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Posted by | March 28, 2014, 14:16 (MST) | 24 Comments
Category: The Originals TV, The Vampire Diaries TV

morgan and gillies

  • Joseph Morgan brought worldwide productivity to a screeching halt Thursday afternoon when he tweeted this photo. I am including it mostly to torment Vee. [JosephMorgan]
  • Phoebe Tonkin shows off some spring fashions for Who What Wear. [Who What Wear]
  • Kat Graham has released the first episode of her docu-series Breaking the Record, which follows her journey releasing and promoting an album. [JustJared]
  • The red band (that’s the NSFW version!) trailer for Nina Dobrev’s movie, Let’s Be Cops, is out. [ComingSoon]
  • Ian Somerhalder smolders in the new Azzaro Pour Homme commercial. [Just Jared Jr.]
  • Tiya Sircar, TVD’s Aimee Bradley, has been cast in the How I Met Your Mother spinoff, How I Met Your Dad. [EW]
  • Nina Dobrev wants to remind you to Get Covered. [YouTube]
  • Julie Plec has signed a new, three-year deal with Warner Brothers. [Deadline]
  • Daniel Gillies, Joseph Morgan, Ian Somerhalder, & Paul Wesley are all up against other tv actors in Round 2 of E!’s Alpha Male Madness. [E! Online]
  • Go Fug Yourself has a look at the fashions the casts of TVD & TO were wearing at PaleyFest. [GoFugYourself]
  • The movie Daniel Gillies wrote & directed, Broken Kingdom, is now available on iTunes. [danieljgillies]

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  • lynne

    The Mikaelson Brothers on “Fashion Parade” . Very Chic!!
    Smashing Attire for our “Original” boy’s.
    Klaus look’s terrific!! Love the Scruffy facial look on you Nicklaus (J.M:) Artistic & Wolfy. Where is your Bow Tie & Bowler Hat to complete the Ensemble?;)
    Elijah, (D.G.) Styling, & Stunning as usual, you Gorgeous man!
    It is very difficult to wait a few more weeks for our show to resume. I guess creating Perfection always takes time.:)
    Rock and Roll T.O.

  • Aline Ferreira via Facebook

    Klaus e Elijah

  • Suchtie

    How is it possible so many of TVD and TO wore so horrible outfits at PaleyFest… Paul Wesley was the only one who had something nice on (You could think that it isn’t hard to put on a nice suit but if you take a look at Ian Somerhalder and Joeseph Morgan you’d think otherwise…). And what was Nina Dobrev (s hair stylist) thinking?

    Were they the only ones at PaleyFest or were there just no pictures of the rest of the cast?

  • Shannon

    Damn. Those are two sexy bitches. (Austin Power voice). Very dashing. I’ll take two of those to go please…yes that’ll be all. No i don’t need a receipt, i won’t be returning these gifts. LOL

  • Luto Por Katherine Pierce via Facebook

    Like please 《 = = = = =

  • Luto Por Katherine Pierce via Facebook

    Like please 《 = = = = = =

  • Luto Por Katherine Pierce via Facebook

    Like please 《 = = =

  • lynne

    LMAO,, You Go Girl!!
    I’ll pick them up on ANY street Corner in America!!!
    Name the Place & Time!!;)

  • lynne

    I don’t know Suchtie,, I think these 2 men up top look pretty HOT!!
    Yes,, out of the TVD group Stefan was realy “Smokin” in his very nicley cut suit, terrific color for him also.!!

  • Suchtie

    I just don’t like the patterns on their suits – it’s like they’re trying to steal the show. (lol) For example IS looked pretty hot in season 2′s “Masquerade” – and no weird pattern that tried compete with him. (This sounds so ridiculous but I don’t know how else to describe it ;) )

  • lynne

    What terrific sight you have. I put my glasses on to see what you were looking at.
    The Pattern is very subtle

    This is the New Orleans style of dressing. The longer cut coat on Elijah mixed with a shorter vest gives an aristocratic look. Plantation style business man.
    Klaus should sport the Bow Tie. .He has the Neck and slender build to carry it off.
    My opinion.:)

  • shoe20

    So Paul’s directing, Nina has a movie coming, and Ian is doing commercials. Sounds right.

  • Lulu

    JoMo’s suit looks like he bought it at a retro shop-he almost looks like he could be standing by a lampost on Carnaby Street back in the Swinging Sixties. All that’s missing is the moptop hairstyle.

    These suits cuts are kind of weird. I noticed in one of the photos of Ian from the Paleyfest that his coat looks like it’s too small. Likewise, in this photo, both the suit coats that JoMo and Daniel G. are wearing look like they are too small. Now, I’m not exactly an expert on men’s clothing, but I do know that the men in my family wouldn’t have bought a coat that was cut so that it came off looking too small any time that the guy made a movement besides seeming to stand at attention all the time. In all of these photos the guys are striking a pose where the coat is “pulled” just a bit-but instead of just having a few wrinkles where the “stress”(for lack of a better word)on the fabric is the, coats look like they are about to pop the buttons off. So, I don’t know, is this a “new” style that the young and stylish guys are now sporting? Ian has been in the fashion industry a long time, since he was a model-so it would seem that he would have picked up what is considered a “good” fit, and that makes me wonder if this isn’t just a “skinny” suit style maybe that may or may not catch on with male fashionistas.

    Maybe some of the male fans of the TVD ‘verse might have some idea about this?

  • Lulu

    Hee, y’all are too funny. If only it was that easy-just order up a dreamboat of a guy and have him delivered. “)

  • Shannon

    Hahaha, no no. I don’t want a dream boat. I want THEM…i want the cruise ship!! LOL

  • shoe20

    All I can tell you is suits get tighter as I get older. LOL Did you know the three buttons on the cuff of most suit jackets that serve no purpose are reminiscent and left over from the time jackets were covered with buttons from the cuff to the elbow………Yea, to wipe the food out of our beards.
    As for male fashion, most of us have a suit (for funerals and weddings) and jeans…… Most of the guys into fashion are dating each other. LOL

  • lynne

    OMG. . You are on a roll of comedic proportions!! lololol
    Okay, the button up is good to know,,:) But what happened to the dogs under the table so you can wipe your hands on there fur? Not good enough? lmao

    Zoot suites are coming back in style with the ankle length pants. Rodeo Drive, B.H. CA, all the males wear them,, how did you look in one? hahaha
    Are you afraid if you put on one of the suites the T.O. boy’s up top are wearing,, would you bust a seem, or scare the animals to death? would save on ammo. lololol

    I’m sorry shoe!:) What you posted cracked me up!! At least I will go to class with a smile on my face. Thank you for that!!

  • lynne

    Stefan is so pretty, hair and all,, sitting in his directors chair. Maybe P.W Can give Damon some pointers in all fashionable & acting areas? Kudos to N.D.:)

  • lynne

    Hi Lulu, You and shoe are really on a roll with the men’s apparel. :)
    Elijah (D.G.) has bulked up a bit, working out looks good on him. He was a little to slender, but always fashionably dressed.
    Do you remember Klaus’s (J.M.) white Caribbean , Barbados style casual jacket & pant suit he wore a couple of times on TVD? Now that style looked good on him, complimented his height and build. These dark colors he has been sporting lately. Well, stress him out a bit. Otherwise I think there style fits the N.O. scene.:)
    Damon (I.S.) suit was a mess, agreed.!!
    Stefan, (P.W.) looked terrific. Very smartly dressed, and standing a foot or so away from the others was (for me) a step in the separates of a class distinction.
    Appropriate & Smoothly done!!
    I had no Idea Damon (I.S.) was a model before TVD. Thanks for the info. Lulu. I will look that up after class later tonight.
    The look is a very old Mississippi & Louisianan Style of dress that the boy’s are adopting into there persona’s. Helps make the program and it’s characters more realistic and believable. I rather like it, don’t you? :)

  • shoe20

    Hey, this winter I’ve had several “3 dog nights” lol Problem is I only have one dog. I’m pretty sure(no I’m positive) you won’t find me in a Zute suite. But those that like em and want to be trendy, should charge straight forward. I won’t laugh. (At lease no one will hear.) Hey at one time I did wear bell-bottoms, beads, and a naru jacket. It was the 60′s what can I say. I not sure I knew what I had on. lololol

  • lynne

    You are not selfish at all, are you?:)
    Shannon’s has a Cruise Ship. And our “T.O. Bro’s” are being served in a “Gourmet Style of course” Smorgasbord and won’t share!!
    Ladies on the site,, Are we going to stand still for this? Or are we going to have to become “Pirates” & Have a Mutiny? lololol

  • lynne

    I’m busting a gut!!!!!! Oh Geez,I believe you.
    It is rather hard to see through the
    “Purple Haze”!!! I hurt, wait a sec. limbo
    I’m better, whoa, okay,,
    Don’t you think the Mikaelson Brothers, would look better in Grey with white Pin Striped Suites Carrying Tommy Guns, and sporting Bow ties and Hats & Black and white Oxford style shoes?
    Like the Suit Henry Blake wore home on “Mash”?.I know the Chicago Typewriters aren’t needed, but it completes the look!! lololol.
    Your sending me off to class smiling again. This could become a nice habit.:) You people are spoiling me!!lol

  • Shannon

    LOL, yes they are gonna stand for it….savvy? ; )

  • lynne

    Savvy This, Matie!! arggghhh

    “The .Original”. Charges read:
    Hoarding,,, monopolization,,, stinginess and Theft of the “Mikaelson” brothers.!!
    The punishment for these crimes:
    You must Walk The Plank!! lolol

    No Sharks, I checked:)

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