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Posted by | May 5, 2011, 10:23 (MST) | 9 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The Vampire Diaries TV Series - Joseph Morgan: Another Thursday, another million interviews… Joseph Morgan’s been making the rounds, doing his part to make us as nervous as humanly (and inhumanly?) possible before tonight’s penultimate episode, The Sun Also Rises. First up, Joseph chats with PopWrap‘s Jarett Wieselman how much fun he’s having playing the bad guy and how everything changes tonight:

PopWrap: In talking about expectations earlier, it’s no secret that this sacrifice has been a major plot point since season one — do you think fans will be pleased with how it plays out?
Joseph: Yes. That said, with the fans you have all these different teams. People who want different outcomes depending whether they’re on Team Stelena or Delena. To some degree everyone wants something different, so it’s hard to say “yes” across the board. But the direction the show takes is one of the most interesting it could have taken. I think although people will be shocked and, in some cases, upset – we know characters we love will die tonight – but at the end of this season, the show becomes bigger. The world is bigger and the avenues that open up are going to be ones that we’re excited to see these characters explore


The TV Chick also caught up with Joseph to talk Klaus, Twitter, the Vampire Diaries fan base, and his favorite moment so far:

Do you have a favorite moment that you’ve filmed so far?
Yeah, I loved (laughs) I like so much. I loved all of the stuff that was my first few weeks there — all the flashback stuff. I had wicked fun on that scene with Ian Somerhalder and Alaric last week when he comes to life and I intimidate him. That was a tremendous, lot of fun. And pretty much all of episode 21 was some of the most enjoyable stuff I’ve done in my life. Thursday is when it’s on and I’m so excited to see it.


And Joseph talks the future of Klaus and working with Nina Dobrev over at BuddyTV:

About Working with Nina Dobrev as Katherine and Elena:
“I prefer working with Katherine because there’s something more fascinating about her, about her darkness and her malicious side. Elena is so pure and good and righteous. Her morals are intimidating sometimes. You feel like she’s the one turning off the music at the party and telling everyone to go home. Whereas Katherine just wants to keep the party going all night. She’s the one to pull that off, Nina, you know. She brings a very different light to both of them. It’s fantastic.”


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  • Majda Semia

    can someone please explain to me what did he mean when he said : I had wicked fun on that scene with Ian Somerhalder and Alaric last week WHEN HE COMES TO LIFE AND I INTIMIDATE HIM. That was a tremendous???

  • Kate

    I was wondering about that too. Maybe a cut scene?

  • Kate

    I was wondering about that too. Maybe a cut scene?

  • Candygirl9890

    Wonderful interviews! I love Joseph Morgan! TEAM KLAUS!


    He’s talking about Damon’s characteristic. Klaus said that Damon is impulsive and reckless. With 50/ 50 chance that one of the brothers is going to screw up, Klaus wanted to see Damon’s personality and intention comes to life. It’s something like ‘Testing the water’ or ‘Know your enemy’ with the additional of Klaus gets to outsmart Damon, AKA Klaus pissing Damon off.

    When they were talking (after Klaus told Katherine to give him and Damon a moment), I thought I could sense the ego flaring between the two. The ‘talk’ between two proud men, there’s bound to be an inner competition: Who is smarter?

  • Anonymous

    I loved the way he got right in Damon’s face and kind of bumped him as he moved around. But my guy did not flinch and thank goodness kept his head and did not try and fight him. Tonight is going to be AWESOME.

  • Anonymous

    There have been very few characters I have not liked and even the ones I wanted DEAD, the actors were perfect playing their part. Julie and Kevin do have a talent for finding the perfect actors.

  • guest

    i hope this love tringel will stop now. I hope the gamechange will be something else.

  • Charlie

    “She is the one turning the music down and telling everyone to go home” . So basically Klaus thinks Elena’s a fun sponge.

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