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Posted by | January 12, 2012, 10:54 (MST) | 14 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Daniel Gillies as ElijahAt the TCA press tour last night, IGN‘s Eric Goldman talked to Kevin Williamson about everything from decapitations to the evolution of the relationships between Damon, Stefan and Elena to the future of the Originals to the pure awesomeness of Caroline. (Warning: The interview contains spoilers through the most recent episode, The New Deal (EP310).) Will we be seeing some of our favorite Originals again soon?

IGN: Might [Rebekah] or Elijah pop up again in the not too distant future?

Williamson: Look, I love Rebekah. I think Claire Holt is amazing in this role. And Elijah… I can’t decide which one I like better: Klaus or Elijah. They had such a great dynamic and they’re so opposing in personality, that on screen together they have an electricity, which is kind of exactly what Julie and I always wanted – to have the same brother dynamic that Damon and Stefan have. I feel like with Elijah and Klaus, we have it. I think that’s just going to fuel a bunch of stories, so I’m very excited about that.

And on getting away with murder:

IGN: Have you been surprised by the content you’ve been able to include? You’ve gotten away with some pretty notable kill scenes!

Williamson: You know what though, The CW has been amazing, because they’ve been so supportive of it. And we get away with stuff that other shows don’t because they’re vampires. There’s a thing with Broadcast and Standards where it’s “fake.” It’s vampire violence, so it’s not “real” violence. If they weren’t vampires and they had guns, we’d be having a different conversation. They’re vampires with fangs and there’s decapitations, so there’s something unreal about their strength. So for some reason, the Broadcast and Standards is not that tough on it.

Kevin also talks about how to convince your friends that The Vampire Diaries isn’t just a girly show and gives some scoop on his new pilot for FOX, so make sure you read the whole thing!


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  • Nicky Twilighter via Facebook

    Omg it`s elhiya!!

  • Skloniste

    Ah, there you are, Stefan and Elena fans! This interview prooves how predictable Vampire Diaries are with love stories. She will love him again, and bla, bla, bla… As I already said, too much predictable and twilightisch with Stefan and Elena soulmates boring love story, which is a shame for such a good writer as Kevin Williamson is. 

  • Anonymous

    Good interview and am very happy that the Originals will be around for a while.  Looks like they are building the triangle.  Elena will love them both, one will be receptive (Damon)  and the other will push her away(Stefan).  Yep, I can see Damon taking 2 steps forward and 5 steps backward on this one.

    Kevin and Julie received death threats because of the Damon/Elena kiss and the Stefan/Elena break up… Seriously?  Are you kidding me?  Unbelievable! 

    All over a fictional show about fictional characters that do not exist in the real world. 

    Death threats to the Julie & Kevin?
    I am still trying to wrap my mind around that one.  :(

  • sarah

    I always love Kevin’s interviews, he always gives us great insight into what is going to happen….And what are you talking about predictable? If anything else, the Vampire Diaries has already proven is it one of the most unpredictable, fast paced shows. Of course she will love him again, its a love TRIANGLE. And he is her first true love…..And of course as a Stelena fan this gives me soo much hope for their future, especially since I know tonight’s episode will break my heart!

  • tina

    So I read it, twice.  Where did it say that Stefan and Elena would get back together?  The twilight/predictable reference.  The only thing that is the same about the two shows is that there are vampires/humans/etc.  As for Kevin, pretty sure the guy knows what he’s doing.  What with successful Movies and TV shows under his belt. 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I caught that too. It’s unbelievable to me that some of the Stelena fans would actually send Kevin & Julie death threats. I mean, come on!!!!!!

    To those of you who have done that, shame on you!

  • Jenna

    I always like the Kevin Williamson interviews too! He tells you something but then keeps you guessing at the same time! It’s crazy!
    They got death threats? Seriously? Such a severe reaction! I mean really if you already have a plan of how the show should go then where is the element of surprise?
    And as he said, they have spent now three seasons building this relationship, and this bond! How long did they spend building the relationship between Stefan and Elena? It seems that some people don’t watch the show for the evolving story but to just see their chosen couple on the screen!!! A bit extreme! But as he said, as long as people are watching and engaged! It’s cool!

  • Jenna

    I’m with you! It is pretty extreme!!! But wait… did they get threats the first time Elena Stefan broke up? you know when Katherine had Jenna stab herself? Maybe they were more upset about the possibility of Damon/ Elena love story than the Stefan break up!!!

  • sarah

    I don’t think its fair to just single out the Stelena fans. I have seen both Delena/Stelena fans give death threats to JP and KW after certain episodes. But you are right that is WAYYY to extreme!!

  • Anonymous

    Sending someone death threats is more than extreme.  Whoever would do that is in need of serious psychiatric help.

  • Anonymous

    Kevin was talking about the specific scenario going on now, which is Stefan/Elena’s break up and the Damon/Elena kiss.   Death threats! Really?   Unbelievable!  

  • noirgirl

    Exactly, saying it’s “extreme” is an extreme understatement.  It’s downright psychotic.  ugh  

  • Jenna

    I think going on about it is not helpful!!! Let’s stay positive. That’s what I love about this site… we get to express respectfully!!! Just my two cents!!! That said, it’s too bad people behave that way, no reason for such behavior!

  • dman

    Great interview by Kevin. I was worried he was spending too much time away from TVD, but it looks likes he’s still on top of things. I hope he doesn’t spread himself too thin with this new show though.

    The fact that Kevin and Julie get death treats about a television show says a great deal about our current society and where it’s heading. And unfortunately, it’s not a good place. What’s worse is that they expected it. If that doesn’t speak volumes about their mindset and the internet in general, nothing else will.

    Anyone that get that worked up about a show, enough so that they send death threats, is clearly an irrational person that is wholly lacking in perspective. Unfortunately, because of the virtual anonymity of the internet, more and more of these people continue to do these things, so much so that expecting such behavior has become the norm. There’s something really sad about that realization.

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