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Posted by | November 29, 2012, 7:39 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

On this week’s Vampire Diaries Bite at TV Guide, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who cameos in tonight’s My Brother’s Keeper (EP407), talks about her long-time fandom and whether she’s Team Stefan or Team Damon.


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  • Thankgoditsthursday

    Agree with your choice Gabby! Let’s see what tonight will bring…

  • cashima

    As a non-American I don’t get the big fuss about this girl. Not to discount her medal, but why is this such a big deal for the show?

  • Marisa Price

    During the Olympics, a lot of really jerky people online as well as on the TV spent time insulting Gabby for her hair instead of recognizing her achievement. Around then, TVD stepped up and did a promo commercial for her after they heard she was a big fan. A lot of us who really liked Gabby (and the rest of the team) were really happy to see the support from TVD. After she became the first African-American gymnast to win 2 gold medals, they invited her to have a cameo on the show to show their support. I think a lot of it has to do with recognizing her achievement, especially in a country like the US where we have some very … backwards … people who will criticize based on race (even if they are the same race!). I think this just really goes to show that TVD is very supportive of being “color blind”, even when people get upset about the spate of deaths of black characters. As my husband said “They kill off EVERYONE on this show” and he’s right, lol.

  • Thankgoditsthursday

    Off topic: have you guys seen that Nina almost has 3.000.000 followers on twitter? Would be fun as a birthday gift to Ian to get her to that mark first :)

  • cashima

    I didn’t know that. Thanks for the explanation. :) It’s a good thing that this show has taken a stand on the issue.

  • kellygreen17

    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know the reason behind the sudden support, I thought it was just because Nina was a former gymnast herself and got the cast into the Olympics this year.  That makes me respect them all the more :).

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