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Posted by | November 30, 2012, 8:13 (MST) | 21 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XXA lot of fans have questions about last night’s episode (My Brother’s Keeper, EP407) and what the events mean for the relationships on the show. Zap2it interviewed Julie Plec to get some answers, not just about Damon and Elena but also about the relationship between the brothers, what’s going on with Stefan and a really nice point about Tyler’s actions last week. BEWARE OF SPOILERS.

Before the breakup, Damon and Stefan were in the best place they’ve been, as brothers, in a long time. Is that in jeopardy now?
Well, it’s been compromised by circumstance, but both of them, to their credit in the next episode, try to take the high road. What comes out of them both trying to take the high road, and to do what’s right by each other, and do right by Elena, actually launches the whole next chapter of the show.


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  • Gabrielle

    I’m a faithful fan of the show, i haven’t missed a thing..But to be sincere, this Elena/Damon/Stefan triangle is becoming tiring and predictable. Every time Elena gets close to Damon, there has to be a clue it’s just a mistake or a ‘teenagy’ confusion. Yes, i’m into Damon, but even so, just decide already or go for a more coherent story JP! So much teasing then stopping right before its peak, that’s the cruelest sensation ever!
    What still keeps my attention is JoMo, aka Klaus and this new loving side of him that he’s revealing to Caroline…But if you’ll make it as long, as tiring and as unfruitful as Delena, better drop it..

  • ihatepeople

    “So much teasing then stopping right before it’s peak, it’s the cruelst sensation ever!” …you nailed it perfectly.

  • Drich61

     I am so ready for TVD to be cancelled. I’m over the entire Mystic Falls crew, Jeremy should have finished off Stefan and Elena and gone for Caroline next. Cancel TVD and give me an Originals spinoff instead, I only care for them now. DO NOT let Julie and her triangles anywhere near that spinoff.

  • Melissamil

    i love caroline with Klaus, they look great together, you all are doing a great job, please dont kill him off. let them find the cure and live happy ever after :)

  • Jenay Carriere

    I only ever believe half or less of what JP says, inconsistency is the main reason and plot convenience is another.The SB is put in so that Stelena Fans have a reason to hope and Elena’s guilt for sleeping with Damon when she goes back to Stefan (if/when that happens)can be absolved that is all nothing more.It’s an interesting obstacle to put in there if it actually made sense but it doesn’t..There are to many instances where Elena has not done what Damon wanted her to.

    Blonde at the College comes to mind.Telling Elena to call Stefan and talking to her at the bridge.The biggest insult is to the fans who have waited so long for this to happen and then have it happen to fast and  to say that it could be because of a supernatural link and earlier in anther interview say that Damon’s blood would have no lasting effects.

    If you are going to throw in a plot twist then for all that is holy in the world of writing make sure the episodes leading up to the twist actually support and justify that twist.Shoddy writing is what is ruining this show for me not the triangle that is a merry-go round.Sorry but I’m not a kid anymore and I want to stop playing now.

  • VampireCommonSense

    It would not make sense if Elena’s feelings for Damon were not genuine. All of Klaus’ hybrids hate Klaus but are sired (or were sired) to him. Elena has always had feelings for Damon, when she turned her feelings for him were “magnified”. I don’t think that has anything to do with the sire bond. The sire bond is about loyalty and obedience, not love. I hope that once this sire bond is broken everyone will see that Elena truly does love Damon and hopefully that will open Stefan and Caroline’s eyes to the fact that Damon really has changed and that Damon is worthy of Elena’s love. But that is never how it works with this show.

  • Charms0813

    Sire bond is quite ridiculous. They just came up with a whole new set of guidelines for the sire bond. Damon told Elena to feed on the blonde chick at the college and she couldn’t do it. Boom.

  • 2 good 2 be true….

    Ok…everybody calm down!!! Read the article/interview JP had with zap2it….it actually answers a lot of your questions and speculations….she did admit that Elena’s and Damon’s feelings are real…it is not because of the Sire Bond. But if it turns out that they are magnified because of the sire bond they may have to work to get around it….

  • A fan of Delena

    People it is a television show…it is never going to go the way any of us wants..that’s a part of ENTERTAINING….it’s not always about “give the people what they want” they have to pull us along some kind of way. The books are mainly about the triangle, as well with mystical creatures…give the writer a break(although I could choke some of them my damn self)….they need die hard fans on the writing team to point out things they may over look…like the blonde at college or her protecting Matt, etc that wasn’t the sire bond…also in the first episode Damon told her she needed blood to transition but she sais no she wanted to wait to see if Bonnie could find a way out…that was a decision SHE made instead of her so called sire bond to Damon

    That’s why they need die hard fans like myself….I read all the books…watch the show repeatedly…I could have easily pointed out those aspects to them…but then again it s only the 7th episode…we may find the answers in the remainder of the season…that’s all a part of entertaining the fans, I guess.

    If it it torching you, then I guess they are doing their jobs…

  • Jenay Carriere

    Seriously! darn I thought all along I was watching reality tv,why didn’t you guys warn me sooner.

  • Kego

    But when Elena is back to “normal ” without any sire bond we have the season 3 ending-situation again…Elena´s (magnified) feelings for Damon on one side,her (magnified) feelings for Stefan on the other :(

  • 2 good 2 be true

    In the article she was asked why did the writers let her sleep with Damon so soon? She basically said it was to put the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with Stefan….so maybe they’ll be 2gether for a while. Her feelings for Stefan weren’t magnified…that’s what I don’t get either. Everything is heightened is what they are always saying…why were hey not heightened for him?

    Here is my theory…in S2 ep22..she chose Stefan be cuz it was the safer choice. She loved him yes, but maybe she was in denial about them. The denial (magnified) instead of her feelings for him. Stefan did admit that he can’t CONTINUE 2 ignore that she has feelings for Damon and she finally admitted that it was true…

  • ayamkokos

    if elena was sired to damon, then wouldn’t she have been able to keep his blood down when damon told her to feed on him?

  • Desdemona

    Omg that would be the worst thing! No Damon on Thursdays … Kill me!Even if Elena is sired to Damon it just gives them both a chance to prove their feelings to each other 

  • Canderella

    Yes – that is one of the main foggy moments about the sire thing!

    This and that she didn’t feed from the girl Damon choose for her at university.

  • Suchtie

    I’m sorry to tell you this but in reality vampires, werewolfes etc. don’t exist. LOL

  • midnight

     Julie’s interview didn’t make sense of anything.  Especially compared to Tyler’s story and Klaus’ hybrids.  Elena hasn’t been acting especially out of character for a newly-turned (and supposedly now sired) vampire.  She hasn’t exhibited any of the traits typically displayed by ‘sired’ hybrids.  She is still free to do and say as she pleases in regards to Damon.  She has disagreed with him on numerous occasions.  She has felt guilty for certain ways she has acted around him, and for killing Conner.  And yet in ‘smaller’ ways she IS meant to be ‘influenced’ by Damon – like changing her mind about a dress and not being able to drink from a blood bag (even though I think there could easily be another supernatural explanation for that, most probably due to her doppelganger origins).  I’m sorry, but I don’t get it.  The sire bond she has with Damon must be VERY different then.  So how can she be ‘sired’ to him in one way but free to express herself and choose for herself in another??  The only conclusion I can come up with, is that whatever sire bond she has, and regardless of whether it’s real or not (I’m still not convinced), it has no bearing or consequence on her love for Damon.  It was already there before she was turned, and it definitely could not have ‘made’ her love him.  It may have strengthened it, but it didn’t make her feel something that wasn’t there before. 

  • Jenay Carriere

    I’m thinking the sire bond has turned her into a sort of empath and channeling Damon’s emotions maybe?

  • Jenay Carriere

    Are you sure? I have this neighbor that is up all night long and sleeps all day.Never goes out in the daylight and this past week had a deer hanging in the yard.

  • Kiki

     oh yes exactly and hey you know what.. let’s call it a lovetriangle then

  • Alex Reavis

    I think they are going to incorporate Elena’s doppleganger side into this sire bond aspect.  Maybe make it to where the sire bond is not a do all or say all like it was with Klaus and his hybrids.  Also, when he has Elena drink from him he says “maybe this will do the trick, or not” maybe the only time she actually is influenced by him is when he really means when he told her to relax about Jeremy, that was forceful and firm. A sire-bond is different with wolves and vamps too I’m sure.  I don’t think this is going to be the downfall of Damon and Elena.  JP even said that they wanted to totally end it with Stefan so that Elena can finally give in to what has been building for the last 2 seasons.  This will create drama but I don’t think it will be the end for Damon and Elena.  In fact I almost hope Damon tries to behave until they figure out how to break the bond (if it’s even possible) and Elena has to persue him that’s a twist I would love to see.  Elena having to prove herself to Damon. 

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