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Posted by | May 3, 2012, 13:23 (MST) | 17 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

If you thought last week’s episode was an emotional rollercoaster, it’s looking like tonight’s episode won’t be letting up. Julie Plec gives a brief rundown of what to expect as we head into Before Sunset (EP321), the second-to-last episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 3. And it Doesn’t Sound Good.

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  • Missy

    As long as Klaus is ok..I am ok

  • Andrea

    I am looking forward to Klaus being Heroic tonight 

  • ihatepeople

    We know Bex is in the finale because we saw a photo of her with Damon. I doubt Klaus dies tonight and Elijah isn’t around so…bye-bye Kol.

  • shila1307

    ok its 22:30 in Germany. I’m going to bed now and I’m trembling. I changed my mind and will get up at 4 in the morning and watch. If anything happens to Elijah I already feel sorry for my staff etc.

  • Stevie1421

    As long as Elijah is okay… I’m okay. Although I’d rather not lose Klaus either… but if I had had to choose…

  • Mikael Sikk

    I don’t think Kol is going to die tonisght since Julie said on of the TWO!
    I’m pretty sure Klaus will die tonight, but I think that maybe the stake will work funny and turn him into a human instead of dying-DYING.

  • ihatepeople

    Maybe his vamp side will die but he’ll still live because he is a werewolf too. That might be what saves him.

  • Missy

     we know Klaus,Beka AND Elijah are in the finale

  • ihatepeople

    I wasn’t sure if Elijah would be back for the finale. So Kol it is. No surprise there. He was brought in to be a disposable original like Finn.

  • katherine_fan

     Seriously?That’s it?!I’ve seen all the scenes this clip shows in the
    promos!And what about the other storylines in this episode??Oh,I
    forgot;the ‘main’ characters are not involved in any other storylines in
    this episode (this season) -they are simply trying to kill and/or sleep
    with the Originals!!:(((

  • KatAttack

     I think they want to avoid spoiling too much, that’s why they’re only showing clips that are obviously from the very beginning of the episode. There’s probably way too much spoilery good stuff later on.

  • guest

    I read Tyler is alive in the finale…so that would mean Klaus couldn’t die tonight. Maybe Klaus saves Elena from Ric but then he takes her…????

  • charmedone1545

    Last hour to go,and I know it will drag on on on and on and on……

  • katherine_fan

    There are other shows on TV right now that are much more exciting than TVD (IMO) and no matter how many sneak peeks I watch every week, I know what they’re showing is just the tip of the iceberg!For example,TSC is way more thrilling than TVD right now and for this week’s episode I’ve watched 3 sneak peeks aside from the producer’s preview and still,I have no idea what I’m in for tonight!!

  • ihatepeople

    But what if Klaus gets staked and loses only his vampire side but stays a werewolf? Since Tyler is also a hybrid he might just lose his vamp side too as a result instead of dying. Tricky.

  • Shannon

    O great now the preview comes on when i was out the house, o well, i’ll be watching in 2 minutes. Lol

  • guest

    Completely not relevant, but why is it that Julie Plec wears the exact same shirt in her little preview things? I swear it’s the same shirt every freaking time! or do they all just look the same? the many mysteries of tvd 

    Okay, so what’s gonna happen now? Klaus is semi dead. That’s it? All the hype for this? What. a. season. 

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