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Posted by | April 25, 2012, 13:21 (MST) | 134 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

A new episode, a new producer’s preview for The Vampire Diaries. Julie Plec talks about tomorrow night’s semi-annual decade dance episode, Do Not Go Gentle (EP320).

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  • Wadisara

    I totally agree Elena looked awkward/ and kind off unsure or sad! Her heart belongs with Damon!

  • EDM

    I think the slamming into the lockers is probably tonight’ ep – they don’t normally have scenes from further in the future in most promos, do they? And Elena went to one dance right after she found out of Klaus was there, or something, so she will pretty much go under any circumstances, especially if there’s a plan to “help” someone.

    And I don’t think Elena would becrying like that jus because of hurting Stefan. I think it has to be something worse.

  • EDM

    I think I would rather Damon be with ANYONE else besides Meredith. I really don’t like her character.

    I had given up hope on DE and then the motel scene, so maybe the rest of the season won’t be a complete letdown for DE fans.

  • ihatepeople

    Also just because she acknowledges what happened between them and even admits how she feels to him doesn’t mean it will be for positive reasons. Given her behavior and the writer’s running theme it would be likely done as a good-bye. I love you but not enough. You know the usual.

  • Guest

    I am shocked that everyone is ignoring Julie’s comment about the endgame of the series, and how she cried with Kevin when they talked about the final shot of the series, it did seem like a happy scene at all.  Julie also said in a recent interview that none of the characters will ever be truely happy.  They will have pockets of happiness but nothing more.

  • Guest

    They are professionals, they know the difference between fiction and reality. 

  • EDM

    Just because any Delena moment that Ric is present for, Ric is always rolling his eyes and looking like he doesn’t approve. And the way he said “How does Stefan feel about that?” when she told him she was going to Denver w/ Damon. I think Ric considers Damon one of those buddies that is cool to have a drink with, and probably has your back, but isn’t someone you would EVER want your daughter to date (and Elena is practically his daughter.)

  • EDM

    haha you are really bummed about DE today. Oh well… go watch Heart of Darkness again.

  • Jilly_bean

     I think, in Caroline’s pushy way, she’s attempting to get Elena to fully explore her feelings so that in the end she’ll be able to make the choice that will make her happiest.

  • EDM

    Honestly, Ric probably ships against DE more than anyone else on the show, in my opinion

  • EDM

    ugh that sounds terrible.

  • ihatepeople

    After reading some more of the reviews and spoilers I’m concerned.  The Elena heartbreak thing aside, it says Damon gets involved in the incident with Ric and we see his heartache.  I certainly hope he doesn’t have to do some permanent damage to his BFF or maybe Ric tries to stake him.  How sad if that’s the case.  So new finale possibilities…Ric turns against Damon, Damon kills Ric (I hate the thought as I’m saying it), Elena chooses Stefan, Damon leaves town (at least for a bit though I’m firmly against this), Jeremy takes over Ric’s quest to rid the town of vampires, Bonnie turns to dark magic (which would be cool actually), Kol and Esther die, Klaus and Tyler lose their vamp sides leaving them just werewolves which puts them on the same playing field for Caroline’s affections, poor Matt is probably dead by now hopefully along with Meredith, Jamie and Abby, Elijah and Bex leave town unharmed.  Did I miss anyone?  I really, really hope I’m wrong on at least half of this.

  • ihatepeople

    As my husband always jokes when I ask him what happens in a movie I haven’t seen but want to know about…”they all die”.

  • ihatepeople

    Obvious huh? I’m actually bummed about Damon geting hurt in general between the reminder (which he didn’t need) that Elena still won’t accept loving him and that he is about to see is only friend go over the edge and he won’t be able to save him. I think Stefan should hug his brother instead of Elena. LOL

  • Georgia_Peach

     Yeah, this has got to be the worse love triangle …ever.  Three years of Stefan and Elena with the occasional bone thrown to Damon and those that want Damon/Elena together.  Typically, both love stories are told for a triangle to begin.  I don’t see Elena torn between the two brothers. I see Elena firmly standing next to Stefan and has been for 3 seasons. There is nothing new here, other than finally having a Damon/Elena hot kiss and make out scene just for good measure.  With the way this triangle is written, I have no reason to believe Elena will choose Damon by season end.

    I cannot imagine Damon and Meredith Fell as a couple, or drinking buddies.  Please God NO!  If Alaric is dead, which is hard to even begin to imagine or accept, then Damon needs to be a solo drinker drowning his sorrows.

    If this season does end with Stefan/Elena and all things Stefa/Elena, then I am still holding out hope that the writers will put Damon and Rebekah together going into next season.
    I absolutely positively do not want Damon involved with another human girl.   Rebekah would be the perfect girl for Damon and for Elena to “fume” over.

  • LaLaAmore232

     Umm I was referring to SE having some time alone THIS SEASON. Chill its not that serious j/s

  • ihatepeople

    I know what you mean GP. Most lopsided triangle ever. Same old same old Stefan forever. Remember what Damon told Sage about hope? He told her hope is a bitch. ;)

    Meredith just needs to go away already. Can’t someone use her as a sacrifice in a ritual since she is from a founding family?

    Though I doubt Damon and Bex would ever trust each other for an actual love connection because they’ve both been manipulated and burned so much, I’m starting to agree with you. Maybe they could work on their struggle to trust each other. The sex would be hot. I didn’t think it before but I’m now starting to think they will have Damon leave town. You know how they love their parallels and Stefan left at the end of last season. I remember Ian saying in the finale we see just how much he loves Elena…enough to leave maybe. He should take Bex with him. They would still show what Damon and Bex are up to and bring him back mid-season. I guess that would give Ian time to do his movie. Not what we want but a better option than just heartbreak.

  • ihatepeople

    There are only 3 eps left and there certainly isn’t anything happening between them in this one.

  • wednesday75

    From the spoilers I’ve read, my hunch is that it’s going to be Matt that dies. Read the article from zap2it. Matt with a gun. Jeremy with a crossbow pointed at each other. Then we don’t hear anything else about Matt in the other episodes that follow. Not good.

  • Georgia_Peach

    Ian will not be leaving TVD to do a movie.  He is under contract for The Vampire Diaries.  I think he chose to do an Independent film this summer, but I could be wrong. He was looking at several scripts to choose from.  

    Damon and Rebekah are vampires.  Their first encounter was hot angry sex and letting off steam. The second time around he used her and she got even. For that, I give Rebekah some respect, although the torture was extreme, but during it he realized she actually thought there was a chance between them.  It was Rebekah that stopped Klaus from hurting Damon more and she is the one that set him free.  Sometimes you just have to go with that.  It would be nice to see Damon actually involved with someone who could understand him.  Rebekah, although she is 1000 years old and very hot tempered, has a vulnerable innocence about her, which is why I adore her character.

    As Thomas Galvin said, Elena’s body is the Holy Grail and from my standpoint it appears that only Stefan is allowed to touch it. 

    Unless there is a HUGE surprise where Damon is concerned and Stefan is caught in yet another lie, I don’t see Elena and Damon together by season end. 

    As long as Damon Salvatore is on this show, I’ll watch it to the end, irregardless of the triangle angst. 


  • EDM

    I hope I don’t offend Matt fans too much, but I wouldn’t be opposed to Matt dying. I think he is kind of boring, and I really don’t want him and Elena back together, which I was getting suspicions of a few episodes back.

  • EDM

    well there are still two after tonight :)

  • kego

    Of course they do! They´re all adults and friends and TVD is nothing more than their job.
    It would be only awkward in the mind of some teenager ^^

  • EDM

    It kind of makes sense to me why all of Elena’s friends and family don’t want her with Damon. I’m the biggest DE fan out there, but people always just want their friend/sister/daughter to be safe and happy, and that’s how they see her with Stefan. They haven’t seen all the sides of Damon that we, the audience, have seen, and they probably don’t realize the capacity for passion either. Hopefully they will come around, but all I’m saying is that I get why they all “ship stelena.”

  • Shannon

    HA!!!!!!! CLASSIC!!! 

  • Shannon

    THANK YOU!!! I knew it wasn’t just me (I was trying to be nice) lmao, i mean honestly I wouldn’t have said it, if I didn’t see it….I try and read between the lines.

  • wednesday75

    It’s a shame they would get rid of Matt because this is the first time I’ve really liked him. He’s been there alot for his friends this year. He’s pretty much the only human left other than Jeremy, but he was out of town for most of the season, so Elena really leaned on him. And he was also there for Caroline when her dad died too. But if it came down to having to choose between him and some of the others, I’d rather see him go first.

  • ihatepeople

    But hypothetically speaking then they shouldn’t want their friend or relative involved with either brother. I mean how do you justify it’s ok to be with Ripper Stefan but not Dick Damon? Doesn’t matter who shows what side of themselves more. Ultimately they’re both still vampires capable of hurting her.

  • mary.m155

    OMG guys! tonight is the night! I am so super pumped for the show tonight!!! I am making my husband watch it with me…i’m pretty sure he will. I have been away from here for a few days! Trying to stay away from spoilers! Which is not ME AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH its a STELENA night!!! can’t wait, catch up with yall later tonight 

  • ihatepeople

    I meant they could have him leave like Stefan did where they still show him but he isn’t in MF. They might show him less. I’m certainly not for this in the slightest. He is my main reason for watching too.

    Bex has definitely become a character we can sympathize with. I know she let Damon free but they’d have to seriously workout some trust issues if they got involved beyond another hook up. I mean he already manipulated her once plus if she questioned Matt’s motives for driving her home she is definitely going to be leary of Damon’s motives. When they were on the same team getting Stefan to drink HB from that girl they played well together. Hmmm could you imagine them wreaking havoc together? Maybe we should petition for it. It would be more entertaining than waiting around to see how Elena is going to hurt him again.

    “Stefan is caught in yet another lie”…yes he tended to do that yet people don’t seem to have a problem with it. Weird. Anyway the only lie I think big enough to make a difference would be if he didn’t really save Elena from the accident but Damon did.

  • Shannon

    Awww look at you trying to pull a shannon, lmao…stay away from spoilers…..i’m counting down the hours…..3 more to go for me!!

  • mary.m155

    Lol shannon!!! I almost wish u were here so we could share this moment together!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh

  • From Beginningg To End

    So, they decided the end-game of the series while writing the Masquerade Episode. Interesting. One of the best DE scenes come RIGHT after that.

  • Bnarogers

    when does do not go gentle air on line? missed it this evening :-{

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