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Posted by | June 23, 2011, 20:49 (MST) | 44 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

A few days ago, Abby told you about the PopSugar Top 10 Vampires & Werewolves slideshow that included Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley. Now PopSugar has put out a video breaking down the list. See what they say about our vamps:

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    Yes, I TOTALLY agree with Damon (Ian)being the #1 Vampire. I think Nina & Paul should have been 2nd & 3rd, not lower on the list. I joined Twiiter because I LOVE the Vampire Diaries (and I’m not in their basic demographic age group lol). BUT I heard the storyline may get dark,scary & bloody AND I DON’T THINK ANY OF THE FANS WANTS THAT. It’s so PERFECT as is!!! Pleez Writers of VDtake note :)

  • Sarah

    Loll Ian would Beat Robert and get first :P Happy all TVD cast made top ten :) Wish Paul and Nina would have been at top of list :(

  • Anonymous

    I am the great grandma on this site, and am looking forward to DARK, SCARY & BLOODY.  What I love about TVD is it does not stay the same and the writers are always surprising me.  I am not into predictable shows.  So for me I will tell the writers to GO FOR IT.

  • Anonymous

    So glad to see Ian at the top of the list, Paul and Nina should have been before Robert and for sure Kristen. Nina just does not get enough credit for playing 2 characters and playing them perfectly.

  • Anonymous

    YAY!   Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore absolutely rules the #1 spot!

  • popkova nyusik

    The first place Damon(Ian) then Nina and Paul then I hope!

  • Darkerlust_305

    it would be nice if paul could get 1st for once instead of ian all the time. since paul wasnt first he should have been 2nd, nina 3rd and 4th alexander then the others after those

  • Anonymous

     I think you´re right but all this vampire stuff is mainly cherished by women I guess, so I don´t think people don´t realize how perfect she is but all the votes go for our handsome vampire men because of their good looks, charismatic smiles, sexy abs … :)

    Yeah ! Ian won – as we have on our trucks/cars: – Damon rules !!:)

  • Samantha

    Fanatic? Us? Whaaaat? ;)
    But really, Vampire Barbie should be on this list.

  • Kathryn

    The fact that Kristen Steward is on that list is bogus, i mean her character isn’t a vampire, she will be one later in the twilight saga, but people haven’t even seen her in vampire mode, so she technically doesn’t belong on that list. :(

  • Kathryn

    Ohh and Caroline such be on that list instead, not only does she kick ass, but she also is a well written character ( she has lots of depth, unlike a kiddy pool :) hehe )

  • Canderella

    YES – Damon #01  !!!!!!

    Edward is sooo boring. He is like a bad mock up of Edward with the Scissorhands. Hate it, it’s so boring and ridiculous.

    I loved the storyline of season 1 and liked the second season – but when season 3 get’s morge DARK, SCARY, BLOODY & HOT I will freak out!! YES – please let it go that way!! Rember the first eps of season 1? Kevin’s “Scary Movie” influence!?!? Would love to have again some more of it – and of course some forbidden fruit being some SENSUAL & GUILTY DELENA!!!

    No boring all romantic storyline – but please let’s have ALL of it. That’s what TVD is to me.

    Totally agree with you, rehabber :D

  • yasmeensh.

    yay !! Ian is #1 he totally deserves his place i mean he is HOT , AMAZING actor what more could we possibly ask for ….. lets not forget he is in  with all the DELENA FANS ( no offense to any other ‘shippings) :D

  • Jo Osborne

    Ian Somerhalder is superb in the Vampire diaries, extremely sexy and incredible to watch. I only watch that programme to see him anyway. DEFINATELY DESERVES TO BE NUMBER 1 EVERY TIME, MR SOMERHALDER YOU ARE SMOKING IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Correct, Caroline is better than any of the Twi group, in fact any actor in TVD is better.  To me they killed off the only good looking vamp in the Twilight saga, James.

  • Anonymous

    instead the not-yet-turned Bella is on the list. WTH? and vampire Bella won’t be seen until 2012 and we had a whole season of Caroline. that’s not fair. 
    and I think that Katherine should be higher on the list. She kicks *** ;)
    Damon beat Edward ;). Isn’t it the 2nd time now?? (EW sexy beast)

  • Habiba

    hahahahahahahahah we kicked ass this year! Go Ian! 

  • Momina Amjad

    If Robert Pattinson guy won number 1 again this time I would have done everything in my power to sue that website. Because clearly he has nothing vampire-ish about him, can’t believe people like him. I hate Twilight but a few cast members like Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli are good.. Kristen Stewart is one of the worst actrsses I have seen and she does NOT deserve to be nominated yet as she is not a vampire in the movies.yet.

    Nina should definitely have been waay before Kristen! My personal order : 
    1) Ian Somerhalder
    2) Alexander Skasgard
    3) Nina Dobrev
    4) Daniel Gillies
    5) Paul Wesley
    6) Candice Accola
    7) not important ;)

  • Maria 9600

    yes!!!!!!!!!!ian somerhalder is the best 

  • Spiritay42

    TVD should have ruled the ENTIRE top ten spots right now!!!!!!!!!!!! :) #1 IAN SOMERHALDER … definitely!! (Love Damon Salvatore!)

  • Anonymous

    Nina is hotter than Kristen and Paul is hotter than that True Blood guy…

    1. Ian
    2. Nina
    3. Paul
    4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. whatshisname/whatshername

  • Melanie

    I agree with Damon, of course, but WTF? Paul -9 and Nina -6? They are so much better than Ashley Greene or Kellan, and Kristen! Please –’

  • Amanda

    i agree… I lOVE ian somerhalder.

  • DarkAngel

    YES! Of course I agree! Anyone with eyes would agree… That is a very stupid question to ask.

  • Yasmin Santiago

    YES! I love Ian Somerhalder and his very sexy character Damon. You would have to be completely mental not to like him.

  • Stefanie Moehler

    me too ! defenitly ! and yes nina and paul should have been there -.
    I don’t think robert pattinson is hot/ sexy ;D he’s kind of ugly sorry.. :D

  • Anonymous

    I know that it is off topic here but I just listened to an interview with another good looking vampire: Aleksander Skarsgard. Can you native speakers tell me  a) why he is not under the top ten (for having scary eyes and nice abs as well :) and b) why he sounds so much more American for me than Ian or Paul or Nina. Is it because they speak so educatedly or did my German ears just get so much more used to Ian and Paul and Nina´s accent?

  • Sofia Miranda

    yes, totalyy 

  • Momina Amjad

    hey, he was in the top ten (at number 6, he should have been number 2 though.. )He plays Eric Northman on True Blood, 1000 year old viking vampire sheriff thing I love his character ALOT… Actually, he’s very not american.. He’s a Swedish actor . Perhaps it is because it’s not his native language he sounds different to you.. 

  • naomi

    sooooo glad Ian on top. Twilight win enough already kinda mad paul and nina are so low but atleast TVD fans didnt let them down lol.
    GO TVD FANS!!!!!!!!!

  • Sergio

    I think it’s cool that girls were on the list. Ashley Green and Nina Dobrev are both very hot, I like Nina better, but boy do they battle it out there. :)

  • Chiquita

    Number 1 was the BEST choice they could have chosen ;) OBVIOUSLY…

  • Anonymous

    I pull my Twilight DVDs out when I am in the mood for a funny vampire show, the acting is so bad, the wolves are the size of horses and in general it is very boring.  It took me 3 tries to even finish the last book and they are making 2 movies from it??  Of course I will get them because I have almost anything that is vampire.  I am amazed they get such love, when our show has much better actors, writers, directors and music.

  • itsKatherinebitch

    WTF? Nina Dobrev is much better than Krinsten Stewart! And Ian Somerhalder is so hot, and I agree with Ian being in the first place!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, you´re right. Didn´t get that he´s number 6. And yes, I like his character a lot, too. I knew that he is from Sweden,  an incarnated viking :) and this might be the reason for me to think that his language sounds different, I like his voice anyway and think that he has very intense eyes.

  • xXxHardCandyxXx

    Yes totally agree, Ian is sooo good playing the damon, mean ,sexy vampire! I like it ! I love tvd and i think nina and paul should be on the 5 bests i’m not saying the firsts but the 5′s… i like twilight but its getting really boring, sorry my bad english i’m portuguese :F

  • Majda Semia

    Stop please dont insult ashley green she well deserved her place as for the rest no doubt kristen stewart shouldn’t have been on that list since she isnt a vampire yet and Paul isn’t that great he should be thankful that he got up on n 9 since most TVD fans don’t like his character .

  • Dada Diop

    Why am I sooo happy it’s just a list but wherever I’M SOOO HAPPY. YOOPI FOR IAN

  • Mette

    Yey, both Smoulder and Skarsgaard in top 5! ;) Paul and Nina should have been higher on the list though, credit where credit’s due, people. One other thing I reacted to was when they announced that Ian won the pole, was that they almost only talked about Twilight.. They should have done what they did with the others, like with Peter Facinelli, Ian is an way-active twitter member and cares about his fans too! And where is the gushing about how gorgeous and sexy he is?? Haha ;)

  • Melanie =)

    Oh, I agree :D I 100% agree ;) 

  • Emlong123

    I am so happy that Damon/Ian got first place cuz he is so damn hot but i really wish that Stefan/Paul and Katherine/Nina wld of gotten a higher ranking… Kristen stewart isnt even a vampire in twilight she is still a litttle human so i dont understand why she is even on this list

  • Chandlerbing_puppy

    I completely agree with Ian being #1!!!(:

  • amy

    Yes i am sooo glad that damon was 01! R pattz wins everything else so tvd should win something!!

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