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Posted by | March 29, 2012, 15:14 (MST) | 6 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

Joseph Morgan as KlausAhead of tonight’s The Murder of One (EP318), Joseph Morgan has been doing an interesting set of interviews. Warning: These all contain spoilers through last week’s Break on Through (EP317)! First, at TVLine, he talked about Klaus and sibling relationships, romance – and bromance:

“Stefan is the biggest thorn in Klaus’ side, because if it comes to it, [Klaus] will kill Damon. … So I really think that there’s a little bit of him that still thinks his friend might be coming back. He’s still not willing to give up on The Ripper. That’s the biggest weakness that he has at the moment. He doesn’t believe who Stefan is now is the real him. He believes the real him was him back in the ’20s, and he still really wants his friend back. He learned so much from Stefan in the ’20s, even though he was a great deal older than him. It’s a bromance I think he misses as well.”


And over at TV Guide, he sheds some light on new Original mythology:

“We are going to learn a very interesting fact about the Originals’ mythology and the bloodlines of vampires,” Morgan says. “It’s not another loophole to how the Originals can’t be killed, [but] it’s something which has the opposite effect and it raises the threat level right up.”


Meanwhile, at Zap2it, he explicates Klaus’s feelings about a certain someone. (Remember: Spoilers through current episodes!)

“I’ll tell you that he’s definitely still interested,” Morgan says emphatically. “In the instant that he’s hurt, he’ll burn all the pictures; he’s impulsive. But a thousand years on the planet have given him a certain degree of patience, so I think he’ll come around. I don’t want to call it love, but he’s absolutely infatuated with her. As far as I know, his motives are genuine with Caroline, and it’s not part of some greater scheme or some greater manipulation. He does want to show her the world. He’s not ready to give up yet.”


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  • Sara Corbin

    dont like the sound of that ”
    “He may have found a way [to break the spell] and is looking to implement that plan and free him up from his other siblings,”

  • Missy

    Love all these interviews and love where they are taking Klaus. He is my favorite character and its been exciting seeing him grow. 

  • Klaus & Caroline Fan

    Everything he said about Caroline I am excited about. Its nice seeing the point of what Klaus is seeing

  • sarah

    Awww Klaus misses his bff Stefan, how cute! Can’t wait to see the upcoming Klefan scenes, I’ve missed their love/hate bromance!

  • Guest

    I reckon if the Originals die it’ll also kill all other vampires seeing as at some point, they were created by them.

  • Adam

    Klaus is the BOSS of this show..thats all 

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