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Posted by | May 11, 2012, 15:16 (MST) | 185 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

XX Here’s another post-season finale interview with Julie Plec, this time from Zap2it. Spoilers like crazy for The Departed (EP322) and hints for season 4. Julie answers more questions about the love triangle, talks about where things are with Bonnie and sheds quite a bit more light on Tyler’s situation.

Zap2it: In Season 2, you guys told the story of Caroline’s transition to being a vampire so beautifully. How do you expect Elena’s transition to be different, so that it feels like a new story?

I think the differnce here is that you have two vampires, two brothers who love this girl equally, who are going to have significantly diverging opinions about how it should all go down and what the most effective way to be a vampire is. One of the things we’ve seen in the last three years, especially this season in the [1912] flashback, is that neither of them particularly took to vampire life all that well. Damon was bitter and pissed off about it for 50 years before he realized he could have fun, and Stefan had his own demons, his Ripperhood. They’re both going to have an opinion on how to help Elena. Stefan’s method was very successful for Caroline, and we’ll see him trying to teach Elena, where Damon is taking the opposite point of view. We’re going to have a lot of conflict attached to those opinions.


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  • ihatepeople

    He needs to wash his hands of all the Petrovas. They’ve ruined his life. Unfortunately we know the writers won’t let this happen because they love to use and torture Damon to keep proving their SE love story. That seems to be his soul purpose as a character for them. I don’t think they expected Damon to be such a popular character. If they did they wouldn’t keep him in this purpetual state of pining and misery.

  • ihatepeople

    I don’t want to see Damon romantically anywhere near Elena anymore. I don’t even want it to be eluded to. Enough with using him to prove SE’s love. Haven’t they done that enough already? I find it hard to believe there isn’t another way to pound their story home without continuing to rip out Damon’s heart. What I do agree is that she’ll become human again as some sort of doppleganger special power with the help of magic from Bonnie.

  • ihatepeople

    Except they threw away the progress Elena’s character made this season in becoming stronger by having her regress back to the same behavior the minute Stefan decided he wanted her back. They did the same thing with his character too. He had shown signs of begin decisive and forceful but in the end they made him weak by caving to whatever Elena wanted again. The only change is she is a vampire now.

    If and I do mean IF they ever change their minds and actually put Damon and Elena together no one will care by then because we’ll have stopped watching because of the endless toying.

  • ihatepeople

    He also has the balls to call her out when she is being an idiot and he has compromised with her before when he thought she was right. I don’t know but that sounds more like a give and take than the other but what do I know I’ve only been with my husband 14 years. :)

  • Georgia_Peach

    I’m pretty sure Damon will not just yell and scream at Stefan over this one.  That is not his style, no matter how much he loves his brother.  The saving grace will be the fact that Elena died with vampire blood in her system.  

    Meanwhile season 4 will bring Stefan dripping and drowning in guilt over what happened and Damon will continue to drip sexiness.  I will enjoy the latter. 

  • AbbyGraham

    We’ve had to delete a number of your comments for excessive hostility and personal attacks on the writers. Please tone it down.

  • Charlotte

     Damons actions toward everyone including Elena is the reason why Elena didn’t want him.  I hope that  Season 4 will show that Damon has matured and is not the hot head he has been.  Which is why Elena will start a relationship with him.  As for “drip sexiness”  Ian is gorgeous but he is wayyyyy more then a pretty face.  He is a talented and believable actor.  Which is why myself and so many watch the show.  I hate it when people just talk about his looks.   He is talented and has worked for many years to become a great actor.

  • Charlotte

    Also wanted to say both Stefan and Damon are great characters to watch.  It is to bad some of you are so blinded by the hook up with Elena and think you are always right and the constant belittling and put downs of Stefan.  .  Your missing a great show.

  • ihatepeople

    I apologize that my criticism is miscontrued as a personal attack on the writers. It appears our definition of personal attack varies. In the future to avoid this I won’t mention the writers at all. Thanks. :)

  • AbbyGraham

    Here’s the basic rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say it to another commenter or to someone’s face, don’t say it about any real person. “You’re full of sh*t” or “I don’t believe a damn word you say!”? Not appropriate. “I can’t stand this storyline/character/plot twist!” or “The show was so much better last season because of x plot or y character”? Perfectly fine. It’s the difference between saying “I don’t like your cooking” and “You’re a terrible cook!”. One is a criticism. The other is an insult. Just try to stay on the polite side of the line.

  • Nicole

    They should introduce a new character for Damon’s love interest, someone that is very likable and that doesn’t pose as a threat to Elena. I don’t want any more random one night stands for him. He deserves better.

  • Jenay Carriere

    I think your idea of right and wrong and free will is a bit skewed.If someone you loved more then your own life walked into the room right this second and said “I’m going to kill myself it’s my decision so don’t stop me” well would you stop them.

    The writers and the producers totally screwed the character/actor and the scene.He should have simply reached over and snapped her seat belt and pulled her out.Then she could have let go of him and fell down into the water and died.That would have been better and would have been understood by fans.

  • Nicole

    Thankyou JP for once again shoving the idea that Stefan is Elenas “epic love” down our throats. So glad you used a beautiful but ultimately misleading season of Delena to prove that. I wish Stefan and Elena never separated because honestly I am so upset and disappointed in my favorite show for playing on my emotions for ratings. I rather never get any Delena scenes than a few teases that would eventually lead to a slap in the face. I’m not quite sure why centering this whole show around Stelena is important because really, it’s boring. I love this show and I love the villains but I cannot stand this one sided love triangle. If DE will never happen then stop giving us false signs and just leave SE alone. I really hope for a pretty damn good storyline next season because I certainly won’t be watching it for the love triangle.

  • Jenay Carriere

    I knew there was no chance after she pulled away from him in 3×19 and told him she didn’t know if she had feelings for him or not.Then I started reading all the past interviews with JP and KW and they basically tell you then that they are not DE Happy Campers and will not be putting this couple together.

    The producers have basically ruined their characters and the only one who had any real growth was Damon.So will you continue to watch another 3 years so you can see Damon ride off in the sunset by himself and suddenly realizing he needs to get a life.

    JP was actually laughing in one interview about Delena Shippers and hate tweets.I mean they love it,it’s good for them to have the fan bases fighting.I’m really stunned that more Delena who are actually Damon fans really haven’t figured it out sooner.

  • Josephine

    60-70% of fans want a DE relationship? Oh Please… So,how do you explain Delena-centric episodes having the lowest S3 ratings? but also series low ratings (Very DE filled ep. 3×19)?

  • Jenay Carriere

    Actually your wrong Katherine and Elena are alot alike and Damon tells her that.Elena used Damon all through season 3 to find Stefan she is very selfish.

    Katherine loved them both and wanted them both.Elena is in love with Damon she told Matt that in 3×11 on wickery bridge.Thus in some ways she does want both and has both.

  • Jenay Carriere

    I think we need to put the blame where it belongs and that is on the producers of the show.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Trust me when I say I am not blinded by a Damon/Elena hook up.  As a matter of fact after watching Elena’s behavior towards Damon this season leads me to believe she is not the right girl for him.  I never believed at this point in the story, Elena would choose Damon over Stefan.  I think Julie has made it clear enough that this show is about the Stefan and Elena love story with Damon as the outsider.  I have no expectations that will change. 

    However, that does not mean I cannot wish for Damon to get an actual love story with a beautiful vampire, not another human girl.    Hopefully, the writers will see fit to release Damon from the obligation of constantly protecting Elena now that she is dead and will become a vampire next season.  R.I.P Elena Gilbert, age 18 years old.  No one will bother her now for her human doppelganger blood and no one needs to die in order to keep her human.  Ian said Damon will be more like Damon season one and will feel somewhat liberated.  I think that is fantastic.  Elena chose Stefan and she is no longer human, so it makes sense that Damon can move on now.  Of course, I’m sure that will not happen and Damon will continue being beat up physically and emotionally.  That seems to be the running theme.

  • Georgia_Peach

     Oh NO!  You think Elena will become human again?  NO! NO! NO!   Damon will finally be set free from having to keep her alive and they turn her human again….. Nightmare!

    Although Elena’s human doppelganger blood seems to be the “holy grail” ingredient to every spell and Klaus has several bags of it on hand.

    Also, like you, I do not want Elena anywhere near Damon.  It only leads to heartbreak and physical pain for him.  Let Stefan get beat up for a change protecting Elena.  I have no problem with Stefan and Elena continuing on with their epic love story as long as Damon is not used to push it down my throat.   Damon needs a story and a love interest separate from the Stelena drama.

  • DJ

    Well put :) Love TVD but refuse to be strung along again!

  • ihatepeople

    I have a feeling Elena becoming human again is going to happen at some point maybe mid-season or next finale. I mean if she was turned into a vampire like in the books she will likely turn human again as in the books. Esther eluding to this spell holds some future purpose otherwise mentioning it makes no sense.

    Haha Damon finally not having to protect Elena. Funny how Stefan always seemed to assign him that duty even before he left with Klaus. Well she always claimed she could take care of herself so have at it. The trouble is Damon’s nature is to protect and be the unsung hero. He promised he would never leave. Also he is tenacious to his own emotional detriment as shown by his 145 years of pining for a woman who claimed she didn’t love him. Many of us would LOVE to see him with his own storyline separate from the SE drama and abuse but I fear it won’t happen. I think we’re in for much of the same as before. :(

  • Georgia_Peach

     NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!   I do not want more of the same.

    However it is true,  Damon is very tenacious and he will always protect who he loves…. always the unsung hero (Dark Knight). That is exactly why I love this character so much.

  • Joah

    You are so right, but let’s face it…talking with some fans is like talking with a brick wall.

  • Angel23

    100% agreed 

  • ihatepeople

    LMAO. I agree with you a 1,000% about no more of the same. Ok, so Damon’s core values of always protecting those he loves despite few noticing or appreciating it won’t change but the other part of him should. He needs someone for his own story and please no more mediocre women. We want someone he can thrive with. Shirley there is another woman out there who can bring out the deeply emotional side of him in a positive way other than Elena. Speaking of which she made her choice so no more of her pouting and being pissy with Damon when he does hook up with someone else no matter who it is. She has Stefan and that’s what she wanted. Go off and live your eternal vampire existance happily with him. Stay out of Damon’s personal life. He has just as much right to live as he chooses as she does. Sorry if she is jealous that he chooses to live life passionately and she doesn’t. To each his own.

  • anon

    Hiatus is always a killer and 3x19h was the 1st episode after yet another annoying hiatus. Also it wasn’t promoted heavily like 3×20. Yet it still got poor ratings cos it was a SE centric episode!

  • A_softsong

    Awesome.  Loved your post

  • A_softsong

    I feel like they, the writer, were sitting in their conference room laughing at Delena fans.  Having a gut giggle.  Used and Abused is how I feel. I have watched every episode multiple times. I couldn’t get enough… Then this. Elena’s character is totally lacking in character and poor Damon’s character has been nothing but a fool from the beginning with the season 3 choice and ending.  What a total waste of time.  I will wait until the shows finale to watch again.  If it lasts through season 6, I will watch the last show to see how it ends.  If it ends with Damon and Elena, I’ll do a catch up from season 4 otherwise, I am done.

  • A_softsong

    She will probably turn Klaus into a wet dish rag just like Stefan.

  • cute7

    ★★ 5 Reasons Elena Will Be Badass in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries ★★

    ★Elena knows all the tricks

    In her human days, She’d been training herself to fight for months…
    Let’s face it. She’s already got loads of experience in that
    department. Now that she’ll be equipped with some vampire strength,
    speed, and fangs, she’ll be virtually unstoppable.

    ★Her abilities will be heightened

    Elena had her own skill set that kept her alive in a supernatural
    town.Not only did she start slicing her own neck to stop her history
    teacher , she stabbed herself and threatened to turn into a vampire if
    Elijah didn’t agree to her terms. She’s also both brave and selfless.
    Let’s hope her compassion and courage are among the qualities…

    ★She’ll have some serious help

    Elena’s not coming into this new vampy life alone. She’s got a
    boyfriend, BFF Caroline and whatever Damon is to her now right beside
    her. So whatever she didn’t already know about her new world, she won’t
    be learning it alone, that’s for sure.

    ★She won’t have to worry about being normal

    When she started dating Stefan Elena pretty much cashed in her
    “normal” card. Yet she still clung to a desire for a regular life. In
    many ways, her transition will free her from certain concerns (goodbye,
    hybrid army), though of course she’s giving up a lot as well.

    ★Nina’s owned it before

    Bottom line: We’ve already seen what Nina Dobrev can do, courtesy of
    Katherine Pierce. As a vamp, Nina’s seductive, dangerous, and flexible
    as all get-out. We suspect Elena’ll be much kinder than Katherine, of
    course, but the instincts and abilities are already right there, just
    waiting to be tapped.

  • NS

    i cry like hell when elena called Damon and said if she had met him first, maybe. . .
    actually, Elena did meet Damon first, it’s just Damon compelled her to forget. poor Damon…
    Alaric die . . . i’m so sad
    and, seriously, Elena will become a vamp ? what is the different then between Katherine and Elena ?
    My wish, i hope elena would remake the decision of choosing Steffan over Damon. elena wanted a love that consumes her.

    so, Klaus is in Tyler’s body? so, it is Klaus who will be with Casroline? cool! i love them both being together. . .

    CAN’T WAIT SEASON 4 ! ! !


  • Lauren88

    I really liked that Ian Somerhalder was so honest regarding the final episode this season.   He said to keep your expectations low – emotions will be high, but keep your expectations low.  What an honest comment.  I think he has markedly more respect for the fan base than Julie Plec and understands a huge amount of people watch the show for his character and would not watch it without him.   I wonder if he is beginning to feel underutilized.  It will be interesting to see where the future takes him – perhaps to something where the writers/producers acknowledge he is the heartbeat of the show and are willing to write for his character.

  • Tiaserena

    She killed two deputies to save Damon and Stefan from her mother – and never apologises for it. By the end of the episode was telling her mother how, on a heathy diet of bloodbags, she can resist her impulses. I feel sorry for these poor nameless Red Shirts…

  • Tiaserena

    She does love them both, and as a Vampire would be free from human morality rules. Actually I would LOVE to see them try to figure out a troika, a way for her to be with both! I was getting tired of EVERYBODY telling Elena that she HAD TO CHOOSE one of the brothers…

  • Samira Samir Sz

    So it s not about how Elena changes, it s all about how she and stefan suffer Damon. I cant see why you people in TVD, annoyed Damon. He is lovely and kind and thousend times better than other guys. You even gave his only friend, rick. How cruel you are

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