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Posted by | March 28, 2012, 13:52 (MST) | 62 Comments
Category: The Vampire Diaries TV

The CW has posted this week’s producer preview for tomorrow night’s The Murder of One (EP318). Those of you wondering when we’d see a certain Original hybrid again will be pleased.

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  • mary.m155

     Me too, he is so good looking, it drives me crazy…I actually started liking him when I had a dream about him biting me.. :p

  • ihatepeople

    Exactly. I found his character dull until he started showing this side of him. He’s a vamp. He needs to act like one like Damon said. Much better for him as a character and an actor.

  • Jenna

    Ha, yes he did!!! And we get to see that temper first hand tonight!!! I don’t know, I might be up for a fist fight between Elena and Bex, hair pulling, slapping!… might be fun!!! Let Elena get some of that aggression out on someone who deserves it for a change… lol!!!

  • Jenna

    Long Live Elijah… and Klaus!!! And please keep him bad, he is the villain after all… don’t make him fluffy… I like him dangerous yet sweet, you never know what  you’re gonna get!!!

  • mary.m155

    Omg elena would get killed!!! :/

  • TVD*fan

    Did anyone notice that Damon is wearing Alaric’s ring?? :O

  • mary.m155

    Huh? Damon told alaric to put it back on i thought…

  • ihatepeople

    I saw two rings the first time I viewed the preview and had to replay to see if was Ric’s. One of the other previews shows Damon giving it back telling Ric he is a vampire hunter so he should wear it.

  • klaus90

    dont you think the best person to try and kill klaus would be elena because in the process he wouldnt hurt her because he needs her blood for hybrids.????

  • ihatepeople


  • Susan Noël

    Sorry, maybe I wasn’t specific.  I know that the dagger would not have killed him per say, but what Finn had said was that whatever happens to one of them would happen to all regardless if you kill them or not they’re supposed to be linked.  I’m surprised that he felt something but didn’t temporarily “die”.

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