to send an APB out for you.:) Glad it’s nothing serious.
    Where is beginning to end and a few others? Miss you too,, you know!!
    Both shows were excellent!!, Well T.O. was;)
    Post again soon!!

  • dman_24

    Good luck getting in. I would say “break a leg”, but if you did that — how would you get there? :) BTW, I’ve yet to understand the meaning of that expression. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    Yes, it’s a little sad that most of the people that were once on the site aren’t there anymore, but there’s nothing you can do about it. They’ve moved on and you have to. It doesn’t mean you don’t miss them, cause they made the show and the the site a lot more enjoyable, but then new people come along and they bring something fresh and interesting and you find that things aren’t so bad as you think. Though the number of fans commenting has gone down considerably. But everyone here has taken up the slack. You’re still passionate and vocal and give interesting thoughts and opinions about the various shows here. So I think everything will be fine.

  • dman_24

    Well, I’m not going anywhere. I’m like Matt. I’ll survive you all, and get Elena in the end. :)

    Yeah, I surmise by the ratings that both episodes were excellent. Looks like I missed something special. I hope to see them soon.

  • lynne

    That is great Jennifer.!! Congratulations.
    First Shannon and now you.:)
    Dman,, we are posting with future Celebrities. Hope they remember us little people & this site, when they become famous!! Best of luck!!:)

  • Jennifer2667

    I’m just hoping to get in to watch the movie Paul produced; Shannon’s actually an actress, right? But if Paul’s still around Austin tomorrow, and I happen to meet him, I’ll feel like a celeb for 5 mins. :D. Congrats Shannon!

  • Jennifer2667

    I looked up ‘break a leg’ but could only find it’s of unknown origin, just like its predecessors in German & Italian.

    Like you said, there’s not much to do when people move on. Move on with them, or stay and help newbies like me ;) or keep reading and commenting when the mood strikes. Thanks for the luck and kind words!

  • lynne

    Have a great time, and I hope you get to meet P.W.!!

  • Lulu

    Hi, everyone.

    The expression, “break a leg” is a backhanded way of saying “good luck.” It had it’s origin, I have read, in the theatre, Supposedly, it’s purpose is to off set any “bad luck” that might be in play by some supernatural force by calling for an opposite effect. So, by saying “break a leg” a person is invoking some spirit to do the opposite, just in case it” happens to be a contrary one.

  • dman_24

    Thanks. Interesting origin.

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