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Posted by | February 8, 2012, 14:53 (MST) | 34 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

As if our anticipation for Dangerous Liaisons (EP314), tomorrow night’s new episode of The Vampire Diaries, wasn’t unbearable enough – here come Julie Plec and Caroline Dries with a preview of what we can expect.

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  • Caroline DL

    first to comment… WOW.. i can’t wait anymore…

  • kate

    I can’t wait! The ball, the gowns, the looks… this is gonna be good… I wonder why we haven’t seen a pic of Esther dressed for the ball, it bugs me… oh and the tension between Klaus and Kol? I wonder what’s that about…

  • Henrita


  • ILoveYooh_x3

    Mikaelson! That is their last name! How ironic because their father’s name was Mikael. :P 

    Mikael’s son. 

  • Sara Corbin

    maybe kol has a dagger like his father had?

  • Canderella

    Woah, have you seen that look on Damon’s face when Elena walked in?!?! …. my God, he is sooooo taken by her. I felt my stomache ache.

    And Kol sounds really strange talking. Maybe he should stay the quite one *hihi*

  • Anonymous

    The Originals want a housewarming gift.. that was a good one Damon. (LOL)

    I’m calling it now…. Kol is a living doll!
    But I’m not sure asking Klaus to step outside was a good idea on his part.  Oh! Klaus please don’t threaten Rebekah with a dagger.  She needs to stay awake because she has a lot of flirting to do.

    Gotta say, I am so excited over this episode.  Ballgowns, Tuxedos and dancing!

    But someone’s feelings are gonna get hurt. (tears, tears, sniff, sniff)

  • Anonymous

    They did not have last names 1000 years ago.  Names were based on the system of Patronymics.  It stands to reason they would adopt their last name as Mikael-son.  

  • Anonymous

    … please, not Damon´s again!

  • KatAttack

    I know! I’m sooo excited but I’m worried too, for Damon’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    Are we SURE that’s Elena? She’s just really giving off a Katherine vibe and that’s eating at me…

  • Anonymous

    I love how at the end when the trio is walking together Stefan is looking away, but Damon’s eyes never stray from Elena…

  • Anonymous

    Ha, I knew Damon would be looking at Elena like that the moment he saw her all dolled up…..he was so totally undressing her with his eyes;)

    And now we know why Klaus preferred to keep his family locked in coffins, so they can’t argue back with him;) (Just kidding people…well, maybe I’m not, LOL)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it looks like Damon is blown away by how beautiful she looks which can’t be good because he’ll be crushed that much more when it doesn’t go his way. Notice she automatically takes Stefan’s arm (well he did offer it first) but is reluctant to take Damon’s. Is it because Damon doesn’t want her to go thru w this or because touching him in front of Stefan could show the stir in her feelings for him? You know how when you’re still in denial about your feelings you act like they have cooties. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. BTW Kol’s accent is odd. Wonder how all the originals will play nice nice. Also anyone wonder where all the girls managed to get gorgeous dresses on such short notice?

  • Caroline DL

     hahaha, that’s a good point…

  • Caroline DL

     im starting to love him…

  • Caroline DL

    hey, it is just me or somebody else notice about elena’s dress, there’s something at her shoulder(aside from her hair) when you pause around 1:08 and on the next clip it’s no where to be found…

  • Jenna

    Exactly… lol!!! Not Damon again… Jeez, GIVE THE GUY A BREAK!!!!

  • Jenna

    I know, he is sooo lost in Elena world… He is a gonner, lol!!!

  • Jenna

    You know, I keep remembering something Nina Dobrev said about this episode that we will be surprised by some of the things that are said… and to be honest her rejecting Damon would not be a surprise, it would be an expectation at this point!!!
    But I am so nervous for Damon, he is going to go off the deep end if she rejects him!!!

  • Jenna

    Oooooh, undressing her with his eyes!!! After the magazine shots today, this may not be far off… one can hope!

  • Jenna

    Is it Thursday night yet?!!! Ugh, come on already!!!
    And don’t, please don’t hurt Damon again!
    I think I’m trying to deny the inevitable at this point :(

  • Sonia

    yes i agree! whats the deal with klaus and kole

  • Addicted to TVD

    Klaus’s “go back to staring at yourself” reminded me of OTH’s “go Brooke yourself”.Ha,ha!!!
    I love the brotherly love on this show,but the sibling rivalry moments are so much better sometimes!!

  • Anonymous

    It looked to me like Damon was hesitant to give Elena his arm considering she was already holding on to Stefan’s, plus Damon thinks this is a really bad idea.

  • Anonymous

     Oh Yeah VampLover1973,  Damon was definitely undressing Elena with his eyes.  Loved it!   :)

  • From Beginning To End

    I think it’s like a little shrug/coat, because it’s autumn right now in TVD. Someone probably takes it from her sometime before the brother’s make it over to her in the next clip.

  • Shannon


  • Shannon

    I LOVED the way Damon looked at her when she walked in.. WOW…..lucky bitch, lmao, I mean that in a nice way.

  • Shannon

    Mhmmm, I caught that too…..Did u see how when Elena said shall we, she was hesitant to take Stefan’s arm and as soon as she did, she looked directly at Damon, she didn’t look at Stefan at all after she grabbed his arm, and Damon just gave off this look, like Whatever, then puts out his arm lmao.

  • KatAttack

     I get the same vibe from her, but I wonder if that’s just the fact that Elena herself is changing. I think the writers are very consciously making her a little more like Katherine in the sense that she’s becoming a bit more confident, a bit more bold, and a bit more ruthless… like stabbing Rebekah in the back, pulling the wooden bullets out of Stefan, or being able to kill Alaric, etc. I think 1) it’s necessary for her to be able to survive in this supernatural world, 2) it’s a natural consequence of all she’s gone through, and 3) it’s part of making her more likely to be in a relationship with Damon (okay, this one I HOPE). Didn’t Kevin or Julie once say that she’d have to change a little to be with Damon?

    Having said that, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Katherine did make an appearance. But I don’t think Katherine will pose as Elena the whole evening–in fact, I hope not, because I think this evening will have emotional resonance for the characters and I want Elena to be a part of that.

  • Anonymous

    Just read somehting on Zap2it about them previewing this episode with 6 things to expect.  Not very happy.  Said “Damon gets his neck snapped — but the real surprise is who commissioned the rather violent (if temporary) kill. Later, Elena says something to him that hits him pretty hard, and definitely changes things between them. By the end of the episode, Damon has his old swagger back, big time. He may not quite be the Damon we met in the pilot, but he’s got some of that sexy recklessness back, and it’s about time, if we do say so ourselves.”  Ut oh!  Now I’m really not looking forward to this.  Sounds like a HUGE step in the wrong direction.  :(  Why do they do this crap to us?  I mean I get building the tension but really?  I’m kind of guessing she says she wants both of the Salvatores to leave her alone for a while due to their fighting over her.

  • Caroline DL

    ok. thank you for that…

  • Anonymous

    There are only three words I think Elena could say to Damon which would drive him over the edge:  “Don’t touch me.”

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